Is Zara Cheaper In Spain?

Is Zara cheaper in Spain

Is Zara cheaper in Spain? you might have heard this from somewhere, but you are not sure and you want to know the real deal. Well in this article we will know if this is really the case.

Zara is a well-known fashion brand. Though it is not an extremely expensive brand, but at the same time it is not a cheap brand either.

Don’t worry in this article I will tell you if Zara is cheaper in Spain or if it is just a myth. And you can make a choice of shopping at Zara If you are traveling to Spain.

Is Zara cheaper in Spain?

Yes, Zara is 30 to 40 percent cheaper in Spain, depending on what are you buying from it. The main reason behind it is that Zara is a Spanish brand that cuts down a lot of extra expenses like import duties and extra government taxes in different countries.


However, this is not the only reason why Zara is cheaper in Spain. There are some other reasons as well that make Zara clothes and accessories much cheaper in Spain if we compare it with non-European countries.

Is Zara cheaper in Spain

Zara is a Spanish brand

As I have already told you Zara is a Spanish brand and the labor is also decent in Spain.

Zara is owned by Inditex company and its headquarters are in Spain, which favors the brands in reducing their prices.

This is the same with brands that have their headquarters in any country. Let’s say a brand has headquarters in Paris, then it will cost less in Paris. It is the same with Zara.

Is Zara cheaper in Spain

Spain is very popular for its craftsmanship and materials. It has a rich culture of art and appeals to luxury. It is not surprising that most of the luxury brands in Spain are also cheaper than in other countries.

The best thing about shopping at Zara in Spain is that not only it will be less heavy on your pocket but Zara also has more variety and options in its collection in Spain.

People willing to pay less in Spain

A lot of people don’t know but this is also one big reason why Zara is cheaper in Spain. But why does the brand think that the Spain people will pay less in comparison to people who live the US?

Well, the main reason is not the people but the average income of people in Spain. The taxes paid by the Spain people are also more than US citizens.

Is Zara cheaper in Spain

The study might be less expensive in Spain but at the same time, you have to pay 20 % extra tax to the government your whole life.

It is said that if you live in Spain you have to work 2 months extra to pay the taxes. So, this overall situation leads to less spending which makes people spend less on clothes on average.

Data also shows that US people spend more money on clothes as compared to Spain.

However, this reason alone can not hide the fact that Spain is the house of some luxury brands and craftsmanship. Luxury brands like YSL and Loewe are also very popular in Spain.

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Sales taxes are less in Spain

For a brand like Zara, there is no difficulty in charging less to the people of Spain if the government is helping the brand by limiting the sales taxes.

Moreover, the transportation and export cost is also excluded when Zara sells something in Spain, which saves a lot of money, and as a result, items cost much less.

How much cheaper is Zara in Spain?

Zara is 40 to 50 percent cheaper in Spain. As I was looking up the information I found that woman purchased a sweater from Zara in Spain, which cost her $35.

But when she matched the price of the sweater in the US, it was around $60 of the same quality.

In some premium locations in the US, the same sweater will cost even more.

Even if you are going to shop at Zara in Spain, make sure to avoid expensive cities of Spain like Barcelona and Madrid.

madrid in sapin

The cost will vary from city to city so it is best to shop at places which are not so popular or expensive like the former two cities I mentioned.

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Zara is the cheapest in which country?

table showing Zara selling prices in different countries

According to data, Zara is the cheapest in European countries. Spain is one country where you can save the most money when you shop at Zara.

The second best is Paris. You can look at this chart, to find out which country is best to shop at Zara.

The surprising thing is that Zara is the most expensive in South Korea.

The United States is second and you will also find Asians like India where Zara is expensive in comparison to Spain.

Other brands that are cheaper in Spain?

Other brands that are cheaper in Spain

You will find many luxury brands cheaper in Spain than in non-European countries. If we talk about other brands like Zara which is cheaper in Spain then it is none other than Mango.

If you buy something from Mango let’s say a tee and it costs you $40 in Spain. The same tee will cost you 45 Euros in France and around 55 Euros in the UK. But you will be amazed to know that the same tee will cost you as much as 85 Euros in the US. This is double of what you pay in Spain.

So, if you are going to Spain Mango is another brand that you should not miss out shopping at.

Beside Mango, there are some luxury or designer brands that will save you some money if you shop at them in Spain.

Balenciaga, LV, and are some of the brands that are cheaper in Spain in comparison to non-European countries.



So to sum it up, I hope it is clear now that, you will save a lot of money if you shop at Zara in Spain. It is similar to other European brands as well as their headquarters are in Spain, Paris, and Italy.

Mango, LV, and Balenciaga are some other brands that give discount benefits if you shop at them in Spain.

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