New Balance 990 Alternative – 4 Best Alternatives

New Balance 990 Alternative

As you already know the New Balance 990 is one of the popular shoes out there but they are unavailability makes it hard for some people to buy them because of the extreme demand most of the time you will not find them in stock.

Without retail sometimes Newbalnce 990 will cost an arm and a leg.

However, there are some alternatives to 990 Which I’m going to discuss in this article.

All shoes (shoes in the list) might not be as comfortable as 990 but they look similar and cool and also provide the decent comfort that you might need throughout the day.


After looking and searching for hours I came across 3 shoes that look similar to the New Balance 990 and they are the best alternatives to New Balance 990.

But before discussing the alternatives we should know why New Balance 990 is so popular? are they really that comfortable or it’s just hype?

Why New Balance 990 is so popular?

New Balance 990 Alternative

New Balance 990 is one of the popular series of New Balance which includes 6 shoes that came one after another throughout the years.

All of the shoes in the series are as popular as the first shoes. But what makes them so popular? Well, the main reason behind their popularity is the comfort and their orthopedic arch support insole which provides stability and comfort under the foot.

990 shoes are very good if you have any food problems such as plantar fasciitis, ankle instability, meniscus tears, arthritis, heel discomfort, etc.


4 Best Alternatives To New Balance 990 

New Balance 2002R

New Balance 990 Alternative

The first shoe that looks like a 990 is a 2002 R From New Balance. If you look at the shoes, they mostly look like 990, especially from the front.

Now compared to 990, they do have some more mesh in the front which means more breathability in summer.

The best part about the shoes is that it not only look like 990 but the technology used in the shoes for stability and cushioning is similar to 990. So you do not have to compromise on anything.

Some limited editions of 2002R come with gore tex however it is hard to find them online.

If speak about color options then you get limited color options in these shoes but if you want shoes that look just like 990 then these shoes are the best option.

Not only do they look like 990 but there is no compromise in comfort and stability.

New Balance 1500

New Balance 990 Alternative

Another shoe that looks like a 990 is a New Balance 1500. This shoe looks similar to the 990 V2. Now the technology used to make this shoe is similar you used in 990 v2.

Moreover, the material used is also similar, which is pig skin synthetic material and mesh.

The main difference between both shoes is the toe box. The toe box of the 1500 is wide in comparison to the 990 V2.

If you have wider feet you will feel more comfortable in the 1500. Next, if we talk about comfort then you will find no difference in the comfort of both the shoes.

In 1500 the company used the north cap mid zone which provides more comfort

Just like other New Balance shoes the main drawback of this shoe is its availability in different colors, so yes you have limited color options in these shoes as well.

Another difference between both the shoes which I think is not a deciding factor is the construction of both shoes.

As you already know 990 V2 is made in the USA. However, if we talk about 1500 then the construction of the shoe is mostly done in the UK.

I cannot say where the construction is better and I don’t think that it can affect your choice.

Camelsport hiking shoes


Another best option is camelsport hiking shoes. Though it is a Hiking shoe. But it looks similar to the New Balance 990. The best thing about these shoes is that they are very cheap.

You can buy them from Amazon at around 50 to 71 dollars, Which is way less than what 990 costs.

You might be thinking that comfort is compromised in these shoes, but guess what? They’re really comfortable and supportive as they come with Ortholite midsole.

Moreover, they also come with a strong toe cap as their hiking shoes. And has visually appealing design.

The best thing is that you can wear them as a walking shoe or you can style them with your outfits, and on top of that you can also wear them for hiking.

So yeah, it’s a win-win for you!

This is the best option for you if you are on a budget and looking for a durable shoe. If we talk about color options, These shoes are available in four different colors.

The material used to make the shoes is also similar to New Balance 990. The upper is made up of mesh and suede and the outsole is made so to absorb the shock.


Another budget-friendly option is Fitvila Extra Wide Walking Shoes. You can buy them from Amazon and they will cost you around $55 to $71.

They are very cost-effective in comparison to New Balance 990. The best part of these shoes is that they got great reviews on Amazon and the users love them.

They not only look like 990 but also the material used in these shoes is similar to New Balance 990. The upper is made up of synthetic mesh, while the outer material also has a touch of suede material. The soul is made up of rubber.

And looking from the distance. You get the appearance of New Balance 990.

So if you are on a budget this might be the second best option you can get, Which looks similar to New Balance 990.


New Balance 990 Alternative

Another shoe that is an alternative to 990 is Asics GEL-ODYSSEY.

If you have some interest in shoes then you might already know that Asics makes one of the best shoes for walking and running in the world.

Asics GEL-ODYSSEY not only looks like 990 but also performs better than 990, especially if we compare the comfort of the shoes.

Let’s first speak about the comfort of the shoes. The foam midsole is used to absorb shock which provides more comfort and reduces injuries.

You will find these shoes more comfortable and stable than 990. Other than that, if we look at the shoes then they look like 990, the material used to make the shoes is also similar to 990. Just like 990, the upper is made of mesh and synthetic leather.

The only drawback of the shoe is that you get only one color option which is black but other than that, you get better shoes that provide you with more comfort and stability.

However, the design of the shoes doesn’t look as similar to 990 as other shoes on the list.

Nike Air Max 1

New Balance 990 Alternative

Who doesn’t know about the Nike Airmax iconic series? Even if you are not into shoes you might have heard the name Nike Air Max. This series from Nike is one of the iconic series that earned Nike millions of dollars.

Nike Air Max1 is one of the best alternatives to New Balance 990.

From a distance both the shoes look similar if we look at both the shoes in the same color it’s hard to identify the shoes unless you are a shoe geek.

Now there are some minor differences between both shoes. The first difference is the outsole of the Nike Air Max1 is chunkier in comparison to the 990.

The second difference is the weight of the Nike Air Max1 is more in comparison to the 990.

Now, if we talk about the comfort of the shoes, then you should know that the Nike Air Max1 is a comfortable shoe but they are not super comfortable.

So yes, you will find New Balance 990 shoes more comfortable than Nike Air Max ones by that I do not mean to say that Nike Air Max1 is uncomfortable shoes, they provide some good comfort in comparison to other popular shoes in the market.

Another minor difference between both shoes is the material used to make the shoes. The material used to make the Nike Air Max1 is mostly leather which means the breathability of the Nike Air Max1 is poor in comparison to 990 (where the mesh and sued are used).

However, the upper side of Nike Air Max1 is that they are available in multiple colors, so you can find the color you want.  But on the downside, they will cost you more than New Balance 990.


To sum it up, I have done my best to provide you with the best alternatives to the New Balance 990, which not only looks like the 990 but also has the same comfort and stability.

However, you are not limited to these options only as I’m pretty sure that there are some other options as well which cost less than these which I might missed in this article.

But don’t worry as soon as I find any other alternative to New Balance 990 I will update the list.

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