Signs My Neighbor Likes Me

Signs My Neighbor Likes Me
by gpointstudio

Signs My Neighbor Likes Me – The world is full of strange happenings. Isn’t it strange? There are so many people out there who secretly admires or likes someone but some are also there who have no idea that someone secretly loves them.

Let’s not go too far. Neighbors are the ones that we share most moments of our lives.

Whether you’re new to the building or have been living there for quite a long time and you see some signs that there are a few things that make your head turn in the other direction.

That direction means is how your neighbor feels about you. And you are confused about whether to confront them or not. 


These shine in their eyes and their constant little touches are hints that they do and you haven’t noticed them. 

Let’s dig deep into these signs that neighbors like you more. 

Signs My Neighbor Likes Me

Sparkly eyes

The eyes say all even if the words and actions don’t match with the scenario. Eyes are one thing that never lies. If the words don’t go with intense eyes then you can count on that.

Yes, we all know that we are not psychologists but sometimes we have to play things according to situations even if that involves something unusual or silly. Will you call it silly? Your call. It’s your decision what to call or what to do to make things clear. 

Notice little details about him and you’re set. Start your little investigation now to see how your neighbor feels about you. 

Suppose by chance you two are in the same elevator then you can notice him or her closely how they talk to you and how their eyes speak about you.

If they feel about you then their eyes always sparkle around you and observe the change after trying to see him with other people also.

Do they have the same shine around other people too? If yes then there is no chance for you there and this is in their behavior and they are happy around everyone. But if not then he does feel for you. 

As you’re neighbor there are plenty of chances that come across where you can observe like a function in a building or if both of you have common friends in the building.

Skip that too neighbors come face to face more often than other relatives. 

Eyes say a lot and it only needs a little observation to catch the real feelings.

Take interest in your life

Have you ever seen anyone other than family and friends taking an interest in your life? Here it means personal space.

You won’t allow anyone to enter your personal space but if let’s say the guy next door starts conservation about your life what would your reaction be? ignore that too.

What do you think is why he would be doing this? Well, that lot to say in one meeting but if he actually takes interest every time you guys meet then something is fishy.

In a good way, don’t get it in the wrong direction. 

Suppose you both are sitting in a group and you’re the one who is talking, just observe his actions and his interests towards you even if no one is paying attention he is always curious to know about you. 

Whether it’s a funny story or any serious incident he pays attention to that also. He fills the emptiness you see around yourself by talking to you and getting involved in your personal life by asking different types of questions. 

There may be one thing that can be inferred from this whole scenario is that he is hiding his feelings.

Because just think for a moment who would want to get involved in somebody’s personal life other than the fact they feel for you. Haven’t noticed yet? See it next time you bump into each other and try to talk about it if you feel the same too.

Even if not then you can clearly close the doors for him before it gets worse. Or stop interacting with them that’s the best you can do. In this way no one gets hurt and there won’t be any awkwardness. 

Feel safe to connect with you

There are 100 signs and reasons why the neighbors fall for you. And one important thing is that they feel safe around you.

Today most of our generation wants to live alone and spend their me-time. There are times at home they want to connect with people. Neighbors are the first ones to talk to. 

Noticing is the only thing that you can do because you don’t want any awkwardness between both of you. As with time talking and hanging out becomes a common routine for both of you.

You can be friends also. But apart from that, there is only one thing that you’re not getting. He or she might have feelings for you. They feel safe around you and trust you a lot that you will never betray them. 

Introverts are the one that finds hard to connect with people. They literally don’t have an interest in the outside world.

But if he or she is interested in you then they might not want to lose you by telling their true feelings and connecting with you more often.

A sign that directly hints at someone’s likings for someone. Try to talk to them and don’t make the situation awkward. It all depends on how you take care of the situation. Have a lucky weekend. 

Imitates you

One thing that we almost pay no attention to is that when someone who likes us is around you they try hard to be with you.

In that case, they start doing unusual things like imitating you. Well, sometimes it is ok to imitate but it is going for a while then they do like it. 

Initiation is the thing that they show how much they like you and your personality. They never try to hurt in any form and adjust themselves. 

If someone is mirroring you it is either of the two things. Either they are mocking you or they like you.

It is one of the signs that is hardly been seen but if you notice this kind of gesture by your neighbor then he or she might be interested in you as in romantically. 

Keep in mind not to hurt their feelings if it’s a no from your side. It’s a great thing if you handle the situation calmly and with maturity. 

Body gestures

Action speaks louder than words are saying we all have heard. Well, this phrase perfectly fits here. If a body is not coordinating with actions then there is something that is not seen or understood. 

Body language says a lot about a person when he can’t explain their emotions. 

As a girl, I have noticed that if a person is really into you, he tries really hard to tell you about his feelings but can’t express those because of a fear of rejection. 

A person next to you expresses his interest by small and little touches. He might tap on your shoulders or hold your hand when you crack a joke. 

He leans towards you closely to feel you and try to get your attention in a group. Have you observed these little changes in your neighbor? Try to find the answer if you haven’t noticed yet. For girls too, try to get your attention by being funny or having a flirtatious attitude. 

As a matter of fact, people have no idea about their actions and words. There is something else in their mouth and showing something else with their actions.

If they do little things like sit close enough for your shoulders, arms, legs, or any other body part to slightly touching each other, it’s a powerful green sign. And believe it or not, they will find a way to next to you. 

These small gestures are a sign that holds a big secret and you need to decode it if they aren’t coming forefront with it. 

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Eye contact

Eyes speak the truth if the mouth is not telling it. There are thousands of people who never express their feelings and emotions just in the fear of being rejected.

The one who closely follows you or likes you are the one whose eyes are always searching for you. Be it for the moment they look for you. And if by chance they bump into you they keep staring and want to connect with you. 

Suppose your neighbor is with you in a function and instead of talking about the usual things, his focus is on you.

Now he is continuously contacting with eyes at you, maybe after some time, he realizes that he is in an event. But when he was making eye contact, because we always look for a person in the crowd who we are close to or whom we like the most.

Those intense eyes are speaking loudly that they want to be with you but the words aren’t. 

What’s can be done in a situation like this? You must be feeling confused but it’s a green signal that they are into you so much they can’t their feelings and emotions anymore. 

Either you confront or wait for them to say. It’s a sensitive issue and can hurt someone’s emotions if you don’t handle it with proper care. 

Dilated pupils

This point can also be considered as the extension of eye contact. When we feel extremely happy we glow and shine. The reason may vary from person to person, and one reason why his or her pupils get dilated may you are the reason for that. 

Actually, the point here whenever we are around someone we like we have no control over our emotions and feelings. 

And if that’s what you are observing about your neighbor maybe he is interested in you. 

If in a crowded area they look for you even when the whole group is laughing, and after that long gaze they turn with a blush, it’s a favorable sign that shows they are into you.

Their pupils get bigger in size as they are around someone whom they admire. 

Memorize details about you

There are some important things that only you closed one knows and memorize. And if anybody keeps the little details about you then have the sign.

For an instance, like people keep and notice everything about their idol celebrity why do they do it? It’s because they like them. 

But in case you’re neighbor is remembering each and every other little detail of your life that means they connect with you and like you more than a friend. 

As with a busy lifestyle, it isn’t easy to remember everything but if they are taking extra efforts to remember the small details of your life that means they are in the same field as you are. In actual words, they are attracted to you romantically. 

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Care for you

Caring and helping are qualities of almost everyone. This world would be nothing if they are not many people who care for and help each other. It’s their nature to show that they are with you no matter what. 

Actually, they are few people around us who care for us to elaborate with, our family and friends. If the person next to the door is your friend he will care for you surely.

But if you guys meet occasionally and even then they take extra efforts to care for you. And they don’t do it often. Then this sign is a sign of attachment and liking. 

Feel shy around you

Feeling shy is one of the most common traits when it comes to identifying someone’s emotions about relationships.

You might have even seen in everyday life some people become shy whenever they talk about their love life. 

Is not always that they become shy but most often they do. Are you thinking about your neighbor here? Do they feel shy around you? Well, there are various reasons to be shy.

Most people who don’t easily get connected (introvert) are shy or the other reason that is of our concern here is when they are with someone whom they like. 

If they have the same feeling as you have for them they will definitely feel shy around you or when they come in close contact with you. 

It’s normal human nature to be shy. And to observe their real emotions you have to closely watch their actions. 

Initiates the conversation

Are they the one who always initiates the conversation between both of you? Do they try hard to communicate with you? If the answer to all these questions is yes. It’s a normal indicator that they want to know more about you. 

It is human nature that they want to know more and more about a person. And sometimes you might even feel irritated but eventually, have to give up by replying to their questions.

They want to closely connect with you by asking this and want to keep the likings of someone whom they admire close to them.

There is a good chance that your neighbor likes you more if they do things like this and always tries to initiate the conversation. 

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They making time for you

Busy world busy people and if they have little time that’s my time. You don’t literally have nobody apart from family and friends to make time for you. 

Time is the most important thing you can give to a person to make them feel better.

A person who gives time to someone who they hardly know and makes an extra effort to help them and feel better, there is only one thing that can be concluded, it’s that you are important to them in some way. 

If the person is trying to spend time with you by doing things that a normal couple would do then you don’t need a written explanation about his feelings and emotions, it is just being portrayed by their actions and emotions. 

Don’t choose regret over rejection


It’s not always easy to decode someone’s emotions but being around with them for some time will surely make things crystal clear. And observation is the only key you can use to analyze their actions.

If you don’t want to hurt someone’s emotions just handle the situation with maturity otherwise it will be awkward for both of you to walk around.

Observation is one thing to be sure about his or her feelings towards you. Those are the things you can do and try to make things clear with him or her. 

People actually want to spend time who are their perfect match and look for them. Even if they don’t see they connect with them more easily than other people.

So, does that mean the guy or girl next to the door is the right one? Well, it can be or cannot be. Now, the question is how to catch the signs and makes things crystal clear about someone’s likings. 

There are signs that show that your neighbor is interested in you or likes you more than you actually think. These are little things but they have a larger meaning.  

At last, even if you aren’t able to guess or analyze the above-mentioned signs that a neighbor likes me.

You can put a hold on these signs and do just one thing, go with your gut feeling because it’s always better to express it on time than to hold back your emotions.

Don’t choose regret over rejection. Because rejections can fade away but regret stays with you forever. 

Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.