Bill Gates Recommended books for Holiday Season


The holidays are a great time to catch up on reading. Every vacation is defined by the book that you could never go off. Choosing the right set of books might evoke a sense of romance, thrill or revelation to the truths of life. Here are five that are recommended by Bill Gates and these really stood on top in our best collections of the best books to read. HOLIDAY BOOKS

By Jill Lepore The writer takes into the history of America from 1492 till this age of modernization. Her book consists of 4 parts each defining the advancement and challenges in American history as “The Idea (1492-1799), The People (1800-1865)”, “The State (1866-1945)” and “The Machine (1946-2016)”. She truly created a book that questions once again for the country to define itself. “To study the past is to unlock the prison of the present,” she writes.

By Matthew Walker “Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams.” The most comprehensive and compelling book on sleep. The author is super persuasive about if you want to lose weight, get good sleep if you really want to learn things then get good sleep. The book reveals the scientific research on sleep, providing insights on how sleep affects cognitive and physical performance. The most recommended books to read for everyone, as sleep, affects us all.

By Tayari Jones This book is a story of a newlywed black couple in the New South. Settling into the routine of the new married life, circumstances ripped them apart that put the husband and wife into a difficult situation. This love story is a deep insight into the hearts of three people who are once bound and at the same time separated by forces beyond their control.


By Diane Tavenner She has the right question about little school and high school systems. What she stands is really amazing that not many people are brave enough to create a new school system that teaches self-confidence, the ability to learn, the ability to manage time and all that qualities needed to live a good life. In this book, she shares the story of how she designed a new kind of charter school with a simple but very ambitious goal.

By Vaclav Smil In this magisterial book, the writer offers a systematic investigation of growth in nature and society from tiny organisms to the trajectories of empires and civilizations. The author is a passionate advocate of quantitative analysis, and thus Growth is filled with numbers, graphs, and mathematical notation. Smil takes readers from bacterial invasions through animal metabolisms to megacities and the global economy.

We found these best books to read to be really clever and engaging. We hope you find them as interesting as we did. Good Luck Reading!!

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