What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?

What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?
courtsy: 20th Century Studios

There are many popular franchises in Hollywood that have made big names in the business. And among them is the planet of apes.

This movie is a treat for people who love action movies. There are a total of 9 movies in the franchise till now but the list is going to stretch to 10 in the May month of 2024  after the release of “Kingdom Of Planet Of Apes”.

There is a lot of buzz going around the movie. People who love the franchise are keen to know if the movie matches the standards of its precedents or if it surpasses them.

What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?
courtsy: 20th Century Studios

Moreover, the audience is curious about the movie’s story. They want to know what is movie Kingdom of Planet Of Apes is all about.


If you have the same question then you are in the right place as in this article we will discuss the main plot of the movie. So let’s begin.

What is the story of the kingdom of Apes about?

The story will be about an ape named Caesar who is very smart and is also a leader who helps his people escape the chains and provides them freedom.

What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?
courtsy: 20th Century Studios

But after many years, apes live in a community that runs or follows the path of Ceaser.

One of them is Noa who is living in the same community. But not all apes want to follow his path and one of them is proximus.

He wants to rule over everyone with an iron fist and wants human technology to help him achieve his goal.

What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?
courtsy: 20th Century Studios

Noa grew up hearing stories about how Caesar was kind, but he can’t stand how mean Proximus is.

When Proximus enslaves their community, Noa runs away because he really wants freedom and the truth.

Along the way, he meets Mae, the last human living in the wild. Even though they’re not sure about each other at first, they stick together because they both need to survive.

As they travel, they visit big cities that used to be full of people but are now just reminders of the past.

What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?
courtsy: 20th Century Studios

They also meet other groups of apes – some nice and friendly, others influenced by Proximus and not so nice.

Each meeting makes Noa question what he knows about apes and humans.

While Noa learns about the past, he finds out that Proximus is twisting Caesar’s good legacy for his own selfish reasons.

courtsy: 20th Century Studios

This makes Noa more determined to stop Proximus from taking over everything. But it’s tough because Proximus has a big army with advanced technology.

Noa and Mae have to be clever, and brave, and team up with other good apes to have a chance.

What will Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes be About?
courtsy: 20th Century Studios

Will Noa be able to stop Proximus and make a better future for apes and humans? Or will there be another war that destroys everything? The fate of both groups depends on the choices made during this amazing journey.

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Here is the movie trailer

More about Kingdom of Planet Of Apes 

The movie will be released on 10 in May month of 2024. The trailer of the movie has created some whir among the audience. Though most people gave a thumbs up to the movie trailer.

Let’s talk about who directed the movie. So, the director of the movie is Wes Ball. The name is well known as he also directed some blockbuster movies like “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” and “ Maze Runner: The Death Cure”.

So, if you liked the work of Wes Ball on those movies you might keep an eye out for “Kingdom of Planet Of Apes”.

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What do people think about the movie?

Let’s talk about people’s expectations about the movie and do they like the trailer or it doesn’t spike the audience’s interest. So, let’s discuss.

There is no doubt that people loved the trailer and most people are waiting for the release of the movie. Let’s discuss the positive and negative aspects that are gaining the attention of critics.


The main positive of the movie is the fresh theme. Many people love the concept of apes being dominant over the human species. This spikes the audience’s interest in watching the movie.

Another thing that people are loving is the graphics of the movie. As it is an adventurous action movie, people are expecting it to be graphically pleasing.

And by seeing the trailer most of the audience is loving what are they seeing on the screen.  Lush ape cities and overgrown human ruins leave the viewers impressed.

The story of the movie is gathering the interest of viewers. The trailer shows some hints at the theme of peace, conflict, and questioning the past.

Negative aspects:

Few truly negative reviews: Currently, there are very few truly negative reviews. Some express concerns about the CGI or the potential direction of the story, but these are not widespread.

Overall, the initial impressions are positive! People seem excited about the fresh twist on the “Planet of the Apes” world and the visuals showcased in the trailer. Of course, only time will tell how the final film is received, but the early buzz suggests it might be a hit.

Which is the best movie in the Planet of Apes Franchise?

Though it may be subjective which is the best part of the Planet of the Apes franchise. But Based on reviews one can tell that the first Planet of Apes movie which was released in 1968 has been rated one of the best movies in the series.

However, if we take into play the graphics, cinematography, and overall theatre experience then the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes might be the best of all. This part was released back in 2014 but still can give a good movie experience in 2024.

Rise of the Planet of Apes is another movie from the franchise which is considered one of the best movies and is loved by people all over the world. This might be the movie that actually uplifted the standard of graphics, and details of the movie so that it looks more realistic, and gives a good theatre experience.

However, it is still early to say that these are the best movies of the franchise as Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is yet to come, which will also be the 10th movie of the franchise.

So, here you have it. There are a total of 3 movies in the franchise that stand out the most till now. But one can’t say about the future as the next sequel is on the way.

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