Veja Campo VS Esplar – Which is Better Option?

Veja Campo VS Esplar

In the ever-expanding universe of footwear, two eco-warriors step onto the sustainable stage – Veja Esplar and Veja Campo.

These aren’t just shoes; they’re a stylish march towards a greener planet.

Buckle up, or rather lace up, as we embark on the soleful showdown of the century!

Veja Campo VS Esplar Differences and Better Option

Veja Campo VS Esplar



In the left corner, we have Veja Esplar, the budget-friendly champion with leather editions ranging from €120-€130 ($130-$140), and canvas options waving at you from €70-€85 ($75-$91).

On the right, the suave Veja Campo enters at €150 ($160) for leather/suede and €175 ($188) for Campo Suede, with limited editions reaching for the stars at €1200.

It’s like choosing between your favorite cozy cafe and a rooftop restaurant that makes your wallet shed a tear.


Esplar struts in with a sleek, thinner sole, while Campo brings the chunky, substantial vibes.

Esplar’s got the traction game; Campo’s got the cushioning and support.

It’s the tough choice between walking comfortably and feeling the ground beneath – both with their perks!

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Esplar rocks sustainable leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Campo, on the other foot, sports a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, the dynamic duo of modern eco-chic.

It’s a classic showdown between traditional sleekness and contemporary sustainability.

Water Resistant 

Surprise, surprise – neither Esplar nor Campo are water-resistant superheroes.

It’s a footwear face-off without a waterproof umbrella. When the rain hits, time to embrace the puddle dance routine!


Esplar’s canvas might give you a “new pair of jeans” vibe initially, a bit stiff, but give it 2-3 days break-in period, and you’re in the comfort city.

Campo, with its thicker sole, offers instant comfort – like a memory foam mattress for your feet. It can be a personal preference.

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To be honest it is hard to find the difference between both the shoes as they almost look similar.

However, there are some minimal changes like Esplar brings minimalistic charm, a smaller V-logo, and a silhouette sleeker than a secret agent.

On the other hand, Campo, the extrovert, rocks a bulkier design, a larger V-logo, and an “I’m here to be noticed” vibe. It’s the eternal battle of subtlety versus swagger.


Esplar is the chameleon, effortlessly shifting from refined to casual for various occasions.

Campo leans towards the sportier, laid-back style – perfect for everyday adventures.

Your choice, depending on whether you’re attending a meeting or planning to conquer a mountain (or a couch).


Both offer classic colors, but Esplar occasionally spices things up with limited editions.

Campo, not to be outdone, throws vibrant and bold options into the mix for those who like their footwear to do the talking.

The choice is yours – classic or a splash of color?


Esplar boasts a thick padded tongue, ready to cushion you from any unexpected lace bites.

Campo takes it down a notch with a slightly thinner and less padded tongue – a choice between plush comfort and a sleeker look.

Who knew tongues could be so complicated?


In the stitching department, both contenders deliver top-notch craftsmanship with clean and precise stitches that match the shoe color.

It’s a stitch-perfect face-off! Because details matter, even if they’re as tiny as stitches.


Esplar, with its leather upper, takes the crown for durability.

Campo, with an organic cotton and recycled polyester blend, ensures reliable longevity.

It’s a battle of materials, and both are ready for the long haul.

No matter which path you choose, these shoes are in it for the marathon, not the sprint.


If you prefer durability over style then Esplar is a more affordable, sleeker option with a focus on durability.

Whereas Campo is a pricier, stylish contender with a chunkier sole and a sustainable material blend.

The choice is yours, do you opt for the subtle sophistication of Esplar or the bold swagger of Campo?

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