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Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

Formal trousers are the one clothing item that you can rock with different outfits. Although formal trousers are a bit formal still you can wear them with casual shirts, if you follow the trend. Well, selecting a formal pant is the key, as it is available in different types of fabric in the market. So, let’s discuss what are the best formal trousers fabric that can work for you.

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Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

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Today we discuss some popular fabrics (natural and artificial ) that are used in making quality formal trousers with their pros and cons.


Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

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One of the best and expensive fabric material, that can be used in formal trousers. Not only trousers, but it is also used for custom made dresses and suits. Wool is a natural fire, with strong durability.

Wool is an expensive fabric because it can only be shorn from wild animals once in a year. Vicuna(vicuna is animal)being the best wool fabric in the world.


● Wool is a soft fabric and keeps you comfortable.

● Wool absorbs moisture naturally.

● Wool is durable and especially best for formal trousers.


● Need regular ironing. You can’t wear your formal trouser twice without ironing because wool can wrinkle easily.

● Wool is not a stretchable fabric, means you can experience discomfort in sitting or moving in a formal trouser.

● Wool can get baggy, which means if you prefer fitted formal trousers, the wool fabric should not be your priority.

Cotton fabric

Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

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Cotton fabric is the most used fabric in making formal trousers, suits, trousers, etc. Cotton is affordable and works for you in all types of weather.

Wearing cotton fabric formal trousers gives you a soft and comfortable experience. Not only that, cotton formal trousers can last more longer because it absorbs moisture and sunlight easily.

Pros of wearing cotton formal trousers

● Wearing a cotton formal works for you in two ways. You can wear cotton formal trousers in summer, keeps the temperature down.

You Can also wear formal cotton trousers in winter for isolation.

● Budget-Friendly. Cotton fabric formal trousers are budget-friendly because cotton is the most used fabric. Also, provide flexibility for both sessions.

● Wearing a cotton formal trouser also have health benefits. Cotton fabric rarely causes any irritation or allergies, also recommended by many dermatologists.

● Wearing a cotton formal has its own vibe because cotton is a natural fiber. Pure cotton made formal trousers doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals

Cons of wearing cotton formal trousers

● Shrinkable

After one or two washes your trouser will not fit you the same. Always buy the pant slightly loose.

Pure cotton can be costly. Usually, cotton formal trousers are affordable, but some brands with reputed and pure quality cost you more.


Best Fabric for Formal Trousers

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Silk is the luxurious fabric, defines royalism. Usually, silk is made by cultivating the silkworms on mulberry leaves. Also which makes the mulberry silk the most expensive silk variety in the world. Silk is usually used to make dinner jackets and suits. But silk formal trousers are also available in the market, usually worn on formal occasions.


● Not shrinkable

Silk is the only natural fabric with no shrinkable properties.

Formal silk trousers provide great structure and fitting, sits on the skin comfortable, causing no irritation.

● Not wrinkle easily

Silk may be the best of all fabric, comes with the wrinkle-free property. There is no need to iron your trouser daily on regular basis.

● Luxurious

No other fabric is more luxurious than silk. Although silk formal trousers can only be worn with suits, mostly at night on formal events.


● Expensive

Silk is considered one best natural fabric, but it comes with a big price tag. But besides its high price, it provides more advantages than disadvantages.

● Difficult to clean

Silk is shiny and plain fabric but it’s hard to maintain. It requires hand wash, and first bigger items like suits, dry-clean is required.

Cashmere fabric

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Unlike other artificial fabric, cashmere fabric formal trousers are much breathable and smooth. Cashmere is the softest formal trousers fabric against the skin.


Soft Cashmere fabric is made from cashmere goat, which makes it soft and adds a luxury touch to it. Formal trouser made of cashmere fabric is best if you want the comfortable and luxury item, or if you are dealing with any allergic reactions.

● Insulation

Cashmere is superior to wool in the insulating factor. Formal trousers made of cashmere is more suited in cold and harsh weather.

● Wrinkle-free

Cashmere has wrinkle-resistant properties, which makes it a good fabric for formal trousers because there is no need to iron your pants daily. Not only that cashmere pants sit fine on the body, look clean and sharp.

● Breathable

Unlike artificial fabric made formal trousers which make you sweet, and look untidy, cashmere pants keep the temperature normal and let the air flow.

● Moisture absorption

Cashmere fabric can absorb uptown 35% water vapor, keeps you cool in summer and hot winters.


● Expensive

Cashmere is a top fine natural fabric in the world, and purchasing a cashmere formal pant can cause you heavy bucks, especially if you buy it from a reputed brand that uses pure cashmere wool.

● Sometimes shrink

Although cashmere not shrink too much, but sometimes it can shrink if not washed according to instruction.

● Washing instructions required

You can not wash cashmere pants directly in the washing machine, this fabric pants demand care and washing instruction. Follow the fine wool instructions to wash cashmere formal pants.


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Linen is used for many clothing materials, and it used to make summer formal pants. It is a lightweight material that gives a cool vibe. Everyone should have one linen formal pant in their wardrobe for summer because linen is the most preferable fabric for summer. But still, like the other fabrics, it also has its disadvantages and advantages.


● Soft and comfortable

Linen is a very soft and comfortable fabric and goes well with different types of skin. Due to lightweight, linen feels very soft against the skin.

● Absorbs moisture

Linen is best for summer which already gives makes it a good fabric in absorbing moisture.

● Durability

In all-natural fabrics, linen is the most durable one. Linen fabric formal pants can last you years, which also makes it a good investment.

● Stays clean

The other main advantage of linen formal pants is that it stays clean for a long period of time and doesn’t get old or dirty quickly.

● Tolerate high temperatures

Linen formal pants can tolerate high temperatures in summer. It is loosely woven which allows the heat to pass throughout the fabric and make you feel cool.


● Extremely Shrinkable

Linen formal is shrinkable because the linen fabric is made from the flax plant and not from any animal, which makes it extremely shrinkable when washed in water.

● Wrinkle easily

Linen is one fabric that wrinkles easily, that may not be a huge disadvantage because people already accepted linen as a wrinkled fabric.


Rayon is an artificial fabric, but still, it is best for clothes. Rayon is basically made of wood pulp, then converted into a soluble compound. Buying a rayon formal is a good option in many ways. Let’s discuss


● Soft and comfortable

Rayon is very soft and comfortable against skin. This a breathable fabric and works the same as other natural fabrics. There are many brands opting for rayon as a fabric for formal pants in the summer season.

● Durable

Rayon leaves most natural fabrics behind in the durability factor. Rayon fabric formal pants can last you longer than most of the natural wool fabric pants.

● Absorbs moisture easily

Rayon formal pants absorb moisture easily and let the heat pass through the fabric, gives you a cool vibe.

● Budget-Friendly

The best plus point about rayon formal pants is that it is inexpensive and easily available in the market.


● Wrinkle easily

just like linen, rayon also wrinkles easily and demands regular ironing.

● Poor heat tolerance

Although rayon is a breathable fabric, and best suited for summer, yet it has a poor heat tolerance factor.

● Dry cleaning

Rayon formal pants bring a headache, as sometimes it requires dry cleaning, especially if you buy big items like pants and blazers.

● Shrinkable

Following the steps of linen fabric, rayon also has a shrinkable factor in it. After a few washes rayon clothes shrink easily. So, never buy a fitted and accurate size.

Polyester/ cotton

Polyester is an artificial fabric and is the cheapest of all. Polyester is not a good fabric but when you blend it with cotton, it makes a solid item.

Most of the non branded and small brands use polyester/cotton blend to make formal pants. In which you always have to look for 51%cotton and 49%polyester. Avoid formal made of polyester.


● Comfortable

Polyester/cotton formal pants are comfortable and fit well on different types of body shapes.

● Fewer wrinkles

Usually, this fabric is wrinkle-free. Which means you don’t have to iron your pants daily.

● Low shrinking factor

You can wash your formal pant daily, and it will not shrink. Which is a plus point for those who prefer fitted pants or clothes.


● Less quality

Besides, it’s all benefits, still, it is a chemical made fabric, makes it a low-quality fabric.

● Not very soft

Due to toxic chemicals it you may feel allergic or irritating against your skin.


Wool blended with polyester is also a good option in the budget, but sometimes prices get higher if you purchase from reputed brands.


● Comfortable

Just like other wool blends, this fabric formal pants also feel comfortable, whether it’s in fitting.

● Wrinkle less

This fabric also wrinkles less, makes a great formal pant option for those who prefer to wear formals daily.

● Less shrinkable factor

It also shrinks less than other fabrics, and you can wash your pant daily, and it will still fit you the same.


● Requires regular washing

This is not a major drawback, but it does demand regular washing to look clean and sharp.

● Not high quality

This a great option, but if you are looking for high quality and class, then your priority should be 100% wool, cotton formal pants.

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