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Best High School Drama Series

High School Drama Series

Fictional teens lives are filled with dangers, thrill, and excitement. In real life, high school kids don’t have a car, credit card, have a part-time job, and of course school homework. But it’s not the case in any of the high school drama series/shows but this is the reason that makes it exciting.

No, there is no rule that only a teenager can watch high school drama tv shows. Every age groups are been obsessed with high school dramas. We don’t know who started this, but this genre is now the most loved, viewed genre. It has everything, romance, comedy, thrill, and proposal to first crush. Whether you’re looking for a Jacob Elord’s Euphoria or Netflix Original Sex Education we have listed down everything for you to enjoy it.

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Love Alarm

The difficult task in anyone life is proposing to his/ her crush. Wouldn’t you agree? In our lives it’s tough but in this Netflix South Korean drama, it’s pretty easy. In this fictional tv shows, there is an app developed by a mysterious developer, whose purpose is to tell the user if someone near them has romantic feelings for them. The plot itself sounds interesting, but what could go wrong with this amazing app.  If you are willing to spend time to binge this high school drama tv shows you’ll see the consequences behind it and you are going to enjoy these.

Outer Banks

Tv shows teens are brave, they investigate, fight off criminals, sell drugs and some of them leave school and go on an adventure trip to find treasure. Outer Bank has a similar story, a group of teens who are way too brave according to their decision to find the father, that gone missing. They leave their high school are set on a journey and suddenly come across a treasure map. Now the real thrill begins, the whole tv show focuses on teenagers fighting every problem on the way.

This high school drama tv shows features Madelyn Cline, of not going to watch it for story watch it, Madelyn, it’s worth binging.

American Vandal

High school is different for everyone, for some it’s memorable and some just want to forget it ever happened. Lost of high school drama consist of romance, party, sex, and drugs, well not this high school tv show. This feature teens who investigate the conspirators behind high school pranks. It’s not a crime for some fun-loving pranks but when it consists of dick drawing vandal and sexual harassment, it’s pretty mandatory to have a high school teen cops. They investigate and provide justice and also introduce us to a new criminal justice system. The creators have done a lot of effort to make each episode and studied the criminal’s techniques in real-life high schools and colleges.

Derry Girls

High school dramas are pretty good but only a few of them have humor like Derry Girls. Based on the lives of Catholic Schoolgirls in the 90s, this high school drama follows the ups and downs in Northern Ireland high school. This high school tv show focuses on Erin and her friends and how hard their lives in the cruel world of armed police. The show takes place in the 1990s, when there was not a good time for the country and it led to some hardship in the lives of people, but it was way worse for teenage girls. After a quick binge of one episode, you will get hooked completely for the entire season, similar to the critics that given this High school drama series 8.4 on IMDb.


High school Drama tv shows are all about party, drugs, romance, and fights. Well, these are mandatory for any teen show, but it is more thrilling when it’s a wealthy private high school students. Lost of money in their bank account just waiting to spend on drugs, parties, and supercars. We have heard multiple times in movies ” When money is involved there is murder”. The first as season of this high school drama Focus on murder in high school, display of wealth and drugs. With an amazing cast and brilliant storyline, this is one of the high school tv show you should binge now.


New Netflix Original High school drama featuring Jacob Elord and Zendaya. This drama has more explicit content than any other teenage drama tv shows. Lots of nudity, drugs, and dark humor, it’s advised for kids below 14 years to not watch it. Euphoria shows the lives of several high school students who struggle with their drug addictions and insecurities. The creators depicted the real-life problems of this generation teenagers in their high school. Creators brilliantly outcast the problems of reality into a high school drama. If you want to know what problems this generation high school students are facing, and their violent methods of dealing with them, you should binge this high school drama series.


This High school drama series broke several records with its every new season. This show is an adaptation from Archie Comics that takes deep dive into a small town ” Riverdale”. The first season starts with a murder mystery of one of the high school students but in later season, the show stay changed quite a lot. If you want to see High school students investigating mysteries, kidnapping, and fighting criminals, this show has everything. The amazing plot about this high school drama is that high school students run the small town. Any crime or any small situation, students are involved.

With every new season, the high school students are facing new threats, as well as organized crime and serial killers.

The Society

High School is an amazing place in the world for students. But what would happen if all the high school students along with your high town disappears? All students of high school are mysteriously ported through a parallel universe. Wouldn’t sound like fun! Well, not for long, first it was all parties and drugs but later it got a whole lot weirder, you want to how to check out this amazing high school drama show. It’s like watching your high school dream come true,” All alone with your friends and don’t have any responsibilities’.

The End of F****ing World

Netflix tv shows have a different plot according to everyone genre. In this high school drama series, one of the teenagers is convinced that he’s a psychopath and eager to find his human kill. Sounds horrifying, a high school student who struggles in real life and has flashbacks of his childhood trauma and managed to kill animals. The story follows around one girl who convinces a boy to go along with her on a journey to find her missing father. It turns out the boy is a psychopath, whose intentions are to kill her the first chance he got. It’s thrilling to watch, does the boy manage to kill the girl or die trying or somehow it’s starting of a love story. If you want to find out check out on Netflix.

Sex Education

The Best Netflix high school teen comedy show of 2020. The name suggests itself what we are expecting from this High school drama series. Sex Education is the recently trending study mandatory in every high school. Most teen series consist of drugs, sex parties, and some involve murder but none of them raise a true issue that surfaces in high school. In any other teen series, we saw kids doing series crimes like selling drugs but we haven’t seen ever, to successfully manage to open a Sex therapy clinic. Based on the life of a young Otis portrayed by Asa Butterfield who suddenly opened a sex therapy clinic inside the high school to help his classmates who are going through various problems in their lives. It’s a must-watch binge High school drama series on Netflix.

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