Best Mens Bootcut Jeans

Best Mens Bootcut Jeans

Best Mens Bootcut Jeans: Jeans are a must for men. They can never go out of fashion as it is an essential wardrobe outfit. The best part is that you can easily avail of them online. Jeans come in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. The 80s and 90s fashion trend of jeans are again in style these days and there are none other than bootcut jeans for men.

Check out some trendy jeans bootcut jeans from the best brands here:

Best Mens Bootcut Jeans


Wrangler is a traditional jean that is most famous and approved for its cowboy cut style jeans fit. This brand is famous for making extra durable and versatile jeans styles that may not be fancy, but there is no problem when it comes to durability. 

Wrangler Mens Bootcut Jeans


Features: Retro Bootcut jeans are made with 98% cotton and 2 % spandex, which offer a slight stretch while giving a rigid structure. It also comes with a streamlined silhouette, through the seat and thigh area, which makes it easy to sit and work at all angles. 

If you are a fan of low-rise bootcut jeans, then this is the right pair of jeans, as come in low-rise style, and with a front rise of 10 ⅜ inches. 

Furthermore, it is extremely lightweight with only 12oz weights, and also very durable for heavy construction work. 

It has a 5 pockets style with a patch ‘ W ‘ on the back pocket. 

Leg Opening: The retro slim fit style comes with an 18-inch leg opening that fits perfectly over the pair of boots. 

Fitting: Slim fit around the hips and knees as compared to other bootcut style jeans. Apart from doing work, these jeans can be easily styled for different occasions. 

Return Policy: Provides a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Color: 10+ Colors Available

Price: 69$

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Another one of wranglers jeans, which outshines its Slim fit design is 20X® NO. 22 ORIGINAL JEAN. This classic style of jean cut was first made in the 1950s, and after so many decades, this style’s popularity hasn’t tarnished. These jeans add a bit of classy country charm to the outfit when paired with Chelsea boots. 

Features: These jeans are made with 100% Cotton Denim, and the more you wear these jeans, the more they will become softer. From the first wear, this appears to be too rigid, but after a few washes, these jeans adapt to the person’s body shape. 

In addition, it is available in vintage blue color, which continues to gain character and become softer over time. 

Wrangler 20X® NO. 22 ORIGINAL JEAN comes in a high-rise style, with a front rise of 11 inches. 

Furthermore, it has a signature five-pocket styling, and the classic ‘W’ stitching on the back pocket.

Leg Opening: This is available in a 16 ½ inch leg opening, which is not too wide Or too small, thus easily fitting over boots. 

Fitting: If you have big or wide hips, these boot-cut jeans are the right choice for you, as they are comfortable and flexible, for everyday work use. Pair our Wrangler® 20X® NO. 22 ORIGINAL fit jeans with Jordans for a night out. 

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Alternative: If you want a more relaxed fit with a wider leg opening of 18 inches. Check out: WRANGLER® 20X® NO. 23 ORIGINAL JEAN

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Return Policy: Provides a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Color: 6 Colors Available

Price: 59$

3. American Eagle AirFlex+ Original Bootcut Jean

American Eagle has been widely popular as a designer jeans brand since its launch in 1977. After almost 45 years, this brand’s jeans are popular for their right fitting and their amazing color option. You can easily spot several celebrities wearing American eagle jeans, and it is now an affordable designer option. 

Features: This Airflex+ is an upgrade to the previous AE Flex Original Bootcut style, with now more flexibility for the person to move easily. The jeans gently hug through the thighs with a bootcut leg opening. 

Furthermore, the jeans are created to fully depict the bootcut jeans cut, and upgraded fabric, whereas in the previous variant, 5 % recycled cotton was used, in this authentic, new cotton is used, which gives it a new fresh look. 

In addition, adding a more soft feel to the consumer while wearing this. AE AirFlex+ Original Bootcut Jean is constructed with 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane, which added high stretch, and breathable jeans. 

Leg Opening: This AE air flex Bootcut Jean has a 17.5-inch leg opening, which is one of the widest in this list. 

Fitting: Due to high stretchable design and material, it easily slips through the leg, while also maintaining its shape. 

Furthermore, the denim fabric is extremely breathable, which you could even encounter in a bootcut jeans list. Even in hot weather, you can easily wear these jeans without getting sweaty legs. 

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Color: Available in 4 different blue colors, black color is missing. 

Price: 60$

4. American Eagle Flex Original Bootcut Jean

American Eagle was one of the few popular brands, that made bootcut jeans popular. This brand of jeans and clothes is widely popular among teenagers and adults under 25 years. Every teenager has one or two American eagle jeans in their closet, and if you have you know why it is one of the top jeans brands in America.

Features: American Eagle bootcut original jeans are a flattering option when it comes to colorful and authentic denim designs. 

These jeans have a more rigid design and lack stretch, making sitting slightly difficult. 

It is constructed with 93% Cotton, 5% Recycled Cotton, and 2% Elastane, and the more they use it the smoother the jeans become. 

This rigidity helps these jeans to maintain their shape all day long. Sometimes, bootcut jeans, which are lightweight, do not stand in an accurate state, or look like the fabric is not a part of the jeans, and it follows its movement. 

Leg Opening: These jeans have a Bootcut 17.5″ leg opening, which fits perfectly over the boots. 

Fitting: The jeans are a perfect fit and gently make a rigid shape. However, the jeans are not stretchable, which makes them too tight around the hip and knee area. To avoid this make sure to choose the right size of your jeans. 

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Colors: Available in 1 color( After midnight) 

Price: $50

5. GapFlex Boot Jeans with Washwell

Gap is one of the renowned fashion brands that started by selling levis jeans but soon started making them. Gap’s only mission is to provide jeans that fit every body shape and provide every stylish jeans style cut, which includes bootcut styles. Gap stores are available on every city corner, and the price of jeans is quite affordable while maintaining amazing denim quality. 

This Gap Flex Boot Jeans with Washwell is an upgrade of its predecessor, by making it more stretchy, and available in black color. 

Features: The jeans cut is a classic bootcut style that can be worn in any place and on any occasion. These classic bootcut style jeans are constructed with 71% cotton, 18% polyester, 9% others, and 2% spandex, making them the most stretchy bootcut jeans on our list.

People who are overweight should wear these bootcut jeans, as this will create an illusion of slimmer legs near the hip area and knee area. If you wear loose bootcut jeans your legs will appear extra thick and you might not want that. 

Furthermore, these jeans are incredibly lightweight, with only 11.25 oz weight, and extra durable, and can be styled on any occasion. Gap specially made these black jeans stretchable so they can wear them until they are worn out. 

Leg Opening: It has a leg opening of 17.6 inches, which is not too wide or too small when it comes to bootcut jeans style. 

Fitting: Jeans are comfortable to wear, as they are extremely stretchy, and sometimes give a vibe of wearing skinny jeans around the hip and knee area. People who have thin legs should not prefer to wear these bootcut jeans, as the stretchy nature of jeans will outshine your skinny legs. 

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Colors: Only available in black color

Price: $60( Discount available now – $41). 

6. Gap Boot Jeans with Washwell

Gap is one of the few top brands that make bootcut-style jeans at an affordable price. Gap jeans are easily available at every corner, and also available in different sizes for all shapes of men. Gap bootcut jeans are the best choice if you have a dad body, then also you can have a suitable bootcut jeans style that will fit you perfectly. 

Features: People who have skinny or thin legs should get these bootcut jeans. Gap jeans are extremely rigid and always maintain a bootcut structure. Thus, thin legs appear fuller than they are. 

These jeans are constructed using only denim cotton, meaning it is 100% cotton. This doesn’t offer too much flexibility like any other bootcut jeans.

Always make sure to get the right size when buying these jeans, as if jeans are tight around the hip, they will not expand. 

The jeans are comfortable with around 12.5 oz weight making it one of the lightest rigid bootcut jeans on our list. 

Leg Opening: It has a leg opening of 17.6 inches. However this is not the highest on our list, but the jeans have a rigid structure, and comfortably sit over the boots. 

Fitting: Gap bootcut jeans are extremely rigid, but at the same time, provide a comfortable finish around the hip area. Unlike other 100% cotton jeans, these are extremely comfortable. In addition, bootcut jeans are very wide around the leg area. There are no other bootcut jeans with 100% cotton jeans that can match its rigidity and comfortability. 

People who have thin legs should opt for these jeans cut, as your leg will appear fuller. 

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Colors: Available in 4 different blue shades, not available in black color

Price: $60 ( Discount available now $35 – 45$). 


These are some of the affordable Best Mens Bootcut Jeans in 2023. Try these jeans, and give your own review, and what you think about the jeans, and whether are you going to be wearing them with cowboy boots or not. We have also reviewed some of the best fragrance that will definitely get you laid, so do check the review Best Projecting Colognes of 2023