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Levis 511 vs 512 : Jeans Difference

Levis 511 vs 512

Levis is one of the trusted brands for jeans, but when you go out to buy Levis, there is always confusion as they offer a lot of options to choose from. Of course, not all options suits everyone and one should know what jeans are best for their body type before spending any money. The common confusion that people often face in Levi’s jeans is the difference between 511 and 512 jeans.

The main reason behind this confusion is the similarities between both pairs of jeans. But wait, are they really the same? Well, in simple words no they are different jeans and complement different body types.

And to clear out all the differences and similarities between both jeans, I have written this article. In the end, I will also provide a style guide for each jeans. 

All the measurements provided in the article are given by keeping 33 waist in mind. So if you have a smaller or bigger waist then the numbers will change but the difference remains the same.

Levis 511 vs 512

The main difference between 511 and 512 jeans is the leg opening at the bottom. 511 jeans have a leg opening of 14.5 inches which gives the jeans a straight style, whereas 512 jeans have a leg opening of 12.75 inches, which as a result gives a jeans more tapered look at the bottom. 

In this article to we are going to compare both 511 and 512 levis jeans and find out the real difference between both. But before that, I want to know some aspects of jeans if you don’t into fashion too much for better understanding. 

In this article, we will talk about leg opening and fits. Most of you may already know about these but for those who don’t know, don’t worry. 

What is Levis 511 jeans?

If you are looking for true slim-fit jeans that are slim through the hips and thighs and straight throughout. You also get a Japanese stretch which provides comfort around the thigh and hip area. These jeans are not too skinny nor too loose, making them perfect wear for casual outings. Moreover, you also get a lot of shade options to choose from. 

What is levis 512?

Levis 512 – just like 511 Levis jeans, 512 jeans are slim in the thigh and hip area but become skinny below the knees to the ankle, giving them a tapered look. These jeans are not completely skinny or tapper but somewhere between. These are perfect if you want to show your sneakers and want to give a sleek and clean look to your jeans. 

Difference between both jeans

Below is the table which shows the difference between both jeans

511 512
Fit Slim Slim tapered
Leg opening 14.5″ 12.75″
Sits Below waist Below waist
Fly Zip Zip



there are different types of fits in jeans. But you don’t need to know about all as today we are only focusing on slim fit and skinny fit. 

Slim fit is a sleek fitting of jeans, these types of jeans are tight but not too tight as skinny jeans which hug the skin. 

Leg openings

As discussed above the number one difference between both jeans is the leg opening. Legs opening of jeans is the room you get at the ankles. 

The leg opening in 512 jeans is tighter than in 511 jeans. Though both jeans are slim from the top, 512 jeans become narrow below the knees and look tapered and skinny. In simple words, the outseam of the jeans goes inward below the knees. 


There is no difference in the rise of both jeans. Both jeans sit at below the waist and have a front rise of 10.75″. So, you get the same fitting and style at the waist in both jeans. However, on the official website of Levis, they do say that 511 sits on the waist while 512 is below the waist, but there is no such difference between both pairs in terms of rise. 


The fabric used in both jeans is the same which is organic cotton and elastane. 99 percent of organic cotton is used in both 511 and 512 jeans with a blend of 1 percent of elastane. Overall, there is no difference in the quality of jeans. Both jeans are made of quality material and can last years by following the care instructions


Both 511 and 512 jeans are comfortable but not super comfortable in contrast to straight or loose jeans. Overall, because of the use of organic cotton, you feel comfortable in both jeans. One percent adds a little stretch to the jeans but I think it is low if we look at the slim fitting of jeans, especially 512 Levis jeans. 

Both jeans provide you comfort but in the end, you will feel slightly comfortable in 511 jeans in comparison to 512 Levis jeans because of the skinny fit below the knees. 


Talking about style, both jeans are available in different styles, whereas 511 jeans have more than 512 jeans. 

The best thing about both jeans styles is that you get an option for a premium cut. However, that will cost you more than normal jeans. Further, the color of jeans also affects the price tag on jeans. 

One thing that you find interesting with 511 Levis jeans is that you get a lot more options to choose from in contrast to 512 jeans. 

Besides jeans, there are 511 chinos, trousers, and corduroy pants options as well to choose from. 

However, this is not the case with the 512 Levis pair, as they only have jeans options. You will find no other option than jeans in Levis 512 section, except in different shades and colors. 

The reason why 511 has more options available is because of the popularity of 511 Levis jeans. 511 Levis jeans are extremely popular among fashionistas, and that is the reason why so many options are available on the website. 

If we compare 512 and 511 Levis pairs in terms of popularity, then Levis 511 are the winner, though the margin is very little. 


Both jeans are available in many colors and one can buy according to their preference. However, dark shade is recommended in 512 and light in 511 levis jeans. 

Which is better between 511 and 512 jeans?

Both 511 and 512 jeans are the most beloved Jean pairs. So, which one is perfect for you depends on what look you want to acquire. 

In terms of quality and durability, you will find no difference in both pairs. Moreover, you also get a lot of color shades to choose from in both 511 and 512 levis. 

The main key aspect of choosing any jeans is to buy the one that compliments your body in a good way. 

First, let’s talk about Levis 511. So, this is a slim pair of jeans that look good on most of the body types. Whether you are men or a woman, especially a woman. 

Men with athletic body shape should go for these jeans as this looks great on them. However, if you are heavy or average men, then you should avoid these jeans and instead go for straight and relaxed-fit jeans. So, if you hit the gym or have a naturally athletic build body type then levis 511 is going to look dope on you. 

Where to buy authentic Levis jeans?

There are various online stores where you can buy Levi’s jeans from. However, it is true to say that lot of these stores don’t offer an authentic pair of Levis jeans. 

So, the best way to buy authentic Levi’s jeans. Well, it is best to buy it from Levi’s official website. You might see some paired out of stock on the site as sellers buy them in bulk. However, you can always set the “notify me” reminder on the site, which will let you know when the jeans will be back.

If you are in hurry then you can go to amazon Or online clothing stores that buy the product directly from Levi’s. Most of the time websites tell you how the business model of their store works, so do check that and you will know if the store is buying jeans directly from Levi’s or not. 

How to style Levi 511 jeans

511 Levis jeans are defined as slim-fit jeans as it maintains the same fit through hips, thighs, and leg opening. This is why 511 jeans are way easier to style with different outfits.

511 jeans can be worn with a polo shirt, shirt, or hoodie in winter. 

511 jeans are classic pairs that look good on average body type. Heavy people should avoid these jeans as they will feel uncomfortable in them, besides the fact that they have stretch to it. 

Most of the footwear goes well with 511 jeans. Sneakers and low-ankle footwear works best with these type of jeans as they look more appealing and let the hem sit on the top of the shoes. 

How to style 512 jeans

First and foremost, one should know that Levis 512 jeans are not for everyone. This pair looks good on people with a fit body as they go skinny down the bottom. 

If you are heavy or skinny then you should totally avoid these jeans as they will look less complementary and don’t shape well according to your body. Heavy people should avoid it as they will feel uncomfortable. Similarly, skinny people’s legs look thinner if they wear tapered slim jeans. 

The best footwear that goes well with this pair is sneakers as they match the trendy appeal of the jeans. Unlike 511 jeans, 512 jeans are more trendy, sleek, and clean. 

Avoid wearing high-ankle or formal shoes with 512 jeans, as they don’t match the overall structure of the jeans. 

Also, if you are of average height and want to look a little bit taller then these jeans will help you with that. 


Summing it up, now I hope you know the difference between both jeans. The only difference is below the knees, where 511 jeans remain straight below the knees, and 512 become skinny from the knees to the ankle. This difference may seem small, but in actual really put an impact on the overall look. 

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