Is Overthinking affecting you?

how overthinking affects our life
how overthinking affects affects relationships

Is Overthinking affecting you?-Life is too short to waste your precious time on something unusual or unproductive. Tensions and worries are a part of life but most of us take these so seriously that it ends up making our life hell and we overthink every moment and situation. Overthinking affects us more than you see.

What do we actually do? We come to the state in which we happened to be called an overthinker. Overthinking affects our day-to-day activities as well.

This is the stage where we have no control over our decisions, we can’t decide what’s wrong or tight, which means we live in a temporary world created by our unusual overthinking. 

In this stage, you struggle with problems like sleeplessness, anxiety, stress. It’s becoming impossible for habitual worriers to have a calm day in their life.


Just take a moment and think about how much you are missing real life. Overthinking leads to poor performance in work takes you away from fun activities, and even puts your health at risk. 

What is overthinking?

Overthinking as the name sounds, thinking too much about a situation. The overthinkers keep themselves busy with the question “what if”. They are more active in past-related activities than focusing on the present moment.

It doesn’t mean that we stop thinking. Thinking is surely our part of life as parents, business people, employees it’s natural we think about a good job, care about our loved ones but that too only to some extent. Thinking really is a good thing as it helps us out moving forward in our life. 

However, overthinkers keep reciting the same problem over and over again. 

For example, a person made a mistake in an ongoing meeting at the workplace. A normal person will feel embarrassed and plans to correct it and then moves on from the situation. But an overthinker will dwell himself into a state where he keeps replaying the mistakes and while rewriting different outcomes.

The mind becomes habitual in thinking from a negative perspective as you keep doing or rewinding the same mistakes again and again. With this, the results are even worse as the stress and anxieties will encircle our minds. And makes us weak physically and mentally.

How overthinking is affecting you?

Though thinking is important, but when we think too negatively about some situations it drains our health and makes our lives even more complex. Overthinking affects our life in many ways.

Takes Control over our lives:

Overthinking destroys every chance of us to stay happy and healthy. It takes what’s the most important thing in a person’s life i-e takes control of life. 

No doubt it is important to think before anything but thinking to the point that it impacts us physically and mentally is not gonna do any good.

Once it controls you, you will find yourselves helpless and they will become restless. 

Leads to Stress and Depression:

The other serious issue that overthinking leads is stress and depression. Stress and depression are the rivals of our life they bring us into a state where we develop various health issues. Overthinking is dangerous, it not only creates health issues but also affects our professional life. Degrading our self-esteem to the level of that we quit or avoid precious opportunities. Causing a more stressful and depressing environment.

As an example, suppose we have an interview the next day. If we keep thinking about the interview over and over again and at last we end up forgetting everything during our interview.

Overthinking Impact Our Relationships:

Overthinking holds you in so many ways. It affects our personal life as well. Overthinking creates misunderstanding between people causing issues in their relationships. 

If you overthink, you will spend most of your time thinking then spending your valuable time with your close ones. You find it hard to connect yourself with your loved ones, and this will make you believe in false assumptions, overall affecting your relationships.

With time you become habitual of overthinking and put yourself in a pit that leads to problems, stress, and tensions. 

Overthinking affects our enjoyment:

How does Overthinking ruin our life or happiness? Obsessing over small things will hit your body from the inside and drops your self-esteem level. Overanalysis puts you in situations where you get confused and make poor decisions on the basis of that.

Overthinking is preventing us from accessing the real meaning of what life is about. Happiness is what we thrive for if it’s not there in your life it’s our fault. Just see how much you’re missing out, and that too because of unnecessary thinking and worries. 

No health no wealth:

Overthinking is the cause of many mental and physical health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, body aches, stomach problems, etc. It’s even more problematic when it starts destroying our daily functioning of life like sleep. If we are surrounded by these problems then how can we earn good fortune?

There is no wealth without good health. Making our dreams fade away.

Ways to overcome overthinking

To overcome the habit of overthinking we should start from the small steps. After all baby steps are the key to achieving goals. Make sure to try these simple steps to break the habit of overthinking and move forward in life to enjoy it.


i) Mediation 

Say goodbye to negative thoughts by doing meditation on a regular basis. Meditation is largely followed to attain calmness in life. It’s good for our soul and body. 

Practice breathing exercises to make unwanted fear and anxiety go away. Just like any other skill meditation does demand practice but with time you will get free from the habit of overthinking.

All you need to do is find a quiet place. 

ii) Workout

An intense workout is another way to stop the problem of overthinking. Workout not only decreases overthinking but also improves our body postures, immune response, and boost energy level. 

Like a car needs fuel to move forward our body too needs some refreshing work. To level up in your life make sure to take proper care of your body.

Give yourself some time to get refreshed by following an intense workout. 

Give yourself time:

i) Travel

explore and travel to new places. It will fade away the negative thoughts. You will spend some time exploring new things instead of wasting your time overthinking. 

Refresh your mind and take some time to relax.

ii) Meet New People

Involvement is better than thinking continuously and making yourself tired and stressed. 

Meet new people, engage with them, and distract yourself from the negative thoughts. Discuss with them and avoid any overanalysis. 

The more we think about a problem the more it will destroy us and if we start focusing on the solution the easier it gets to overcome it. So spend your precious time with your loved ones or meet new people and explore the happiness of living.

 iii) Spend time in nature

A few minutes’ walks and spending time with nature relax our body and soul. This means it relaxes our minds. Make a habit to walk a few minutes daily and explore nature. Analyze what triggers you to overthink and start working on that. 

Use the rule of Distraction:

i) Avoid social media

Social media no doubt is a good platform to explore new things and be aware of us with many updates but it is tiresome if we are wasting our time in it. If we are an overthinker, we mostly gather information related to the same putting us in the same scenario of overthinking. Avoid social media instead listen to some relaxing music.

ii) Involving in Activities

Utilize your time by involving in some other activities like painting, household work, playing, etc. It causes distraction and will help you to stop overthinking a situation.

iii) Sleep Properly

Good sleep is better for our mind and body. Whenever you are stressed out or thinking too much, sleep for a while to refresh your mind. Take proper sleep as it enhances our body functioning.

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