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Can Reading Books helps Loneliness? : Books to combat Loneliness

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We have everything, our family that cares, our friends we share with, our job, and our so-called society. Then why are we lonely inside. With so much drama outside, nothing satisfies us. How to fill this empty space that walk every day like our partner in life. What’s the thing after having so much we are still alone? How reading books helps loneliness?

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Our list of friends on Facebook is increasing to thousands and don’t talk the million followers on Instagram. Heyy but I’m not ok!!

Why is that having so much outside doesn’t fill the empty space inside? Loneliness destroys feelings, emotions, energy to live a better life. It’s better we welcome changes than to bind us within the four walls. Life is beautiful and the place we are living in is, even more, so don’t capture into the second thoughts of anyone caring for you, care for yourself.

How reading books helps loneliness?

If it is that you want to avoid the interference of individuals into your life, reading books is a cool choice. Reading has benefits over everything.

You are reading this because you are in need of the right guidance that feeds your loneliness. And here your search ends to the article which is about how reading books can cure loneliness. So, Let’s just tighten our useless thoughts and enjoy what we are meant for.

1. Books won’t ignore you

The reason reading books has been popular since ages is that these little guys won’t cancel on you. Why you feel lonely is that people your dearest don’t consider you in their life. But whenever you call upon books they are still there in a shelf kept in ignorance for months.

2. Reading connects to Great People

We are in this decade that has so much to explore, to know about the history and discover the future. But the greatest of minds that existed in earth are only found in books. There is so little online to found how these great people have lived their obstacles to success. Then who has time to feel lonely when a great mind is urging to talk to you.

3. Reading removes unnecessary drama

You cannot deal with every person in their way, you have your own choices to be what you actually are. Let chatterboxes remain in their world of drama, pick out a book after a long day of hard work so that you can find the peace in yourself. There is no need of feeling lonely when there is so much left to reading.

4. Reading is curiosity

When I get into a story or novel, I just involve so much that I miss out on what others are thinking and talking about. I had to ran to catch to my stop, I can left anything but not my storybook. Even while traveling I have my choices of books for reading. I have no time to get the issues over my head when my life is beautiful and more interesting with books.

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5. Reading is relaxing

Reading is a type of cognitive exercise that relieves stress and anxiety. If you are reading an interesting it refreshes your mind and body. The feeling of satisfaction changes the way of living when we are happy inside. And when you are grabbed by reading than outside world matter less and almost not to you.

6. Reading is a great time spend

It is normal to have days that are not on your behalf, especially when sudden pandemic breaks out. So much idle time you get. Carry a book in lonely times, this will cure your loneliness and reading an interesting and informative book will make the best use of time. Don’t always choose to stay alone from the college parties, weekend matches these are necessary and important parts of a healthy life.

7. Reading helps to learn from others time

A book provides more of learning about reality. Heyy!! Your manager rules you like a boss, count flaws in your work, time to give yourself up on your work. Learn what others have done to achieve greatness, how their hard times passed, how these people strike out the crowd blaming them for their behavior. Read like no one bothers you, enjoy your mood, being lonely is not always bad, but spending that time in healthy work is really good.

When I feel my emptiness is surrounding, I just pick a book and read. In this way, I become more concentrated on my thoughts and life. There are several books that have been my partner since college life. Life in college is interesting and memorable but times come when you need to come out of that fairy tale.

There are books that have made me feel less lonely and ignorant of myself:

I have been reading books to help loneliness and hope the list favors you in your journey too.

1. Louder Than Words by Laura Jarratt

One of my favorite books, I have never loved the words of someone more than these words of a girl who cannot speak. A story of a girl who has not spoken for eight years. But still, her silence has the voice in her writings. Every single word on the page is pleasing to read.

2. The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith

The story of a young girl whose life gets seriously destroyed by one of her brother’s friends. Her life is filled with loneliness, fear, and shame but on the whole, it teaches us to have our own choices of living. We always hold the responsibility of making our own choices in life.

3. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver

A collection of short stories centered on the ways how humans communicate in their life. After reading this collection one thing is normal that everyone deals with some kind of loneliness in their lives whether it is big or small. Highly successful also run through hard times of feeling lonely. It’s natural and normal. Our brain structure is programmed like this, we consider more to the emotions but its OK. Just go with the flow!

4. A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

The best and the first book I read. It is seriously a good book to cure the loneliness inside. The author writes about how he managed to live alone in Paris. Hemingway shows readers how to enjoy the company of oneself, to be happy no matter where you are. It’s really important to enjoy oneself because if we are happy for ourselves we create that vibe for others.

5. The Martian by Andy Weir

You might have seen the movie ‘The Martian’ based on this novel. The story of an astronaut got stranded in Mars in an absolutely different environment with no one to communicate with, not enough food for survival. Isn’t it scary? If you love to read humor this book is certainly your best choice. This man just broke out all the fear of living, and with a positive hope chose to survive. You are not alone as this man could be. So change the perspective of looking at things in your mind and live for what you are actually meant for.

There are other benefits of reading books you can consider:

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