How to be Confident as a Short Girl

Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has their own opinion on a topic. Some people accept the reality by working on it and focusing more on their strengths and while some feel insecure and face many challenges. 

One such challenge is being short. Short people often face jokes about their heights and it adversely affects them. Mental pressure is more and leads to depression, stress, lack of confidence, and feeling inferior. There are various factors responsible for this.

The majority of girls face this challenge. I won’t call it a problem as it is something that should be the least of your concern for a healthy lifestyle. But there are certain things that automatically tell how to be confident as a short girl. 

Let’s look at the wider picture and ways to confront the reality


How to be confident as a Short Girl 

Everyone has a Flaw

It’s gameplay of the mind and how our mind reacts when somebody makes fun of a person’s height. While sometimes it’s too difficult to ignore those creepy jokes and mocking but you have to stand for it and confront those individuals with the right attitude. 

There are times when not other people but you yourself keep focusing on height issues and talk too much. At this point, you making fool of yourself as really nobody cares. 

On the whole, a strong mindset will help you a lot. Power from the inside should be strong be enough to eliminate all the negative vibes around you. 

If someone doesn’t listen then just ignore them and focus on the positive aspects. Also, nobody is born perfect, it’s just their attitude they have towards life. Those who are tall face the problem of being the tallest in the group and they too feel low. 

Work on your strengths and enjoy the most of life rather than wasting your time on unusual things. 

There are people Like You

You’re not the only one with a short height. There are lots of people out there with the same height or even shorter than you. Live like there’s no tomorrow rather than thinking about stupid things. 

Who knows may you will meet them soon? Moreover, you can find famous celebrities who are not complaining about height but are successful with hard work and dedication not leaving a chance to say something about their height. Because they have made short height their strength. 

If you think nobody likes you, it’s just your imagination. You will find a person the same height as you if you look around yourself. Move around and you see changes in many ways, may it be behavioral or physical changes. 

Purge the social account

Visual representation is much more effective and influential. And social media is one such factor that has greatly impacted the lives of an individual in many ways. Since you follow many top models and get influenced by them. You need to follow them if they are not making feel bad about your height or other body parts. If you’re feeling that they are good-looking, having great heights and you need the same. That’s just the pressure you are putting on yourself by comparing yourself with them. You need to follow those people who empower and motivate you. 

Cut them from your lives by unfollowing thor keeping yourself busy with something productive. Being a short girl shouldn’t be the problem in your way to success. 


It will backstab you as there are many factors that are responsible for making a perfect shape and size. It’s one of the ways to be confident as a short girl. 

Invest in Clothing

Looking good boosts your confidence whether you believe it or not. You need to follow some tips to select the clothes. To look not too short wear high rise bottom and avoid mid-calf boots or shoes at all. Try to select ankle leg shoes to look taller and this will somewhat hide the fact that you’re short. Jumpsuit and dropped waist dress are in trend these days but for short girls avoid these dresses as these are usually preferred for taller girls. No doubt you running a shirt of options but you can try various other dress that suits your persona. Go for kee high shoes or sandals if you’re comfortable as in that way your height will not get noticed. Here is how to look pretty in 30 steps.

Dressing plays a great role to impress someone or influencing someone. You can analyze and observe surroundings, the people that actually pay great attention to what they wear, and how they represent themselves in the outside world. 

For the beginner, you can see follow few tips. 

Why it is important? 

The dressing is important as whenever you meet a person he or she has the impression of how you carry yourself. The mind always focuses on things that are visual. 

Is Overthinking affecting you?

Look up and walk 

How you walk is also one of the main aspects when talking about confidence? Almost everyone who lacks confidence or has low self-esteem finds it difficult in walking in public areas or in a group of people. This is mostly seen that not only short people but most of the people walk by looking down or at the phone which is generally considered a sign of low confidence in psychology. They try to hide their real emotions like nervousness by looking down. Posture also greatly impacts how you walk. The round shoulder or slouchy appearance lowers the confidence. 

To be confident you need to walk and look straight and in addition too long strides with medium pace. 

It is mostly observed that people with short height generally have straight back, so it’s is a plus point for you. All you need to do is look straight and walk with confidence rather than focusing on the least important things. That charm will automatically brighten your face once you started to follow some tips. 

You might have noticed your idols that when they walk they always have their back straight and look forward. And people love to listen to them as they are confident who they are. 

Build Your Personality

It may be an extended elaboration about the few points mentioned above but it should be adapted to see changes. 

Raise your standards, that is one of the many ways to be confident. Here standard doesn’t only relate to money or living a luxurious life. It is something that you need to adapt in your life to grow stronger or empower yourself. Change is important and why not boost yourself with positive things and make flush the negativity. 

Work on body posture, to be confident you need to follow some good posture exercises. A person with short height looks even shorter when he is fatty. If you’re overweight try to minimize or cut down fat by regular exercise. 

Exercises not only make you physically fit but also remove stress and anxiety which is healthy for your body. 

Apart from posture and dressing style, try to erase the nervousness and hesitation from your voice. The way you speak is also considered as a part of confident people. If you’re able to explain and express yourself without any hesitation or nervousness you are a confident personality. 

Raising your standards also include erasing the negative perception about yourself and not giving any attention to the same. Follow a glow-up routine for your skin health too.

How to Boost Your Self Esteem

Set standards 

Your relationship is a direct reflection of your standards. Some people are in a relationship but they aren’t happy – because their standard is that they must be in any relationship, not that 

Our health is also the result of our standards. Many people wish they were thinner, healthier, or more fit. But wishing for something and being willing is not the same thing. You must raise the standard for your health by making it a “must.” Tell yourself that you must get healthy in order to lead an extraordinary life.

They chalk it up to “that’s just the way it is in my life,” or tell themselves “that’s just who I am.” But ironically, when you do this, you are actually denying who you really are. You are living under a false identity that is based on false beliefs you adopted in the past.

Ignore With Laughter

There are more important things than to worry about your height. Career, family, and growth are much more important. The fact that you notice everything and keep thinking about it will only lead to stress. You should focus on how you’re life will after a few years than hurting yourself by comparing height with others. 

There are few people I know who also have a short height. Being short doesn’t lower their confidence at they were used to getting irritated by it but after a while, they do mind anymore or laugh about it. The best can do is to ignore these silly things because they are stronger than that. 

if you’re getting irritated or hurt by someone either say it in their face or just leave them and ignore the negativity because it shouldn’t make any difference to you. 

You are not alone in the race, there are other people who are skinny, taller, or obese who face the same set of jokes but to deal with it you need confidence and get away with it. 

Love yourself the way you are because there should not be such factors affecting your confidence. 

Stand for yourself and show them who you are by making it the top. 

Smile That Sets Everything Straight 

Short Girls are Cute

Short girls are mostly cute and sweet. Don’t be insecure about your height. Instead of feeling low try to interact with people by your cuteness. There are girls who mostly like short girls and get attracted to them immediately. They have no problem with shirt girls, 

With a decent face and a big smile, short girls become the center of attraction. Try to avoid the conservation related to height or other body features because it’s natural and you can’t change them. 

You have to accept it and work on more productive things for a better lifestyle. 

You can’t have everything you want that’s a bitter truth. Just work on things that are in your favor and make you look more confident. 

Remove the unnecessary pressure and stress and try to be straightforward, confident, and cute. It’s a plus point that you’re cute because most of the time your problems are overshadowed by confidence.  

Inner beauty matters

What matters the most is what is inside you? Basically about you. There are various other things that you like and enjoy the most. why not focus on these things that are actually providing you happiness and satisfaction. 

Suppose you’re are good at singing, and you can sing a song in front of many people and anytime. Instead of devoting your time to improving music, you are worried about height? Does that even make sense? of course not, why waste time on something that will lead you to the path of destruction. 

Make your mind stronger emotionally and don’t let other people affect you. 

For the start, you can do mediation. It gives your mind and inner soul a boost and set properly. 

As we listen or do things that make us satisfied, happy hormones start to increase which automatically makes us laugh or happy. 

Short People Look Younger

Why get embarrassed and feel bad about being a short girl? Short girls or women tend to age slower than others. As people age, the taller become slouchy in appearance but short-sized people have straight back so they look younger than their age. 

Even in middle age you will shine and glow as your face seems much younger than your age. 

You can still look young and glow up in your 30s.

Embrace your uniqueness and try to get better with it. 

I have seen in my neighborhood where short women are more active and healthy than the taller ones. My grandmother is around 4’9 but her posture is still good with her back straight. On the other hand, I have seen one of my neighbors who are taller and a few years younger than my grandmother but have poor posture. She seems much older than my grandmother who is short. So, even if people are criticizing you just ignore it and continue living your life to the fullest. 

Tall also Struggles with Self-assurance

It’s not like tall people are happy. Some of them have self-confidence problems too. They also suffer from the same issues as you. If they are the tallest person in the room they might feel embarrassed too. These things affect them but it’s a good case of being careful what you wish for, so just be happy with yourself the way you are.


It’s your life and no one has the right on you to order you what to do. It all depends on you, how to make yourself the best version of yourself. Don’t let yourself become their version of yourself, it will lead you to life that disturbs your life and makes things harder for you. Focus and ignorance with self-confidence to express yourself are the best that you can do to improve your lifestyle. Invest in activities that make you happy and make you feel relaxed. Short height is not a problem, your confidence and mindset make you feel like that. Improve and learn how to be confident as a short girl for b a successful life.

Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.