Which Jordans Crease The Least

which jordans crease the least

Which Jordans Crease The Least? Air Jordan is the greatest sneaker brand in the world since its first launch in 1985, and till now, there is no label that came across this. Created by Nike and Michael Jordan, this label was an instant success just like Jordan. Fans drove from all over the world, just to get a glimpse of the number 23 in action. Even now, more than 15 years after he retired, the craze has not ended, and he is still remembered as the GOAT “Greatest Of All Time”. The sneaker label follows the same trend as is recognized by people all over the world.

However, if you are a sneakerhead like me, and are want to get the best Jordan shoe from a long list of Jordan Shoe Series. It’s best to get a review of the best sneaker and avoid the blunder shoe, that you never should buy. One of the topmost blunders in the sneaker world is creasing.

So the primary question arises before buying a Jordan shoe – Which Jordan crease the least and which creases the most? Read below to find the answer, and also check out how can you remove creases from old Jordans?

Which Jordans Crease The Least?

Every sneaker face creases at some point, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. But some sneakers face this issue from the beginning, while others take a long period. These are the Jordans that do not crease the least:

  • Jordan XII

According to research and polls, the Jordan XII shoes the least creasing. This shoe model is based on the 96 games of Michale Jordan, where MJ gave a legendary performance and scored 38 points. To give a memento to MJ’s performance, this design is one of the most durable Jordans of all time.

  • Jordan IX

According to Nike, the genuine nubuck is used to create this sneaker, but it also contains synthetic material[stick is inside the shoe. , but at the same time, there’s a sticker inside the shoe that says the upper contains synthetic materials. The material is soft and durable, also doesn’t crease that much. Although there are some areas, around the tow area, where creases can be easily noticed.

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How To Get Creases Out Of Jordans

Shoes can get easier creased out or wrinkled, mostly because of improper care of the shoes. 

If you have jordans, you are probably facing this issue, they are probably creased out becUe you didn’t take care of them or they are vintage jordans, that lost their touch. 

However, restoring jordans is very easy, and by just following a few steps you can remove creases or wrinkles from the jordans. 

Let’s check out the steps on how to get the crease out of Jordans at home. 

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Materials Required

To increase the Jordans, you need some materials(usually available at home).

  • Your Jordans
  • An iron 
  • A bottle of water
  • An ironing board
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Paper to fill your sneakers
  • Two damp washcloths
  • A clean towel
  • Leather paint for your sneakers
  • If you want to completely restore your Jordans, then the leather paint is a must to make those shoes new again.

Step 1:Unlace Your Sneakers

The first step is to unlace your jordans, as the laces keep the fabric of the shoes in a tight spot, and removing this will release any tension from the Jordan. Also, removal of the crease from Jordan requires ironing, so laces can be burned if not removed.

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Step 2: Pack Your Jordans

After the removal of laces, it’s time to prepare to remove crease from jordans. For this, you first have to fold a piece of paper and stick it inside the shoes. Make sure the folded paper is stuck to the edges of the shoes.

After attaching the paper, add the cardboard inserts in both shoes. Cardboard inserts help the jordans to maintain their shape while the crease is removed from the shoes. Also without a strong surface, it is very difficult to ruin the shoes. 

It is impossible to remove all the crease from the jordans, without adding a hard cardboard insert in the shoes. After putting these, the next step is the ironing of the jordans.

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Step 3: Prepare For Ironing

Now, after preparing the jordans for ironing, the next procedure, is to set up the work ara where you will b ironing your jordans. Use an iron board, if available choose any hard and flat surface for ironing. 

Use a clean cloth the place it on the iron board. Next, Use two soft cloths and cover the jordans.

Add the water into the iron, as you need to spill water on the cloth while ironing it.

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Step 4: Iron Your Shoes

It’s time to un-crease your Jordans. Ironing shoes is similar to ironing a shirt, the only difference is that you need more time to iron shoes as compared to any cloth. It’s because of the high density of leather material in the Jordans. To properly iron the jordans, you need to wait enough time before the heat fully penetrates the leather. If you wait too long for a single spot, you could end up burning the leather on the sneaker. Time duration is very important while ironing the Jordans.

In addition, when you iron the leather of the Jordans, this leather will expand and it will remove the creases from the sneakers.

Take extra precautions while ironing the tow box area, as this area has the most creases on the shoes. Stretch the cloth and press down the iron and change position after a few seconds. Make sure you do not iron not much, as this will ruin your jordans leather, or you could dig a hole in the area.

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Step 5: Let The Cool and Spot Check

After iron, the last and final step is to let your Jordans cool down. Do not remove the cloth from the sneaker, as a rapid change in temperature can lead to cracks in the leather. 

Try to keep the area as undisturbed as possible. Check the sneaker after 2-3hours. If there are still creases left on the sneaker, you can use leather paint instead of ironing it again. Ironing too much loses the integrity and durability of the material. Thus small cracks can be easily removed by using the leather pain.

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Step 6: Use leather paint

To fully restore your Jordans, you also need to restore their paint. The best option is to use acrylic paints, which are mostly used by sneaker restoration workers. These paints are available in different colors and are also available for different shoe materials. Like If your Jordans have a suede material, you can not use leather paint, for that you need special suede paints, like angelus suede paint.

To color the sneakers, you have to wait until your sneaker is cooled off.

Remove the cloth from the sneaker and note down the crease or crack on the Jordan.

Apply the leather paint on the cracks by following the instructions on the paint bottle. You need to give additional 50 – 80 minutes for the paint to dry off.[Timing is different for every paint].

Do not remove the cardboard inserts from the sneaker throughout the process. This helps maintain the structure of the shoes and also decreases the risk of cracks appearing.

That’s it! After following these steps, your Jordan’s second life begins and they will be brand new once again!

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How to prevent Shoe creases?

Shoe Creases are bound to happen, and there is nothing that can stop it, but following simple steps can reduce the crease rate.

Sneaker Shields

As the name suggests, these are the shield that protects the sneaker from creasing. These are placed inside the shoes – especially the toe area and are mostly made of plastic. A sneaker shield can prevent at least prevent 90% of the crease, the places where the sneaker shield are left with few creases.

The biggest disadvantage of the sneaker shield is that they are very uncomfortable. As the plastic is inside the shoe and it prevents the toes to bend properly, it creates difficulty in walking.

However, if your shoes are slightly loose, these will not create difficulty and also will keep keeps your Jordans crease-free.

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Final thoughts

It is impossible to stop creasing from JOrdsans, but by following certain measures, like buying Jordan XII or Jordan IX, you can get rid of creasing issue at some extent. Apart from this, you can add sneaker shield isnde the shoes, to avoid creasing. The final option is to learn how to remove creases from the sneaker. This way you never have to throw out your precious Jordans.

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