Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk ?

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

You got brand new Nikes! They look awesome, feel comfy, and make you look cool. But then suddenly they start squeaking! Don’t panic, tons of people suffer from squeaky Nikes. This guide will help you understand why they squeak and how to shut them up for good!

Let’s dive into the squeaky sneaker world and find solutions to bring peace back to your walks.

Why do Nike shoes squeak?

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

There are several reasons why your Nike shoes squeak while walking. Some of these reasons are very common with shoes different than Nike. So let’s discuss the reasons behind that


New shoes: Sometimes the reason behind squeaking is the new shoes that you just bought from Nike.

The new shoes have a sturdy sole which causes more friction with the ground and as a result, produces that annoying sound.

This is with most of the shoes that have rubber soles and the sound disappears after some
wear. If the sound doesn’t disappear after wear then the reason behind squeaking
is different.

Air technology: Most of you already are aware of the famous technology used by Nike in their shoes i.e. air technology.

This technology is used in some of the most popular shoes like Nike Air Max.

If you have the same shoes or shoes that share the same technology then you should know that models with visible air units can trap moisture within the bubbles, which will lead to squeaking.

Sole Composition: this might be the other or main reason why your Nike shoes squeak. The sole composition is basically the type of rubber used to make the sole.

The shoes made of flexible and softer rubber are more prone to squeaking than a sole which is made of hard and less flexible rubber.

Derbbies stuck – I know you have already checked the outsole of your shoes, but sometimes a small rock can get stuck inside the strides of your outsole, which causes friction and sound with every step you walk. Some shoes have deep strides and I want you to check the outsole of your shoes.

Silencing the squeak

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

Break them in – if you bought new shoes then give your shoes some time to adjust to your feet. Walk in them or run to break in the shoes.

Let the shoes adjust to the ground. Most shoes need more break-in than others.

If you have new shoes then you should do that and check if the squeaking problem still persists.

Embrace dryness: Another solution is removing the insole and letting the shoes air out completely. This is a better option if moisture is the reason behind squeaking.

Talc it up: Another popular way of preventing annoying sounds from shoes is sprinkling a small amount of baby powder or talcum powder on the outsole.

Focus mainly on the areas from where the squeak originates.

But before you toss them out, let’s figure out what’s causing the racket.

Remember Not all squeaks are equal:

  • Painful squeak? This could be a bigger problem. Time to see a shoe expert.
  • Just annoying chirps? It might be the shoe itself. Some fancy models, like those with air bubbles, are natural squeakers. Remember that squeaky toy aisle? Same idea.

Squeaky Nikes: A Deep Dive and Advanced Solutions

We’ve already covered the basics, but let’s dig deeper and find ways to shut those shoes up for good. This time, we’re talking about specific models, fancy tricks, and even how to stop the squeaks before they start.

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

Got Air Max? Those air bubbles love holding onto water, which makes them squeak like crazy. Try hitting them with a hairdryer on low heat (don’t melt ’em!). Some people swear by special air bubble inserts that claim to silence the squeaks.

Flyknit fanatics? The weaved upper can rub against the lining, making annoying noises. Rub a thin layer of fabric conditioner on the Flyknit to make it smoother and stop the squeaking.

React got you down? The new foam sole might squeak when it’s fresh out of the box or gets wet. Wear them in, use moisture absorbers, and some people say a light spritz of silicone spray helps too.

Can you return Nike shoes if they squeak?

Yes for online and app orders, you can return unworn and unwashed shoes with original tags attached for any reason but that should be within 60 days. The squeaking itself won’t affect eligibility.

If you have purchased something from the store, then the standard return window is 30 days with the same conditions.

Beyond 60 days:

The best thing about Nike is that it offers a warranty against material and workmanship flaws for two years from the manufacturing date.

If the squeaking is caused by such a flaw, then you can still return the shoes. You can contact Nike customer service to initiate the return process.

However, if the reason behind squeaking is normal wear and tear (like dirt buildup or material rubbing) then it will not be covered by the warranty.

If you think squeaking is annoying for you then it’s worth trying to return your squeaky Nike shoes, even if it’s past the standard window. To make sure that Nike accepts your return you can explain the issue clearly and provide evidence like photos or videos if possible.

Remember, Nike customer service has the final say.

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