Best Underrated Films On Netflix Right Now 2020

Underrated Films On Netflix
Underrated Films On Netflix

You have the entire Netflix at disposal, but still you couldn’t able to choose a unique movie, rather than some big-budget movies. There’s a new movie coming on Netflix every day, but still, if we see for a unique movie to watch, you’ve have always said this “I’ve seen that” over and over again. To end this we have included the best-underrated films on Netflix.

We’re focusing on the movies that are critically acclaimed and didn’t hit big on their release. These movies couldn’t manage to get a big audience, so you wouldn’t even hear of them.
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You literally spend hours and hours just to find a movie, when you stumble on it, you are way too tired to watch a movie, so you just sleep. And if you found a great movie, probably it is a movie that everyone has heard of it and most of the time they are not good. You know I am right! Big budget movies spend every amount of money on promotions, actors, or screenplay that leave the important part ‘script’. It is the only thing matters, with a good script and a worth actor, you can achieve a brilliant movie.
Now its time to check out the list 9 underrated Netflix movies, you should be streaming right now.

The Guest (2014)

Reason to Watch this underrated film –
You have a lot of action movies, but nothing like this one. These movies resemble a lot like John Wick, but he doesn’t kill people for a car or a dog. Death, blood, violence are the things you are never going to miss in this, it has a lot. The story is about a guy who introduces himself to the family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After getting into the house as The Guest, the real trouble began. You surely don’t want to miss this action thriller movie. This is the first one our list of the underrated Netflix movies, as it is not well acclaimed by the audience or have a big release. Somewhere it was lost until it starts streaming on Netflix.


Under the Skin (2014)

Reason to Watch this underrated film –
Under the Skin is a Sci-fi movie written/directed by Jonathan Glazer. The movie is based on the 2000 novel by Michel Faber. There are two reasons to watch this film. The first one is Scarlett Johansson is starting in it and the second one, is a science fiction movie without any gadgets or ships.
The film is about an alien ( Scarlett Johansson ) in the form of a beautiful woman who preys on men in Scotland. With lots of nudity and amazing script, this is the masterpiece of Jonathan Glazer. The movie acknowledges the questions on humanity if we discover an alien.

1922 (2017)

Reason to Watch this underrated film –
This is one of those movies, that Netflix Released without any prior notice or promotion. If you don’t search for the title, you probably wouldn’t find it in. Why is that? It’s because of the disturbing scriptwriting in the film. The movie is Set in 1922 about a farmer who conspires to murder his wife with the help of his teenage son. It a weird and disturbing movie, that you shouldn’t watch it with your family. It contains a real live ghost and we don’t think it can get weirder than this. This has to be on our list of Underrate Netflix movies, as Netflix managed this disturbing movie to suppress it due to family-related concerns.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Reason to Watch this underrated film –
Based on Chbosky’s 1999 novel of the same name, this movie is about high school students life. Well, it shows the true high school students life rather than some made adult teenage students life. Most of the high school movies contain drugs, parties, sex, and in the end, a romantic couple falls in love.
It’s different from those movies, it depicts the life journey of a young guy fighting through depression and anxiety with the help of his new friends. It certainly raises an issue of minor sexual harassment issues, which truly shows the life of most kids are facing right now.

Krisha (2016)

Reason to Watch this underrated movie –
This Netflix movie is intriguing, the family drama took to a whole new level. It doesn’t offer any action scenes, so it might not be a cup for everyone. It’s all about the family drama, when a woman reunites with her family that she abandoned years ago. It’s doesn’t show the life journey of her after abandoning them, it follows the horrific pain that comes when she decided to meet the family. It is the most underrated films on Netflix, that got a few viewers.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

Reason to Watch this underrated movie –
Inspiring movies and generally underrated films and less streamed on Netflix. The audience loves to watch the romantic cliche moves than watching some hard true events story. The truth is it is an inspiring movie but also is quite entertaining. It follows the life of a young boy who is thrown out of the school when his family can no longer afford the fees. At the same time, his village is struck by a variety of natural circumstances that bring them the threat of drought and famine. To help his family and village he sneaks into the library and tries to build a windmill for the villagers. It is the perfect mixture of inspiration and entertainment, you gotta watch it.

Good Time (2017)

Reason to Watch this underrated movie –
Robert Pattinson “Good Time”, reminds us of the great movies like Mean Streets and Casino. It has a vibe of an old gangster movie, where money, Robbery, drugs, and the main objective. The film is about how a small amount of money get a person in the criminal world of New York. Robert Pattinson stops at nothing to save his brother after he gets caught in the bank robbery. Robert Pattinson looks a direct descendant of the Al Pacino and we still don’t know why it is in the list of underrated films on Netflix.

Snowpiercer (2013)

Reason to Watch this underrated movie –
Based on the French graphic novel and directed by the Bong Jo ( Parasite Director). Netflix has launched a new series after the events of the first movie. They both have the same name, but the story is quite different. The story follows around the events when the earth experiences another Ice Age, but few could manage to get on the train that plows through snow and ice. After experiencing the horrific event there is still discrimination between poor and rich. The train’s poorest residents, who live in the squalid caboose, plan to take over the train and enjoy the luxury like rich by taking over the engine room. The fight is intense and it is one of the few Underrated films on Netflix that is watching worthy,

Moonlight (2016)

Reason to Watch this underrated movie –
The movie is about a young African boy life journey from his youth to adult life. In the movie, you are going to see the character evolved from his childhood to adulthood and the difficulties he faces throughout life. It’s doesn’t involve family drama it’s the teenage lifestyle of a young African American man who grapples with his identity and sexuality. It says a lot above t the cultural heritage of the life of a young man life. This movie has the most dramatic and screenplay that you could only see it in the big-budget movies. With a 7.4 rating on IMDb, this movie is definitely watching worthy.

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