Can mold grow on clothes? 

can mold grow on clothes
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Can mold grow on clothes?- the question that haunts every fashion lover. So, if you have the same question, which thinks you have, then keep reading this article.

Can mold grow on clothes? 

Yes, mold can grow on clothes if stored at a high temperature in a closed closet with poor ventilation. Mold grows in a humid environment, when the temperature surpasses the 65° mark it is likely to attract the mold. 

If your clothes are stored in a basement closet with a full locked wardrobe where there is no space for air to pass, then your clothes are at high risk of attaining mold. Poor ventilation is a major reason behind mold growth. Mold is actually a living organism that depends on wood, paper, dirt, and fabric for its livelihood because these have the nutrients what is required by a mold to live and grow. 

Where mold can grow in your wardrobe? 

Though the home to mold is every place in the house with high humidity that’s why it loves to grow in the kitchen, windows, and closets where the humid level is high.


Mold loves moisture and the favorite fabric for mildew is natural fabric such as cotton, so keep extra care of your clothes made of natural fabric if you have too much moisture in your house. 

Is mold dangerous on your clothes? 

Mold is not dangerous but it can cause many health issues such as sore throat, coughing, or snoozing, some people also experience eye rash.

Besides that, if you are allergic or have any ling disease then it may lead to lung infection. So, always pay more attention if you have any lung disease or allergy. 

Mold is common and can be found in any home but its growth is always bad. It makes its way into the house through bags, clothes, doors, windows, etc.

And soon it finds the humid pace in the house where it can grow faster. Besides your wardrobe or clothes mold can also grow on your closet made of wood, leak roofs, pipes, etc.

If you store your clothes In the closed closet with no ventilation then make sure to look around the closet carefully and check all the corners of the wood carefully.

If you found any mold on your closet or clothes then apply methods to remove it. Don’t worry if you don’t know we will discuss all possible ways to remove mold from clothes and closets. 

How to know mold is growing on your clothes? 

There is a high chance that you will not notice mold on your clothes directly at first look. In case you don’t know that mold is growing on your clothes then what symptoms you should grab when your wear your clothes.

The first thing you should notice is Itchiness on your skin this is where the mold makes come contact with your skin.

A stinky or bad smell is another big symptom of mold growth on your clothes or closet, mold has a very musty smell.

Some people experience sneezing or develop allergies after mold releases its spores in the air.

How to remove mold from clothes 

Can mold grow on clothes
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If you see any mold on your clothes or closet you can apply the following methods to remove it. The natural way to remove any mold from the hard surface like a wooden closet is to use water and soap and it will be removed.

In case, the growth is more than you can apply different methods. Never leave mold on clothes because it will ruin the fabric and leave a big strain on the cloth if not removed soon.

If mold lives on a cloth for a long time, then it becomes impossible to remove it, so make sure to remove it as soon as possible. 

  • The first thing you should do is, wash your clothes in mildly hot water because hot water kills mold. Avoid using too hot water because it will ruin the fabric of the cloth. Before using the hot water see the washing instruction for a particular fabric. 
  • After washing your clothes, leaving them outside in the sun to dry is the best option because sun UV rays kill the mold and also helps in cleaning the mold strains on the cloth. 
  • Open up doors and windows of the room to let the air pass through. Add a room for air to pass through in your wardrobe. Your goal should be to keep the temperature of your room or closet in this case below 50°. You can use the machine to measure the temperature of the room and your house. If you keep the temperature below 50°, it prevents the mold from growing. 
  • Keep looking at the corners and roofs of your closet randomly, and if you see any mold symptom or sign, quickly remove it with water and soap from the closet. 
  • Another thing to avoid mold on your clothes is to dry them out after wearing them. 

Use bleach on a hard surface 

Before using bleach you should know that never mix bleach with any cleanser because both mixed together will produce poisonous gas. Also, check the manufacturer’s instructions on the cloth to follow up on the further steps. 

Take a half cup of bleach or whatever value is mentioned. 

Now, leave the clothes as it is for a few hours so that it can soak the bleach. While doing so make sure the color of the cloth is not fading. If the color fades rinse off the cloth and washes it properly. 

After the bleach is soaked up by clothes, wash them in the washing machine. Use detergent for cleansing the clothes. 

Use borax

Borax can kill the mold aa it is known as a natural mold killer. To kill mold with borax, add borax in your washing or you can also add the detergent which contains borax. 

  • To kill mold, add borax into hot water so that it can fully dissolve in water. 
  • Add the clothes which have mold in the washing machine. 
  • Now, let the water fill up and add the detergent for cleansing. 
  • Now, add water that contains borax, and start the machine for a normal cycle.

Use vinegar 

Vinegar is another way to kill mold from the clothes. If the mold is old then it may not remove it completely but it’s worth trying it because it can also remove the musty bad smell of mold. 

  • Just like other methods first, put your mold clothes in the washing machine with detergent and let the water fill up. 
  • Now, add one cup of vinegar if the mold is less, if it is old add 2 cups of vinegar in the washing machine. 
  • start the machine and let it run through its normal cycle.
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