Best shorts for thick thighs

Best Denim shorts for thick thighs: Summer is on the way, and so does the new summer fashion collection of 2023. So, get ready to be one of the fashionistas in your group by rocking these shorts. These are specifically designed for women who have thick thighs.

Whether you’re looking for classy and elegant shorts to pair with your 5-inch heels or just distressed shorts you can run around in with your white sneakers for a casual outing, you won’t run out of options here.

How To Choose Jeans Shorts For Thick Thighs

Similar to buying any jeans or pair of pants, the first and foremost thing to look at is choosing the right size. This includes choosing the right waist, hip, and thighs measurement. Although, there are very few denim shorts that are suitable for a woman with big thighs. It is because the brands do not make any type of shorts specific to a certain measurement: tight waist and loose thighs measurement. 

Thus, while buying a pair of jeans shorts if you have thick thighs, make sure to learn the right size for you. Also check out these points, which will help you better understand what pair of short jeans you should get. 


High Waist

Always go for high-waist denim shorts. High-waist jeans are now in trend, and the same goes for high-waist denim shorts. High-waist denim shorts allow you to hide your belly, in a very distinct manner, such that the belly is hardly noticeable.

High waist denim shorts for women with big thighs

The inseam Length of high-waist denim shorts is usually small or below 3 inches, as they look fashionable. If they are ripped or distressed, they will look extra stunning, as you flaunt your thick thighs.

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Large Leg Holes or Wider Leg Opening

If you feel awkward wearing tight denim shorts, then wearing large-leg hole denim shorts is a wise choice.

Also, wearing a large leg hole design, with a long length inseam of over 3 inches makes your thighs look slimmer. If the inseam is short, then your thigh will look larger than necessary. 

Distressed/Cutoff Look

These are the souls of designers or fashionable jeans shorts. A cutoff design, paired with a crop top looks extra beautiful.

Women wearing distressed denim shorts and have thick thighs

A simple design is good for a normal gathering, but to make a bold fashion statement, frayed hem, or distressed, ripped denim shorts are a necessity. 

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Black Denim Shorts

Black is the most slimming colour, which will make your thighs more slender, and leaner, and this should be chosen when you have big thighs. Black is also a flattering colour, which can be paired with any colour. ( Check out these similar shorts to recreate the look).

Best Denim Shorts Style For Thicker Thighs

Here are some denim shorts style that will suit your body physique, especially if you have u wide thighs

Mom shorts

Similar to the Mom Jeans style, the mom shorts are designed with a higher waist and wider leg opening.

(Check out these similar shorts to recreate the look).

Three women wearing denim shorts

Why are Mom Shorts good for thick thighs? 

These denim shorts are longer or above 4-inch inseam length, which provides enough coverage for your large thighs. 

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This makes it look more slender and leaner. Also, they are high-waisted denim shorts, which create an illusion of making your legs longer. 

When wearing these mom shorts you will create the appearance of longer and slimmer legs, which is your ultimate goal. 

Side Slit Shorts

Unlike jeans, a small style difference can change the style of denim shorts, and also how they will fit and flatter your body. 

Women with big thighs should always own a pair of side-slit denim shorts!

These denim shorts have a small slit on the side of the shorts, near your leg opening. 

These are good, as they provide you with more comfort for movement. Also, these are considered aesthetic denim shorts, and sometimes attention grabbers, due to their unique stunning design. 

Denim Jean Shorts To Avoid Big Thighs

Although it’s your personal choice which denim shorts you want to wear, if you don’t want to flaunt the big thicks  Or make it look slimmer, then not every Jean shorts style will suit your body physique. 

Avoid short shorts

Shorts with a lower than 3-inch inseam length should be avoided, as your entire thigh be open, and this doesn’t work better for women with large thighs. 

Avoid too short denim shorts

Check out the image, why you should stop wearing too short denim shorts. 

If you want to flaunt your thigh, then the appropriate inseam length is 3 inches. 

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Avoid low-rise shorts

Although low-rise jeans are on the comeback, where several celebrities are caught wearing low-rise jeans, choosing low-rise shorts with big thighs is not the right move, in terms of fashion. 

Low rise shorts to avoid

The reason behind this is that the waistline rests at or below the hip bones, so this creates a greater mass proportion near the hip and thigh area. 

You can choose mid-rise jeans short, but low-rise shorts are an absolute NO when you have thick thighs. 

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Avoid too-tight shorts

There are three reasons to not choose tight denim shorts when you have big thighs. 

Denim shorts to avoid when you have big thighs

  1.  Oversize and loose clothes are in fashion, and you can hardly see any women who are wearing skinny jeans in 2022.
  2. Tight shorts will bring a lot more focus to your thighs because they will look bigger than they are. 
  3. Slightly loose denim shorts are going to allow you more movement freedom, and they are comfortable as hell. 

Best jeans shorts for thick thighs

1. Marlow Vintage Short: Citizens Of Humanity

Price: $158

Rise: High Rise Jean Short:- 12 Inches

Inseam: 3 ¼ inches

Leg Opening: 24 ¼ inches

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Colours: Available in 4 different colours; ember, Cape Cod, Supernova, and Sail. 

Denim shorts for thicker thighs

These Citizens of Humanity denim shorts are easygoing denim shorts that can be paired with virtually anything. Furthermore, its relaxed mid-rise offers an easy fit with a side slit design, which makes it a perfect pair for anyone with big thighs. 

How It Feels Like:- Strong & Non-Stretch shorts, with a soft inside, paired with a rigid style design. 

How it Fits around the thighs:- Comfortable offering movement freedom, and also slightly loose around the thighs. 

The 3.25-inch inseam is long enough to flatter your big thighs, and the loose design does not make them appear too large. 

Similar Options:

If you want a longer inseam length with a similar design, then can choose:-

Camilla Frayed Hem Short by Citizens of humanity”: $158, Inseam Length: 7 inches & Leg Opening: 21 inches. 

Ambrosio Short By Citizens of humanity “: $168, Inseam length: 9 inches & Leg Opening: 19 ½ inches. 

2. Good 90s Short: Good American

Price: $60

Rise: High Rise Jean Short:- 12 Inches

Inseam: 3.5 inches

Leg Opening: 26.5 inches

Fabric: 99% Cotton & 1% Spandex

Colours: Available in multiple shades of blue, and different colours such as white, green, orange, etc. 

Best denim shorts for thick thighs

The Good American brand is popular for making unique and stylish design shorts for all shapes. The 90s-inspired shorts are a perfect example of giving enough room to the thighs while maintaining the rigid style. The denim shorts have a relaxed fit and have a relaxed fit around the hip area. 

How It Feels Like :

Very Comfortable due to the 1% spandex blend, making a rigid shape, and offering a stretch for movement. 

How it Fits around the thighs: 

Very roomier due to the 26.5-inch leg opening, which is the maximum number you can find on denim shorts. This is perfect when you have big thighs, as your shorts will never be tight around the thighs. Also, frayed hem, and distressing on the thighs give it a more stylish appearance. 

Similar Options:

For longer jeans shorts by Good American, that are well suited for big thighs, then you can choose :

Good Curve Short By Good American“: $158, Inseam Length: 3 inches & Leg Opening: 23.5 inches. 

”  The Bombshell Short By Good American“: $168, Inseam length: 4 inches & Leg Opening: 23.5 inches. 

3. Plus Relaxed Denim Shorts: Madewell

Price: 84$

Rise: Low Rise Jean Short:- 12 ½ Inches

Inseam: 6 ¼ inches

Leg Opening: 32 inches

Fabric: 100% Cotton 

Plus Relaxed fit denim shirt from madewell

Colours: Available in multiple shades of blue, or Madwell terms: Madera wash 

Made well is then one of the top denim and fashion brand in the women’s category. The brand is a perfect combination of building stylish and trendy clothes while maintaining top-notch quality. The denim short is considerably longer with only 6 1/2 inches inseam length, it fits very well. From the first look, no one can argue that the jeans aren’t made for a person that outshines the thigh area.

How It Feels Like:

The jeans shorts are made with 100 per cent cotton Cone® denim with old-school character and zero stretches that makes it very comfortable for all-day wear.

How it Fits around the thighs:

The jeans sit low on the hips which gives the impression of a smaller waist, and to make room wit around the thighs the denim short is a side slit edition.

Similar Options: If you want a different design with more inseam length, which hides your big thighs, then you can choose:

Relaxed Mid-Length Denim Shorts in Steenwick Wash: Ripped Edition By Madewell” : Price: $78, Inseam Length: 5 inches, Rise: 10 ¾  inches, & Leg Opening: 26.5 inches( vary according to size) 

The Perfect Jean Short in Burnett Wash: TENCEL™ Lyocell Edition By Madewell” Or “Mom Jeans Shorts”: Price: $78, Inseam length: 5 inches, Rise: 10 ¾ inches & Leg Opening: 24.5 inches( vary according to size).