Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Massimo Dutti & Zara

When it comes to fashion Zara is a name that comes to people’s minds, especially who walk with the Changing trend. Another brand that is similar and often gets compared with Zara is Massimo Dutti. Now the name of this brand might not be as well known as Zara but it a one brand that is often compared with Zara in terms of quality.

If we leave aside the styles of both brands, the quality is one thing that is often the topic of debate between both brands. Most people get confused between both brands and don’t know which brand provides a better quality.

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Massimo Dutti & Zara

First, you should know that both brands are quite old and not new in the market. Massimo Dutti was launched in 1985 but was acquired by Inditex in 1991.

Well, this company also owns Zara if you don’t know. When you visit their online store they look similar. The feel and environment of Massimo Dutti are similar to Zara. This is also the reason why they are often compared.


But don’t worry in this article I will tell you which is a better option for you and which brand among both provides you a good quality.

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Massimo Dutti & Zara

Now let’s discuss the quality of both the brands and which is more quality-driven.

Though both are quite popular brands,but Zara is more popular because of its big collection.

Massimo Dutti on the other hand is a rising star. So, let’s discuss the quality which makes good quality clothes, shoes, and other items.

Without a doubt, Massimo Dutti is superior in quality in comparison to Zara because of the quality of the fabric Massimo Dutti uses to make their item.

Most of the Massimo Dutti clothes are made of natural fabric which is wool, silk, and linen. On the other hand, Zara uses polyester in most of their clothes.

The stitching and finishing of Massimo Dutti are also better in comparison to Zara.

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Massimo Dutti & Zara

Well does that mean that Massimo Dutti is a better brand than Zara?

Well in terms of quality, it is better. But nothing comes without a price.

And you guessed it right Massimo Dutti is more expensive than Zara.

Though Zara can be expensive depending on the product and the item, but if we look on average then Massimo Dutti is on the expensive side.

The quality of clothes is one thing and the collection is another. If you are thinking you will find superior quality items on Massimo Dutti same as on Zara, then that is not possible. The collection of both brands is quite different.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Massimo Dutti

Where Zara focuses on making trendy and fashionable pieces, Massimo Dutti is about minimalism and class. So, if you like quality and classic styles Massimo Dutti is a far better choice than Zara.

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Zara

However, one should know that not all clothes or garments on Massimo Dutti are of good quality. Some are of basic quality and some are better. The quality of the item also depends on what you are buying from the brand.

Is Massimo Dutti a fast fashion like Zara?

It is not a whisper but a well-known fact that Zara is a fast fashion brand but what about Massimo Dutti? Is Massimo Dutti also a fast fashion brand? Well, the answer to this question is not so simple.

Massimo Dutti vs Zara Quality
Credit: Massimo Dutti & Zara

See Massimo Dutti is not considered a true fast fashion brand like Zara but there are some things about Massimo Dutti that draw the blurred line.

The first thing about Massimo Dutti that makes it seem it is a fast fashion brand is Inditex(the company that owns Massimo Dutti and also Zara).

The company is well known for producing fast fashion brands like Zara, which makes it look like Massimo Dutti is also a fast fashion brand.

Another thing that makes a strong point about Massimo Dutti being a fast fashion is the production cycle. Massimo Dutti keeps refreshing its collection after some time. The speed of the production cycle is quite quicker than that of a brand that is not a fast fashion brand.

However, arguably if compared to Zara Massimo Dutti is still pretty slow in changing its collection.

Well, in contrast to these arguments, there are some other things that hold back Massimo Dutti from being a true fast fashion brand like Zara. What are they? You might be asking?

Well, the first is quality. As we already discussed the quality of Massimo Dutti is superior to Zara.

Another main aspect is the style. If you look closely, Massimo Dutti puts more focus on classic silhouette. Whereas Zara is more about following the trend from baggy jeans to ripped jeans. You can buy anything from Zara which is in trend.

Lastly, the price point is one point that draws a blurred line. As discussed above, Massimo Dutti is more expensive than Zara. Most fast fashion brands are not that expensive.

So is Massimo Dutti a fast fashion brand?

Well, to be fair we can say that Massimo is somewhere in the middle of fast fashion and contemporary fashion. Though it follows some characteristics of fast fashion brands, but also does not blindly prioritize fast fashion.

Sustainability is a big deciding factor for some. And we all know Zara is continuously criticized for being a fast fashion model.


So, to sum it up it is clear that Massimo Dutti is better than Zara in terms of quality. If you prefer quality and classic style Massimo Dutti should be your pick over Zara. But if you want to follow the trend then Zara gives you more freedom and options.

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