Army zombie movies

army zombie movies

Ever since the first dead person turned into a zombie and started hunting humans, there have been movies, tv shows shuffling.

Over the century, zombies are emerging from the dead, evolving to new forms and taking every measure to eat humans.

A zombie is represented as a person who is neither dead nor alive and the only thing that can stop them is a blow to the head or bullet to their heart. And who is better than an army person. So, we at Worldzfeed gathered the list of the best army zombie thriller movies of the century.

Every Zombie movie is filled with blood thirsting creature who is on the hunt to suck your blood and create you into a monster like them.

To end all this the world needs a good army movie or sometimes the townies have to fight even the zombie army itself.

So get your protective gear, tool up with a baseball bat, and dive in to destroy the ugly zombie creatures.

This is a list of 9 amazing army zombie movies that will get you hooked and be sure not to miss out. You can also check out the amazing CEO Romance TV Shows.

1. Army of the dead

The 2021 Netflix army zombie thriller movie rules out every action sequence needed in a zombie movie. The film follows when a mysterious package is transferred from Area 51.

If it’s from area 51, it is going to be dangerous, and the cargo contains a zombie, which further attaches the Los Angeles City.

In very hours the whole city is turned into a Zombieland, with ugly, ruthless zombies, a zombie tiger, and a king/queen of the zombie empire.

A group of mercenaries is hired to enter the city and bring back the millions of dollars stored in the vault of the casino. Featuring Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell and is directed by Zack Snyder.

The movie is the full house combo of an army squad, zombies, guns, violence, heist, and a whole lot of breathtaking action scenes.

Check out this amazing zombie thriller movie and know-how are they going to pull off the money heist from the middle of zombie city and a nuke on its way to destroy the city. 

2. World War Z

The biggest zombie blockbuster movie featuring Brad Pitt as the UN agent traverses the world to save the world from the deadly virus that affects humans and converts them into zombies.

While most zombies are easy to kill, as they don’t run very fast, lack strength and numbers, this amazing zombie thriller movie is different.

You will see not a hundred but thousands of zombies who are eager to kill anyone who crosses their path.

The movie is filled with zombie swarms – crowds of the undead running preying on every living thing, able to scale walls, etc.

With a huge zombie problem, Brad Pitt has also limited time to stop the spread of disease as it is the only way his wife and two daughters can survive.

Watch this amazing army zombie thriller movie and also look out for the best teen tv shows of 2021 that you should miss. Also, watch the Netflix Best Raunchy Comedy Movies.

3. Dawn of the dead

It is a 2004 action horror film directed by Zack Snyder and a remake of George A. Romero’s 1978 horror film of the same name.

The movie follows the story of Ana, a nurse who after finishing her shift gets back to her home, and in few hours her life changed.

Her husband is killed by her zombie neighbor. She flees her home and soon encounters a police officer and a few other townies and takes shelter in a shopping mall.

Soon they figure out that their best chance to stay alive is being together as the world is filled with an army of zombies.

Will these town people survive this zombie apocalypse, to know to watch these amazing zombie thriller movies. 

4. Outpost: Black Sun

The second installment of the Outpost series has a stunned audience with a powerful story of a na*i hunter.

The movies take place after the scenes of the first movie and now the German Scientist, Klausener generated a new technology to create an immortal n*zi army.

Now it’s in the hands of archeologists Helena and the NATO task force to face the N*zi storm battalion who are on the verge of killing everyone who comes in their way.

The army has to deploy all their forces in the enemy lands to find the source of the evil army and save millions of people.

With amazing cinematic experience, solid A rating, accurate n*zi zombie costumes, and zombies that will haunt you in your dreams, all of this makes this a perfect army zombie movies cult classic.

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5. Frankenstein Army

We have all heard of the Frankenstein tales in our childhood, about an 8 foot long, ugly creature. But this movie is different as now we have not one but multiple creatures who are on the hunt for humans.

The movie sets in the closing end of World War 2, when a Russian soldier receives a distress radio call.

And to find the source they stumble upon a secret n*zi lab,  where the scientist was in the process of making another Frankenstein with the help of victor journals.

Scientists have succeeded in their experiments and leashed a dangerous, brutal creature army in the world.

The army plans to destroy the creature with every strength they have, but will they succeed, to find out this amazing army zombie movies. 

6. Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race

The movie sets after 20 years of the first installment, where an army of n*zi invaded earth.

But the result was devastating, as after the nuclear war there was no refugee camp left. To save humanity, a former n*zi moon base camp is used which has limited supplies and an overpopulation problem.

A lot of chance to save mankind is to reach into the deep surface of the earth, Halloween earth, which will be either the savior of mankind or destruction.

To face this immense threat the survivors also have to face an ancient army of zombies.

The second installment was made due to the huge support of the people and the movies delivered to its expectations.

Drama, action, horror, and great VFX are what these army zombie movies are all about. If you love this, be sure to not miss out on the prequel of the franchise. 

7. Dead Snow

What will happen if your vacation turns into a horrific moment where you have to run to save your life.

This happens when a medical student’s group wants to enjoy their break and travel to a remote article mountain.

All was going well with their weekend being filled with skiing, party, and booze, but they didn’t want what was about to hit them.

When one of their group members disappears they began to investigate.

And soon find out that during the days of World War 2, a battalion of N*zi soldiers vanished in the woods and now they are turned into zombies.

Firstly they do not believe but soon find themselves fighting the ugly monsters.

The movie is filled with horrific scenes like when Martin is bitten on the arm, he removes the infected arm with a chainsaw. Check out more horrific and scariest movies of 2021.

8. Dead Snow 2

After the success of the first installment, where few students had to face the n*zi zombie army, the second installment takes place when Martin surrenders all the gold to the n*zi zombie army but mistakenly left a coin.

Due to that zombies chase after him, and soon the town is filled with monsters murdering everyone.

The town is filled with bloodshed, even children are zombies and there is nothing horrific than that.

In this amazing army zombie thriller movie, you are going to see a human being with a zombie’s arm.

What will happen, will he become immortal, or will he kill himself. To find out, check out this brilliant army zombie movie. 

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