How to Tell Someone they Smell

how to tell someone they smell
by karlyukav

how to tell someone they smell: Many times when we are in a corporate environment or with our friends, we come across a person who stinks or smells bad for various reasons. Most of the time people who smell bad didn’t aware of their body odor because our nose shuts down receptors for the same smell.

However, it’s always best to tell someone they smell as you can save that person from further embarrassment. But how to tell someone they smell bad without making them offended.

There are many reasons why one smells bad, and at the same time, there are various ways to tell someone they smell. 

If it’s your sibling or friend the work is easy. However the same is not true when you are in a corporate environment as people can take that offensive. 


Before telling someone they smell bad, there are some things you should consider

Before telling someone they smell bad

Is hygiene an issue

Never let yourself jump to a conclusion until you know if that is a hygiene issue or not. 

Sometimes people don’t have proper hygiene for certain reasons like – someone may be upset, disabled, etc. So make sure you know the cause. 

Moreover, never try to tell a person the first time you notice a bad odor, notice for two or three days, and then take the initiative to tell a person. 

Some reasons for bad smell can be mold on clothes, not changing socks.

Are they aware of it already 

If the person is already aware of his/ her bad odor then there is no sense to tell them again. 

You can sense it by having a conversation with a person. Bring out the topic like, hey recently I have watched a video on YouTube and it says people can not sense their own body odor. 

Now if the person knows it already, he will add something to it. If not, then there are high chances he is not aware of his bad body odor. 

Act like it’s normal

While telling a person they smell bad, you need to keep it normal and not over exaggerate the topic by saying it is too bad, even if it is really bad. 

Tell the person in a normal and polite tone. If you do not know how you will sound, then it is always best to practice the whole talk before telling a person. 

One study states that it is hard to find what people can find offensive. So, one should choose their words wisely. Avoid using words like – bad, important, etc during your conversation. 

Know if you are the right person to tell

If you think that, one can get offended with you telling them they smell bad, or you think you are not good with these talks then you can ask other of your friend who has the same views on the topic. 

It is easy to tell a person if you are friends and you share a great bond. 

Some tips to make anyone friendmake anyone friends by just talking

Always tell the person in private

It is a very important aspect of the process. Never bring this conversation between a group of people even if there is only a third person, keep it private. Nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of the group.

Tell in person 

When telling a person, make sure you do it in person, as it comes out more natural than if you do it over text or phone. 

The other reason is that you are limited to expressing yourself on a text and mobile phone and one might take that offensive as people make the person image in their mind and create their expression themselves which never comes out good in situations like these. 

Never say all think the same

Telling a person that all of our group or friends think that you smell bad is the worst move that can surely lead to bad news. 

So, avoid telling them that she or he also thinks the same thing as that will make the person feel like a victim of something, or he can get offended by the fact that they talk behind my back about me.  

How to tell someone they smell

There are various ways to handle this situation and not all ways work for everyone. So, we have made different ways to tell a person they smell bad. 

Ask them about your body odor

This is the first way to give a direction to your conversation, though this sentence should not be the first that comes out of your mouth when you are going to tell your friend that he smells bad. 

It is important that it comes naturally, without any serious content. 

Anyway, ask the person how he smells and tell them I have bought a new perfume and I want to know how I smell as I have been embarrassed earlier when I sprayed the stinky perfume on me.

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After that, more likely the person ask you the same question about how he smells. Then tell them 

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How to tell your partner they smell bad?

If you are close to a person then it is easy as the person doesn’t take that in the offense. However, this is not always true.

You already know how is a person behaves if you share a close bond with him or her. So, make sure to tell them, as early as possible to avoid them from any embarrassment. 

If your partner smells bad then say that I have something to tell you that may offend you but I have to because I don’t want anyone talking about you, behind your back. So, this will catch the attention of your partner, and now tell them that they have a bad odor. 

Don’t say anything over, as you may seem like a person who is making a big issue. So, just say hold your partner’s hand or kiss them. And tell them I still love you, but I have to be honest at the same time. After that, you need to change the conversation to end the topic.

People also want to know —-

How to tell a person in the office they smell bad? 

Tell their friend or one he shares a great bond with is the best way to tell a person in your office that they smell bad. 

You do not need to go by yourself and take the initiative if the person doesn’t know or shared a great bond with you. Ask someone who shares a great bond with you and tell them if you trust them.

How to tell an employee they smell bad

Well, if you are the boss at the company and you came to know about a person with a bad odor which not only offends other employees but also affects your business. Then, it becomes important for you to address this situation in a manner that doesn’t offend or hurt the feelings of your employee. 

Telling someone they smell is not an easy task, and the first step to that is kindness. You don’t need to comfort or ask about the problem around your employees.

If one of your employees smells bad and now it is converting into a big issue, then you should tell the person by calling them in your office by saying that can we talk! Ask it politely.

Or if you think that that may frighten the employee then say to him that I have to talk with you as I something that demands your attention. 

You don’t need to know the source of the problem if it is your employee, you should only focus on resolving it. 

Have a chat with them in a private room while making sure that it is a short chat, no more than 1 minute. 

Ask him or her directly by saying that it is brought to my attention that you have a strong odor ( don’t say you smell bad). You can also uplift the person’s esteem by making him or her realize how important they are for the company and you value them. 

There are two answers that you might receive i.e – yes and I’m not aware of the same. 

Give them some time to relax and ask them if they need any help solving this problem. In the end, thank them for chatting. 

Another alternative would be passing the new guidelines that say, avoid strong perfumes, smell in the working hours as they can offend the customers or people around you. It is the best move if you want everyone in your office to smell good without offending anyone.

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