How to Start Conversation with Girl? : Step by step guide

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The conversation is a part of our life. It’s how we approach getting things done. But starting a conversation with a girl for the first time is considered daunting. Why so? Why do we easily get frightened by talking to girls? And how to start conversation with girl? There are various factors responsible for the same. 

It’s in-persons nature to get scared, feel low when it’s a situation they are not confident about. Besides they’re plenty of ways to grab the opportunities. All you have to do is apply things with ease and confidence. When you’re new in things for what you don’t have knowledge about. You get stuck in the situation. But how to start conversation with Girl.

Why you actually got stuck or nervous before asking her out? 

Fear only exists in our minds and thoughts. There are certain things that don’t always go as we wish. Like starting a conversation with her. What are certain things that keep us waiting? 

  • First, you are too shy. Shyness is a condition in which we aren’t able to express our love or feelings towards someone. 
  • Second, fear of rejection. Fear of losing and rejection comes in our way of proposing to a girl. 
  • Past connection, if you have faced any rejection or failed relationship in the past is also sometimes the reason for spoiling your future. 

Keep certain things in mind before starting a conversation or asking her out. 

Here the list goes on how to start a conversation with Girl.

Step by step guide to start a conversation with Girl


The introduction is an important part whenever you meet someone. We normally start the conversation by introducing ourselves. Start with a basic hello or hi. Tell her your name and ask hers too in a polite and genuine way. Let’s say you’re A and she is B. 

A: hello ( with a smile)

B: ( she responds or not depends on how you ask her ) 

Use your own style, ask casually what she does, where she works, or where she’s studying. It’s a regular question that she’s used to hearing. Not only ask but be a good listener too and responds like that’s amazing, or tell me more. 

This way she will open up. 

Everything aside, do you know each other beforehand or she is someone you met recently in the streets. Or she works with you. If you know her for many years then you should know how well she responds. We will discuss this later. But if she is someone you met recently start a conversation with her by a simple hello. 

Get to know her

Do you know her from somewhere? What I mean is that if you’re familiar with each other then putting your feelings or thought in front of her is quite easy as compared to when you just met. If you don’t know her. Then try to get to know her first.

Texting can break the ice and is a great way to know each other. Well to start the conversation with her through texting ask her about day-to-day activities or something that excites her. Well, you only about her interests with time.

Prefer short questions to get things going and then move towards something that is significant to her. It’s something you will learn when you try. Take a hint from her whether to end the conversation or keep it going. 

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Ask! ask! 

The best way to keep the conversation going is to ask questions. Ask about her daily routine and what’s and her interests. 

Take things slowly means don’t ask questions at one go. You can mention the upcoming events or ongoing classes to keep the conversation smooth and light-hearted. Coming across mutual interests sometimes benefits you. 


Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Well Everyone, but if we saw between girls or boys, girls love to be complimented.

Keep the conversation real even when you’re complimenting. Try to be genuine when complimenting her. Whether complimenting your friends or your loved ones it should sound real. There are different ways to compliment. 

If you know her through work try to give compliments related to work or accomplishments. Or if she has a unique personality tell her about that or you can also cheer her up to boost confidence. 

Don’t wait 

How long can you wait? Not much my friend. This question is that seriously needs to be taken into account. You can’t waste your time just for one person. Isn’t it? If approaching turn her around it’s good for you but she doesn’t pay attention to any of your efforts then forget about her.

In another scenario, Don’t wait longer than another person might steal your chance. So always go with your plan. Well, how you greet people. With random hello or hi right. Do the same with her, be calm. 

Are you more than friends

Are you more than friends? The most relationship starts when you first become friends and then slowly move one step upward. Friends share a unique bond that becomes stronger and stronger with time. But some also destroy friendship if the love is one-sided. So, how do you know she is feeling the same way as you are. 

How to know that

There are different signs that she uses to test you. All you have to do is play cool. If she likes you more then she might find excuses to talk to you. Or use flirtatious body language around you more often.

She even tests you by asking questions related to your previous relationships. Most of the time you only pay attention to what she is saying rather than her body language.

So, keep a close eye on how she responds to you. I am sure you will tell the difference. 

Visual communication

What is visual communication? Visual communication is the ability to express thoughts or communicate through eyes.   The body gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact of an individual are a great way to determine how the person next to you is feeling.

Is she willing to talk? You can examine what her eyes say when you ask her about her feelings. Or the willingness to talk to you. 

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Let the body do the talking

Body language tells about a person’s attitude. It’s a form that is expressive and can save time if determine carefully. See her reaction when you’re talking.

Get clues from her body language if she is interested or not. 

Well, now you have enough ideas on how to start a conversation with a girl.

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