Is working out in sweatpants a Good Idea?

working out in sweatpants
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Sweatpants have been my favorite. I wear them all year round. They are relaxing and I feel free when I wear sweatpants. But can you wear them while working out?

Well, that is what I thought a few months back. And here I’m writing an article about this.

So, without any stories let’s jump to the main question.

Is working out in sweatpants a good idea?

working out in sweatpants


Firstly, you can workout wearing anything you feel comfortable in unless it is not affecting your workout.

So, the simple answer to whether you can wear sweatpants while working out is yes.

  • You can wear sweatpants while working out. However, the sweatpants you are wearing mustn’t limit your body movement or affect your posture.

So, here are some key things that you should consider before wearing sweatpants for a workout.

Key points to consider

  • The material of sweatpants
  • Type of sweatpants
  • Type of workout you are doing

These are the only things you have to consider before making sweatpants your gym buddy.

So, let’s discuss all the factors in detail.


Well, sweatpants are made of different materials and every material serves a different purpose.

working out in sweatpants

Cotton sweatpants 

Sweatpants made of cotton are breathable and soft. They usually are made for casual wear.

  • You can wear these sweatpants while sitting on your couch but don’t wear them while working out.
  • Cotton sweatpants are soft but they trap moisture and limit movement.
  • If you work wearing cotton sweatpants, you will most likely get wet spots on your sweatpants.
  • And to be honest, that’s embarrassing especially, if your sweatpants got wet from a specific part. I hope you are getting what I’m trying to say here.
  • Secondly, sweatpants made of cotton have very little stretch to them. So if you wear them during a workout, it will limit the movement.
  • And in the worst-case scenario, your sweatpants tear if the seams are not super strong.

So, avoid sweatpants that are made of cotton, it doesn’t matter how high quality or comfortable they are.

But some people suggest that you can wear cotton sweatpants if your workout is not that intense or it’s upper body day.

Well, though there will be no problem with body movement if it’s upper body day, still cotton sweatpants can trap moisture which can lead to a bad smell.

Cotton sweatpants are breathable but they are not super breathable for a workout. So, it is better if you avoid these.

Cotton and polyester blend 

Now another type of sweatpants is made of cotton blends.

It means they have cotton and polyester or nylon as their primary material. Well, this can be a good choice for a workout.

  • You can wear sweatpants that have a blend of cotton and polyester or cotton and nylon.
  • Polyester and nylon are synthetic materials but they offer moisture-wicking ability, which is required during workouts.
  • Cotton helps it to be breathable because polyester and nylon are less breathable.
  • However, it is hard to see the sweat spots on sweatpants that are made of nylon or polyester.

Though it is a good choice, still it is not the best choice.

Cotton blend sweatpants can limit your movement if you are doing high-intensity workouts or where you need extra stretch like running, squats, deadlifts, etc.

Polyester and spandex

If you are looking for the best and comfortable sweatpants for a workout then there is nothing better than sweatpants made of polyester and spandex.

  • Sweatpants made of polyester and spandex blend are wrinkle-resistant and quick drying.
  • On top of that they are flexible and super durable. That is why this material is often used in sportswear.
  • These types of sweatpants come in a slim fit or skinny fit. And because they are flexible and stretchy.

So, there is no chance of mishappening while sitting or performing a movement.

It is not that you can not wear cotton sweatpants. You can wear them, I have worn them once but I did only biceps that day. So, I didn’t sweat that much.

  • But during, summers sweating is the main problem. Where I go, the gym is mostly full of people in the evening.
  • So, it doesn’t matter if the AC is on or I’m rarely doing anything, still, I will sweat.
  • So, in summer, I always prefer polyester and spandex sweatpants over cotton or cotton blend sweatpants.

Type of sweatpants

working out in sweatpants

Just like normal pants, There are different types of fit when it comes to sweatpants.

  • There are extra baggy sweatpants, trekking sweatpants, slim sweatpants with tapered ankles, and normal sweatpants.
  • The best fit in sweatpants for working out is slim sweatpants that have tapered ankles.
  • Many people wear trekking pants during workouts because they are very lightweight and dry very fast.
  • Well, that is a great choice if you are doing upper body workout.
  • Trekking pants are good but they lack stretch which is very important if you are running or doing any leg workout.

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Celebs and fitness celebs Who wear sweatpants for workout

Here are some celebrities who often wear sweatpants during workout

Sam Sulek:


Michelle Lewin:

working out in sweatpants
Credit : michelle_lewin

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:


Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo):

working out in sweatpants


Chris Pratt:

working out in sweatpants


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