Top 9 CEO Romance Novels- Fall in Love at Work

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Love happens when you sometimes don’t want to. It’s a feeling irrespective of position and need. CEO Romance novels are something filled with thrill, drama, and twists and turns. Our heart looks for love at every place, when in school, college, and even at professional places. CEO, a personality with power, rich, and looks when falls for someone exactly opposite to his personality and status. And here the love story begins, with fights, closeness, jealousy, actions. From funny to heartbreaking, from absolute jerks to some cracks living far from the real-life, this long list of romantic relationships with the CEO will offer enough suggestions to keep you occupied for a while.


1. Inappropriate

Novel by Vi Keeland

“Some of the best things are complicated but beautiful and worth all the risk.”

”INAPPROPRIATE”, by Vi Keeland is sure to land on readers’ favorites list. Office romance between the sexy and seemingly unattainable CEO and his employee never gets old! It starts with the story of Ireland Saint James who has just got fired from her job. The story gets interesting when she writes a fiery mail to her boss to resolve everything. Her belligerent written email not only made her to get the job again but also put her on the Ceo’s radar. Grant CEO intrigued by the woman try to make it professional but couldn’t hold for the romance to spark.

2. Stealing Her

Book by Rachel Van Dyken

Love finds its way, whatever the way it has to go through. Stealing Her is a standalone, contemporary romance, drama, heartbreak, twist and turns. For the past decade, Bridge has one goal to take care of her mother when his father tore apart their family with his twin brother. Everything seemed to change from the accident of his twin brother soon to be the CEO. His father after years knocked on the door for a favor to pretend Julian while he was surviving an accident. What happens in this double deceiving life were sooner or later something has to be given for others


4. The Stopover

Book by T L Swan


When strangers don’t feel strangers, this book is a story of  Emily and Jameson CEO Romance. It has everything to look in any great romantic novel. Emily was upgraded to first-class where she meets a slightly older, incredibly hot guy seated next to her. They laughed, partied, flirt, danced, and had a crazy one-night stand that both had never forget. Fast forward one year with no contact with each other Emily landed her dream job in New York where she meets CEO Jameson. Everything has changed in Emily’s life but Jameson takes his eyes from her. What kind of relationship do these two have? Will it start or end up with no beginning?

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5. Stuck-Up Suit

Book by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland
“Sometimes the words that are left unspoken are the ones that most needed to be said.”

She was like wood and he was flame. In this classic CEO Romance novels where two hearts protected from the outside boundaries melts for each other so intensely. For the four consecutive weeks on the New York Times, Stuck-Up Suit is the most loved romance. It all started in the morning on the train where Graham and Soraya meet. A busy man who didn’t realize he dropped the phone on the train. Everything started with the phone, and if you like strong-minded, outspoken heroines and leading men that beg to be reformed, then ‘Stuck-Up Suit’ is an excellent choice for you!

6. Beautiful Bastard

Novel by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard our hero Bennet who has just returned to Chicago to be part of the family business is an absolute jerk.  Smart, hardworking, innocent, and on her way to MBA Chloe Mills is assistant to this Beautiful Bastard.  As they approach more and more towards each other they become irresistible to love and attraction. In order to win each other what they must decide to lose something?

7. Two Weeks Notice

Book by Whitney G.

Two Weeks Notice another CEO Romance novel combined two of the most favorite tropes, Enemies to Lovers, and Office Romances. As always the author did a fantastic job and delivered an entertaining and sexy novel. Forcefully stuck to work under this ruthless Boss, Tara files a two-week notice to her Boss. But the story would be no interesting with this beginning with her resignation not accepted. How would the odds turn into their emotional understanding and love?

8. Tempt The Boss

Book by Natasha Madison

Office romances have been the top choices for many love story readers for their cocky, smart, rich alpha male. Tempt the boss is about a sassy single mom who started a new job only to find that while her boss was incredibly gorgeous, he was also a complete asshat. But this hatred not lasted for the real facts that both are attracted to each other. There are so many funny moments in this book that is hard to pick one favorite. Highly recommended for someone looking for a great laugh and some heat as well!

9. A Lot Like Love

Book by Julie James

A LOT LIKE LOVE is a very different romantic story in the list. the story of Jordan Rhodes, heiress to half of a billion-dollar fortune, and Nick McCall, FBI agent. Rhodes is a solid person who’s down to earth and who has worked to build her own successes in life. Jordan is connected to powerful people in the town that the FBI searching. So both have a deal to help each other. Pretending to be a couple both don’t know when things become very real and fast. What will be the effect of this relationship on their professional lives?

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