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Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.

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How to loosen a tight hamstring

How to Loosen a Tight Hamstring

It's a common myth, most people confuse that if you can't touch your toes you have tight. But that's not the only reason can...
Accessories add dimensions to your style. Wearing accessories with an outfit can change the whole outlook of your outfit.

Best accessories for men

One of the worse things can happen when you spend your hard money on luxury clothes but still not get an edge, you know...
Top Teen Dramas Series

Best TV Shows for Teenagers -Top Teen Dramas Series

These Are the Greatest 10 Teen Dramas Series list Ever. The Best TV Shows for Teenagers capture and relive the high school experience for...
how to tell someone they smell

How to Tell Someone they Smell

how to tell someone they smell: Many times when we are in a corporate environment or with our friends, we come across a person...
Raunchy Comedy Movies

Best Raunchy Comedy Movies

Raunchy Comedy Movies: Hollywood has given us multiple genres from crime thriller, adventure, fantasy, teen comedies, Sci-Fi, and many more. There is one genre,...