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Alpha Male Vs Beta Male

by freepic.diller

Every human being has their own personality and their way of doing things. The characterization of personality is based on their actions and personality traits. 

Alpha and beta are terms used to describe a personality of a make.  

What is the actual difference between an alpha male and a beta male? 

Let’s talk about alpha males vs beta males in detail. 

There is a huge difference between these two personalities. Be it their walking style or speaking everything differs. 

Alpha male vs Beta male


Alpha male 

The first and the most important trait that makes anyone outshine others is confidence. The confidence that alpha male has is commendable and they don’t easily break down.

Everything they do is with confidence and that makes them self satisfied without getting in any trouble.

Be it pursuing women or taking a difficult decision they don’t fear to initiate and are generally the leader of their group. The inner self-confidence makes them strong. 

They are confident enough to get what they wish for be it any business deal or any other information. 

Beta male

Beta males are not exactly the opposite of alpha males but they have lack confidence which sometimes created difficult situations for them.

They are the nicest guy in the room and mostly Friendzoned. If for example, they explain something in a group they easily get nervous and hesitation on their face can be seen.

He doesn’t play at the front foot and can be a follower of someone. 

Whenever it comes to dating they never ask in a fear of rejection or make the situation uncontrollable by revealing too much at once which ultimately lowers women’s interest.

But in recent times the perception related to beta males is changing for good.  


Walking Style: Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha Male

The walking style of an alpha male is a bit different and normally a dominant one. 

Smooth Arms and shoulders swing: while walking he swings his shoulders as it reflects an open and which gives more space that highlights their masculinity.

It’s also a sign of confidence. Along they smoothly swing their arms for that extra sexiness.  

Head held high: the head is always held high but not too high. Making it too high shows arrogance therefore they keep the head medium-high. 

Like when we talk with somebody phone we lower our head or hunch on one arm that is not a quality of alpha male. They always talk with heads held high.

This way they look more authoritative and powerful. 

Don’t look too much in the eye when walking: Alpha doesn’t look too much in the eye when they are walking. They don’t turn their head instead walk straight with a smooth swing of shoulders and arms while the other follows them perceived to have less social value than the alpha male. 

Affirmative action: Alpha males don’t get easily distracted instead they walk with affirmative action.

He won’t lose focus and walks with determination and purpose to complete their work.

Rather get influenced by any other things that come in between their way. Being the leader they take decisions with their affirmative attitude and gain the trust of fellows. 

Beta male

Arms and shoulder: however the beta male walk straight or with his hand in their pocket. The shoulders are stiff and they don’t take enough space while walking. They are conserved and generally look more conscious when walking. 

Generally, walk with head straight or not straight at all: as being the nicest and caring guy they walk either with straight head or tilt their head while walking.

They get distracted by nearby things easily and start losing their focus. In social places, they walk with their heads down or tilt their head while talking on the phone.

If we amplify this gesture, it clearly shows that are a bit nervous or want to avoid the crowds which automatically makes them a follower. 

Affirmative action: They lose while walking and get easily distracted by surroundings which impact their decision-making and automatically make it difficult to take action. 

The purpose is not clear and their walking style makes it very clear that either they are not ready to make a decision or are confused. 


Control frame: Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha male: 

Frame control is an important part of any conversation. If you’re talking to someone then how you see things and explain others in your way is what the control frame is. 

If someone is controlling the frame it means that guy has clarity and everyone listens to him and his opinions.

When an alpha male talks with anyone they talk very limited and to the point.

They ask you in a way that they have control over the topic and make you tell about you rather than reveal about them. 

For instance, a girl is telling hon about her family they won’t show any interest but divert the conversation in their direction by their sense of humor.

Which ultimately makes the girl curious to know more about him. In addition, they talk like they know everything even if they don’t. 

Beta male: 

They are like a normal human being. Although they are also good in conversations. But the real mistake they make is when they over-elaborate something.

They stretch the conversation and clearly fall for what others are talking about instead of putting their own thoughts and ideas on the front foot. 

As they lack confidence which creates confusion and after a few minutes of talking suddenly the other person starts feeling bored. 

Listening is good till they are listening to you as well but beta male follows what the other person is saying to them instead of confidently giving their opinions like a leader. 

Why do they get sidelined? It’s just the way they communicate and are less socialistic. 



Alpha male: 

Reacting to unnecessary things will make the work difficult. If the person reacts to unwanted things then a lot can be stated about his personality. 

But this is not the case with Alpha males. They spend and keep on what they are trying to do rather than paying attention to things that will lead to distraction and delay in work.

Alpha male personalities being the leader form alliances easier with others and also do their work with dedication and without any Destruction.

They have a clear motive to do work and complete it in the given time range. 

These personalities enjoy doing difficult work and make it easier by their actions and confident attitude.

Like the character of James bond that most of us are familiar with, they act and talk according to their own rules. 

Beta male: 

However, this is not the case with beta male personalities. They tend to lose focus and confidence while doing an important project. 

This personality gets easily distracted by the nearby things which makes it difficult for them to perform or act accordingly. 

Even they might end up getting trapped themselves. 

Their actions speak volumes for them, whenever handling a meeting or dealing with a client the nervousness on their face can be seen which makes it hard for them to do things. 

The little things in their way make them distracted and eventually create confusion. 


Comfortable with confrontation:

Alpha male: 

Their straightforward and confident personality makes it easy for them to confront any situation. 

With their bold and dominant self, they can easily confront any situation whether it’s in their favor or not. 

Alpha males are born leaders and can make the bad situation turn in their favor by wordplay and smartest decisions. 

Their charismatic personality which is quite enough to attract people’s attention and confidence and boldness makes it easier for them to make the smartest choice in the room.  

They don’t show their weak points and reflect as if they are right and make the prey fall into their trap and finally crack the deal. 

Beta male: 

Is beta male also good with confrontation? As being the follower, they find it hard to confront another person.

They are often underestimated because it’s not like they can’t improve their attitude, it’s just that they are happy with whatever they do. They are satisfied with being a follower. 

Confrontation in any difficult situation needs emotional stability and confidence,  alpha personalities top the list.  

It doesn’t mean that they are not good, they have qualities that alpha personalities lack. Which sometimes makes them the most trustworthy man in the room.

They also do work with full potential but the lack of confidence and unclear thoughts make it difficult for them to confrontation the job. 

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Relax: Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha male: 

The quality that makes them the best is the calmness that they use to handle any difficult situation. 

Alpha males have the quality to deal with and to turn the situation in their favor with their calm attitude. 

They play smartly with their words and use calm whenever they feel danger around them and turn the tables. 

A lit bit of aggression and stubborn attitude 

Beta male: 

This type of personality gives up easily and gets influenced by others. The nervousness and anxiety on the face can be seen when dealing with a difficult situation. 

As the situation turns to get out of their control either they show their aggressive side or completely fall into the prey trap. 

They lose the calm and which ultimately leads them to take the wrong decision. 

In front of women, when they want to express their feelings or want to ask them out they become nervous and excited and start behaving differently which can make the situation a bit awkward. 

The extreme level of anxiety and stress is the reason behind the lack of confidence and uneasiness in front of people. 


Problem-solving: Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha male: 

Alpha personalities are known to solve problems accurately and with maturity. 

Their actions, confidence, and experience make it easy for them to handle even the worse situation carefully. And make sure that the solution is properly carried out. 

They won’t reveal anything or express anything openly instead try to find the solution that best suits the scenario. 

The born leader quality and their charismatic personality is a plus point for them. 

The assertive attitude towards every work they do is the prime factor why they are the leader and always perform well in life. 

Beta male: 

The beta personalities are second to the alpha male personalities. Although they are not the leader they make sure everything goes well and work smoothly as per the instructions. 

It’s doesn’t mean they are not good at making decisions. Their private lives js much more better and good than that of alpha males. 

Their decision patterns are not the same as that of alpha people, it might be because of some traits that they lack in like assertiveness, and calmness in a difficult situation. 

Beta males find it difficult to take hard decisions, this might be because of the fear of rejection or losing something important. 

But you need to remember that every failure teaches us a lesson that you should not forget. 

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Alpha male: 

One of the best qualities of an alpha male is that they are clear about their thought and actions which proves good to be in decision making.

They keep themselves far from the unwanted conversation when thing there is no point in talking they leave the room. 

Even when they approach a woman, they don’t sugarcoat anything and present the ral self. Also, they are good at making people take interest in them. 

Most of the time they leave the conversation early so that the girl takes interest in them and thinks about him. 

He knows how to speak about his thoughts and make the other person fall for them and their charisma. This trait is a plus point for them as it makes it easy for them to pursue a woman. 

Beta male: 

Beta males being the listener and friendly nature they can connect but are unable to contradict them. And sometimes inside they too want to leave the conversation but don’t want to hurt the other person. 

This might lead to listening to unwanted things for long hours which obviously is waste of time in the long run. 

If these males approach a girl, they open up about everything in the first meeting which can take away the girl’s interest in them. So, small talk is always recommended and don’t reveal too much at the first meet. 

They give more attention to women as compared to Alpha males which might affect them in the long run. 


Mysterious: Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha male: 

Alpha males typically are mysterious in nature. They don’t reveal their secrets and plans easily to everyone. Although they are quite social that doesn’t mean that they don’t talk much about their private life. 

They are mysterious personalities. Alpha males generally talk little about themselves and do kind of business talks. There sense of humor adds little fun to their conversation makes it enjoyable. They don’t want to reveal their setbacks and hardly share with anyone. As they are emotionally strong which it harder for us to know about them.

Beta male: 

Beta are basically guys whose innocence can be seen on their face. They are unable to hide their emotions and feelings.

In simple terms they are not mysterious as alpha males. If you notice this type of personality is often misunderstood as they are not that emotionally strong due to some factors. They can be easily read when it comes to emotions and actions.

Friendly Attitude: Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha male: 

Alpha males are social no doubt but generally they are dominant and are not that friendly in nature. They are close to very few people. Being emotionally strong they care less about others. As they are arrogant and domaint, it might creates rifts in their relationships in the long run.

Listening is not in their nature, so it will backfire them.

Beta male: 

Beta male are more of protective, friendly, and empathetic in nature. These qualities make them the most admired one.

Everyone wants to get listened to and that what beta male do. Alike alpha males who always likes to give instructions, bets males listens to their friends and families.

They are protective of others which is great trait that most of us want.

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Bootemline, everyone has their own perosnalites type, and have different peronality traits. We all have some good qualities and bad qualities, it depends on us how we use them and make our life smooth.

By now, you know how alpha male is different from beta male. Some people prefer alpha qualities while other beta qualities. Every coin has two sides, so does alpha male and beta male. Alpha males takes good deciecions when it comes to professional work, on the other hand beta males are good with relationships in the long run.

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