Are Adidas Tennis Shoes Good?

Are Adidas Tennis Shoes Good?

Are Adidas shoes good for tennis: Founded in 1924, the multinational German shoe brand Adidas launched the first shoe marketed as a tennis shoe made by Adidas in 1931. Tennis shoes are popular for their fit, grip, cushioning, and stability. But after all these, the main question arises, is Adidas tennis still good? Or some other shoe brand has taken over them. 

Are Adidas Tennis Shoes Good? 

Adidas makes great tennis shoes, with good durability, weight, and stability, and provides the utmost performance. A good tennis game needs a player to move swiftly, do short sprints, quick stops, and starts, and have amazing lateral footwork, thus good tennis shoes especially from Adidas are the right choice. 

Pick from any pro-model Adidas tennis shoes for their protection, endurance, and stability, and avoid entry-price models. 

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When Should You Replace Your Adidas Tennis Shoes?

The traditional rule is to throw your shoes after you have completed 200 miles in them. It is impractical to calculate the miles of shoes, the best option is to look for the conditions of your shoes. 

On average, Adidas tennis shoes are in their best condition for 2 to 3 months of intense tennis games. After that, you can see the tread pattern turn smooth, with some holes in the toe box, small tears, or loose threads. 

The two biggest signs when you should replace your tennis shoes:-

  1. You are slipping inside the court, this occurs when the tread pattern of the sole starts to become smooth, or worn out. This can not give appropriate traction and stability. 
  2. Your show toe area is another area that has the most damage during the tennis game. Generally, players drag their feet during the game, which results in damage to the shoe. 

If you play a tennis game daily, it is evident to say, you should replace your tennis shoes after 1 year, to avoid any injury. 

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What Adidas tennis shoes are Good for You? 

Just like every clothes fits differently to everyone, similarly every shoe fits everyone differently. To figure out what tennis shoe is the right for specifically YOU, then take a look at these categories:-

Body Type

Body type or body weight changes the whole dynamic of what shoe is right for you, especially if you are playing a game. 

  • Heavily built

If you are taller or on a heavier scale, your tennis shoe should be heavier and accommodate good traction, durability, and stability. 

  • Moderately built

Players who are lightweight or moderately built can choose a lightweight tennis shoe, which will increase in speed during sprints. 

Style of Play

The style and position of the player are essential points in what tennis shoes to buy. A baseline player( player who plays the back line) needs a  tennis shoe with good traction and lateral support, which eases his footwork. 

Players closer to the net need tennis shoes with a strong toe cap, as this area requires a lot of effort, and constant movement. These shoes should have extra durability. 

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Which Upper Shoe material is good for a Tennis Shoe? 

Generally, the Adidas tennis shoe uses three types of materials, Canvas, Leather, and Vinyl. Check out which material you should choose and why:-

Canvas:- It offers good ventilation and provides good durability. Plus, it is lightweight, which makes it easier for players to quickly move. 

Leather:- Adidas uses premium leather thus making it expensive, but leather tennis shoes are the most durable. 

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How Good are Adidas Tennis Shoe Soles?

Adidas is one of the top shoe brands in the world, and with billions in the bank, it has invested millions in research and the invention of comfortable shoes. Furthermore, Adidas has specifically made shoes that are suitable for certain sports, like basketball, skateboarding, hiking, and especially tennis. 

If you ask 10 people on the street, what are the most comfortable shoe brands they have worn, 5 will answer Adidas, mainly because of their comfy soles. 

Adidas pro tennis shoes come with Adiwear Outsole which is specifically designed for hard courts and give great traction and stability. This makes it easy for the player to suddenly stop or move swiftly around the court by twisting their ankles or falling off. 

Adidas Pro tennis shoes are combined with a bouncy and cushioned midsole, while some are either accommodated with TPU midfoot shank for comfort, or  Torsion System provides extra stability.

There are even Adituff abrasion control systems that are useful, and protect your toes and forefeet during the tennis game. 

If you are choosing an entry-price model, the first thing is to buy good insoles, which have a good cushion, also, entry-price models also miss Adiwear Outsoles or any support system for good lateral movement. 

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Best Adidas Tennis Shoe Reviewed

Here are some of the best Adidas tennis shoes, that will help you in-game by giving you protection, support, and comfort, so that nothing can stop you from winning the game, Check out 5 of the best Adidas tennis shoes:-

1. Adidas Barricade: Best Overall


  • Great lockdown
  • Good stability and support
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Responsive feel
  • Good fit


  • Longer break-in period
  • An aggressive back will dig into the heel
  • Expensive

Adidas Barricade Review

Adidas Barricade ranks 1st in our list of the best Adidas tennis shoes, and every tennis player will agree with me. 

Adidas Barricade first came into existence in 2000 and since then every pair is getting better.

Adidas Barricade comes with a Geofit lacing system that locks the foot with the shoes and foam pads around the heel, making it very comfortable, and avoiding any heel slipping. 

Furthermore, during any ankle twist, the foam tongue acts as an additional support. 

The best part is its bounce midsole cushions, which offer superb movement capabilities and extreme comfort. 

Plus, it also accommodates a Torsion system, with thick tread patterns, to give grip on your play.  And stability through every slide. 

This is the best tennis shoe you can get and there is hardly any other shoe that can beat it. 

2. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4: Best For Speed


  • Responsive
  • Comfy straight-from-the-box
  • Lightweight
  • Durable toe area
  • Sturdy outsole
  • Stylish
  • Grippy


  • Tight toe box

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 Review

It is one widely used tennis shoe, among recreational levels, and sometimes by professional players too. These tennis shoes got their popular boots, when they were seen wearing during professional games, by players like Alexander Zverev, Lucas Pouille, and Simon Gilles were all wearing the Adizero Ubersonic.

The biggest plus point of Adizero Ubersonic shoes is that they are extremely lightweight, making it easier for players to run swiftly. These are also lightweight tennis shoes with good traction and stability. 

The first time wearing these tennis shoes, you can feel that you are connected to the ground with every step you take on the court. 

During the testing phase, we took these tennis shoes to court and were blown away by the results. 

These are too lightweight, and come with a super responsive Lightstrike Cushion ring, which makes it easier to lift the shoe or jump for sudden movement, and land without getting vibrance through the midsole.  These shoes are a mixture of  comfort, stability, and ankle support in a lightweight package.

People who are of a heavy build should avoid these tennis shoes, as they will last long if used during an intense game, by a heavier person. These are designed to be fast and lose their durability to a certain extent. 

3. Adidas Stycon BOA: Best All Court


  • Glove-like fit
  • BOA is awesome AF
  • Supportive
  • Great traction
  • Low to the ground
  • Compliment magnet
  • No break-in
  • Great off-court as well
  • Durable


  • On the heavy side
  • A bit bulky

Adidas Stycon BOA Review

The Adidas Stycon BOA is an all-rounder tennis court shoe, built after years of Research, and used by a popular tennis players in their matches. 

You can wear these tennis shoes on a hard court or clay court, and in both of them, these will provide support and stability. 

The most prominent feature of this tennis shoe it’s the BOA lock system. The feature allows the foot to grip itself with the shoe comfortably. Every comment on the internet is about the ‘ perfect fit’ supportive from foot to ankle. If you always get yourself an ankle sprain after a good tennis match, these shoes will solve that issue as generally, the injury occurs due to improper fitting of the shoe or low traction. 

Plus, it has a responsive Bounce midsole to provide comfort and a thick tread pattern for superior grip on the court. 

On top of that, tennis shoes are bulky but extremely durable, weighing about 430 grams for men’s shoes. 

From the first look, it can be seen that the shoes are extremely breathable, and have good ankle support. 

Although they can be expensive, these shoes are worth investing in. 

4. Adidas SoleCourt Parley: Best Cushioned


  • Great for all levels
  • Awesome shock absorption
  • No break-in
  • Very stable
  • Sleek profile
  • Exceptional outsole longevity
  • Excellent traction
  • Looks better in person
  • Reusing marine plastic debris


  • Heavy
  • Wider forefoot
  • Lacks breathability

Adidas SoleCourt Parley Review

If you are looking for the most comfortable and cushioned tennis shoe, then Adidas Sole Court will be your best pick. This shoe is widely popular among top tennis pro players, like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Dominic Thiem, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are all seen wearing the Solecourt Boost.

The shoe combines comfort, lightweight design, and great cushion support. 

Furthermore, this is the most lightweight tennis shoe you can find in the market, so, the next time you wear this shoe, you won’t feel a weight on your feet. 

Apart from weight, the midsole and insole of the tennis shoe are built for comfort,  giving a bounce midsole that propels you to move or jump very quickly and absorbs the ground impact, and the insole is very thick and cushioned, giving a very smooth feel, and can the ability to wear the shoes all day long. 

In addition, it has a lock lace system, which makes sure you’ll always have the right fit, and a breathable upper material, to provide enough airflow inside the shoe to avoid damping. However, the breathability is not as good as other tennis shoes, but still good for 2-3 matches before damping.

Plus,  these are the best option for people who have wider feet. 

5. Adidas GameCourt: Best Value


  • Provides substantial cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable out-of-the-box
  • Excellent support
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Lacks stability

Adidas GameCourt Review

With only a $65 price tag, this tennis is best for recreational tennis players on a budget. 

It is the most affordable tennis shoe you can buy, which offers breathable fabric, protection from slipping, cushions for comfort, and gives maximum performance during the game by allowing you to take your feet in all directions with any discomfort.

However, this has never been worn by professional players during the game, but it does 70% of what a high-performance tennis shoe will do. 

The midsole is very bouncy, good tread pattern for traction, good material for durability, and a tight and convenient fit, making it a good budget tennis shoe from Adidas. However, it lacks some of the features like top and overlay instep, the cushion is not thick enough, can somewhat feel the impact on the feet, etc. 

So if you are looking for a budget tennis shoe it is good, but you will surely miss out on some great options.