High Value Man vs High Quality Man

High Value Man vs High Quality Man
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High value man vs high quality man

Mens have always been competitive in this world. Most men want to get respect from society in one or other way. To get this respect, some men develop an angry and dominant nature without even realising whereas their goal is to become a high value man or a high quality man.

When we talk about high quality and high value, they might sound same to some people but in actual they are quite different.

You have read many blogs or have watched countless videos on YouTube regarding high quality men. Well, most of the information they provide will lead to make you a good person. And there is nothing wrong in that but when we talk about high quality men and high value men, the real information is very slim. This might be due to because everyone thinks if they speak the dark secrets they might not be in the good books of people but I will not do that as I will give some real information how a real high value man looks like and how it is different from high quality men.


But before knowing the difference you should know that one man can be both a high quality and high value man.

Who are high-quality men?

As the name suggests a high-quality man is someone who can be trusted and is a man of his word. He might make fewer friends but those friends will be quality friends and he will not betray his friends.

But how he is different from high-value men you might be thinking. So, let’s understand this by example.

Let’s say you have a garage that has a Toyota and Range Rover in it. Toyota can be trusted and you know it can not leave you standing in the middle of a jungle. But you can not say the same with Range Rover.

But still, you will value range more than Toyota even you know. Why? Well, because buying a Range Rover and maintaining a Range Rover is not as easy as buying and maintaining a Toyota.

However, you will start respecting Toyata after you use it and found out the qauilty.

You can buy a sofa from a store by giving the value of the product because you like the feel and color of the sofa. But you can only know its quality if when it is in your house with you and you use it daily.

Who are high-value men?

High-value men are someone who is rare and has a status attached to them. He gets respect, not because of his trust. Even if you don’t know him, you can still see a high-value man from a distance.

High-value men have always been leaders. They can be a manager CEO, or boss, or a celebrity.

The main thing is that you don’t have to know high value personally, you can see them or meet them once and you will know.

On the other hand, to know a high-quality man one needs to know him personally and be in touch with him. This is the main difference between high-value men and High-quality men.

But how can you know a person is a high-quality or high-value men?

It is very good to know if a person is high quality or not if you want someone to be in your life as a friend or as a partner.

Similarly, a high-value men is someone who sets the path and can be an inspiration to many people but there is no guarantee that he is as good as he shows.

High-value men

He has authority

High-value men are considered high because they hold some authority.

Authority means power, power means security. Power and money go hand in hand when we talk about high-value men.

You can search your surroundings and filter out the men who are regarded as high value.

And you will find that they have money, power, and authority. Without these one can never be seen as a high-value man.

This might sound rude but this is the reality since humans evolved.

A high-value man can not always be as good. We can take an example from the movie Godfather in which you will see he is regarded as a high-value man but that doesn’t mean he is a simple and very good man.

So, high value doesn’t always mean a good person. But it also doesn’t mean high-value men can’t be of high quality at the same time.

Talks less to maintain a reputation

It is always seen that people who are valued as high-value talk less than a normal person.

They speak less because talking less means their priority is not to talk in random talks. This makes them look more mature and a person who is about work.

This also shows that he needs no validation or wants to impress other people with the talks. They value their time and their word.

Speaking less will never get one into controversy or trouble but speaking does.

Always remain calm

Another main characteristic of high-value men is that they always remain calm.

Calmness shows confidence and maturity. If you remain calm in every situation it shows that you have seen more difficult situations than that and you can find a solution to a problem. This makes other people depend on you and seek you as a leader.

Even if they get anxious or they feel nervous, they will never show that in front of others as this will represent them as a weak leader.

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Good communicators

High-value men are good at communication but this is not always true. Sometimes, high-value men get their value because they excel in their work and communication is not a deciding factor. But most high-value men are good communicators.

They know how to attract people with their communication. It is seen that people who are valued highly communicate in a way that they can relate to the people around them.

If you like Warren Buffett then you know that he always mentions that he still drives his old and lives in his same old house. But not many people know that he also has a big mansion in LA.

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I’m not saying he lied. He might like to love all the things he says but the main thing here is that he knows how to communicate and relate to normal people.

Many famous people who are regarded as high-value men by people always relate to people by saying things that normal people do.

They might not do all the things they say but this makes them more likable because people who listen to them think they are like them. And our minds always like people who are like us.

Remain in limelight

This can be unknowingly but to be considered as a high-value man one needs to be popular and known.

His popularity brings him status and this creates a good feeling in people’s minds who are around him that they know someone who is popular.

Take the example of celebrities like Ronaldo or Messi. You might be a fan of any but you can not restrict yourself from looking greeting close to any of both if one of them is around you.

This is purely because you know, they are highly valued and there are very less people like them in this world. This makes them rare and rare things always get attention and high value.

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High-quality men

Filtering out high-quality men is not that easy. To know if a man is high-quality one needs to know him personally or be with him for some time.

High-quality men are rare. They are men of their word. They are not narcissists but value their loved ones.

High-quality men have fewer friends and they want to remain mysterious. They want Everything to be fair and straightforward.

High-quality men are not pleasers as they can take a stand for themselves when they have to.

We can take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, he loves his mother and still gives credit to his friend for his success. After becoming so successful he didn’t forget his friend, this is a sign of high-quality men.

High-quality men often have boundaries and don’t allow anyone to get in touch. This might make them look like they have an ego.

But the only thing is that they want genuine people and not the ones who walk differently than their talks.

Again I want you to know that one man can be high quality and high value at the same time.

High-quality men are less judgmental as they believe that honesty and loyalty are first and then comes the other things.






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