Signs She is Pretending to Love You

Signs She is Pretending to Love You

Love is the most powerful weapon that can make the bond stronger and better. But the one who hides real intentions under the shed of the word love is a real pain. Today most relations face this problem as some people to be satisfied, fake love.  

The problem with relationships today is people let loneliness drive them into the arms of someone they don’t even love. 

Let’s talk about the

Signs She is Pretending to Love You 

Shows love on text only

Since social media come into existence the texting and chatting becomes powerful weapons to communicate virtually. And the traditional methods have become limited.


Texting has become so evident that a person’s true feelings and emotions can’t be understood whether she is telling the truth or faking it. 

By chance in your relationship, she shows love in the text by sending a flirty text or showering love on you but in the real world she doesn’t express those feelings then it’s a red signal that she is faking or pretending to love you. 

Why can one show love in the text but not in real? The one thing that can be inferred from this behaviour is that they don’t love you at all, she is just playing with your emotions and feeling to get herself satisfaction or a toy to play with in her free time. 

She doesn’t spend or buy you a gift or a boutique of flowers on special occasions.

Although it’s not a necessary thing and some couples have their own way of celebrating but in a relationship it’s important to make your partner feel special.

And if she is avoiding any of these sorts of things it’s better for you to get out of this fake relationship. As it will affect you emotionally. 

Avoid future discussion

Relationships work on trust and love. If there is no trust then you’re wasting your time. Planning and evolving are part of the relationship.

You plan and enjoy them, but there is something else you might want to discuss or have discussed but haven’t really satisfied with the reply, future planning. 

The people in love do future planning, they talk about marriage, live-in relationships, or family. And you want to discuss it too with your partner. 

If she really wants to have it in future she won’t deny or avoid the discussion and try to talk about and discuss. 

However, if the reaction is silent or she avoids the question or changes the topic, there are chances that either she is faking love or she isn’t ready for future planning. 

She is secretive

A relation strengths when we both put equal efforts into it by sharing each other others flaws and strengths. You won’t tolerate things if someone else tells something important about your partner’s life that you don’t know.

Sharing is really important, but some even don’t want to share their bad past because they don’t want to ruin things in the present.

That’s a good way too. And that’s how a relationship works by standing like a wall for your partner in any situation. 

Still, if you share everything about past, present and future and on top of that about your families and friends with your partner and she won’t do the same.

Or she denies you being a part of her family function or meeting her friends then she definitely is pretending to love you. As she doesn’t see her future with you.

And that’s the only reason why she avoids future discussion and hides her dark side as you are a companion in her boredom. 

It’s a clear sign that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you and pretending to be in love with you. It’s better to come out from this sort of toxic relations early as it will make things bitter for you and eventually lead to a stressful life. 

Infatuation it is 

There are different kinds of stages of love. One is infatuation, it is when you first see someone that you are attracted to and immediately feel there is a connection based on that. But love is accepting someone with all heart by knowing their bad and good.

Because infatuation and love aren’t the same, infatuation lasts for a few months but love lasts forever. 

At first, she is attracted to you and wants to be with you. And to be with you she says yes to whatever you ask for. 

She wants to sustain things but somehow she pretends to love you. even though she tries her best but eventually all things will be mixed and end up hurting both of you. 

Maybe she was just pretending from the starting to love you, care for you but it won’t last once you guys get comfortable as the true and honest feelings come out. 

It would be hard for you if it’s just an infatuation. And it will really be difficult to move on, so better to move out from this type of relationship before it’s too late. 

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Bossy attitude

For s healthy relationship it’s important to work together and decide together. Both have to listen to each other choices and then mutually come stronger with a conclusion. 

Every relation work this way, but if in your relationship she is the one who throws tantrums and is always the first and doesn’t consider you in any situation or scenario that means she just wants to dominate you with her bossy attitude and always wants the upper band.

It’s always her and doesn’t bother what is happening around her that means she doesn’t care for you and only pretends to be sweet and good in a relationship. 

Although self-centred is somewhat accepted but at some point in time, it brings or draws a big dark line in your relationship.

You might let go of it at the first phase in a relationship but if it’s regular you might also don’t want to pursue a relationship like this. 

It’s a responsibility of both of you to work relationship properly not that the only one is doing all the efforts and the other is just watching or making them vulnerable. 

Don’t compromise

Relationships mean sacrifices, compromise, trust, and love. If there is no place for compromise then it is likely to suffer in future.

It’s the responsibility of two to make the bond stronger and better, not that only one person is putting effort and compromising to keep the relationship going. 

It is evident from personal behaviour how he treats you in the relationship and how are they want a relationship.

If by any chance she is prioritising other things like meeting a friend before clearing things out between both of you or finding an excuse to not compromise on the situation then she is not interested in the relationship anymore. 

She just does things according to her own will and doesn’t include them in any decision.

After some time, it surely will affect the relationship and you may yourself surrounded and burdened with this whole relationship thing where you just acting as a puppet who always nodes and say yes to all those things which are affecting you. 

Before this whole stubborn attitude of her ruin you from inside, it’s better to make things clear and move on. 

It’s always me first

The extreme level of Cleverness and selfishness of a person can destroy any relationship. The more you push things away and think about only you the more you’re creating differences. 

The routing problem of most relations today is the clever attitude and selfishness.

No doubt a person has to be clever and selfish sometimes in life for their own good which is absolutely fine till it won’t affect your relationships. 

If she is showing and doing things according to her choice by neglecting your decisions. Even she is not ready to listen to you and spending free time with her friends more than you. 

It’s always her in everything you do and plans things. And prioritize other less valuable things over you.

Is Me, me the only thing that matters is the relationship? A relationship has an equal share of both people whether it’s decision making, spending money, or other things. She is clever enough to fool you by her romantic tactics. 

You blindly follow and believe her every step she takes. 

It’s a clear sign that she is pretending to love you and want to dominate. There may be a great chance that she is with you because you earn well. And just using it as an ATM machine for her own good. 

Without getting in trouble and hurting clear things and find her true personality before you make a wrong move. 

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However, your partner won’t have the same feelings and emotions. The constant hustle in your mind with questions like I think it’s only a worldly relation.

Or it has no future, is not good because this means that something is not right.

But you can’t break the relation just because of these questions, you have observed the real signs that she is pretending to love you.

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