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Every genre is different, science-fictional movies surprised us to think of the future, comedy movies made us laugh and gangster movies change the audience perspectives of criminals. In General, when people see gangster movies they think it is about violence, money, drugs. Well, they are wrong! Mafia movies are way more than that. It shows the depth of the criminal’s mind. Many gangster movies are based on true criminals and it gets the audience to see the life journey and what triggered them to make a criminal. Nobody is born criminal, either some events occurred in their lives or the effect of society they live in.

Whether the gangster movie is good or bad, it somewhat gives a memorable quotes about life. It’s hard to decide which movie to watch an old classic or a new movie. We have provided you the list of Mafia movies that are better than The Irishman. Martin Scorsese latest 2019 gangster movie The Irishman has been quite popular and enjoyable. But somehow it didn’t catch the essence of the mobsters. From Martin Scorsese Goodfellas to American Gangster we have concluded everything that you will enjoy watching.

We have picked out the best gangster movies that will definitely hook you for a long time.

10.Gangs of New York(2002)

Assorted with an incredible cast, this movie engulfed the viewers. The 2002 Martin Scorsese movie is the first time where he collaborated with Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie is so immense that it got nominated for 10 Oscars. Leonardo DiCaprio performance as Amsterdam Vallon is exceptional. The movie is set in 1862 period and the early era of American culture made it quite unique. With the strong reviews by critics and audience and also performed well at the box-office. After huge success, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio worked in The Aviator and The Departed in a row.

9.Mean streets (1973)

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro first movie that made them recognized in the cinema industry. The movie is the first base of the long partnership between Scorsese and De Niro. Mean Streets follows the story of Scorsese childhood events in little Italy. Scorsese came up with the idea of the movie of the events he has seen in his early days and somehow similar to him and his friends. Mean streets is not Martin Scorsese’s best movie like Goodfellas or Casino, but sure he’ll it’s worth watching.


8.The Public Enemy (1931)

Like all other movies on our list, this one is quite different. It is one of the earliest gangster movies in the thirties. The film follows the story of Tom Powers (James Cagney) and  Mike (Donald Cook), who rose to the gangster world in the prohibition period. This movie shows the lives of two best friends journey from childhood to the biggest and badass gangsters in that era. It is one of the rarest gangster movie and also the first gangster movie to be nominated for oscar. As the movie couldn’t manage to win, but sure hell it received strong reviews from audience and critics.


After the huge success of Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese brought Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci back in 1995 gangster movie casino. There is no telling what Scorsese would do in a gangster movie with his favorite cast De Niro and Joe Pesci. The movie came out just five years after Goodfellas and touched the audience hearts. There is an ongoing debate that which Martin Scorsese movie is best Goodfellas or Casino. As both movies have similar cast the story is very much different. Based on the book by Nicholas Pileggi, Robert De Niro plays Ace who runs casinos in Las Vegas and rises to the power. Sharon Stone, the lead actress got Oscar-nominated for the best actress in a Leading Role.

6.Once upon a time in America(1984)

Sergio Leone directs this thrilling gangster film, Based on Harry Grey’s novel The Hoods. The movie represents the lives of two childhood best friends Robert De Niro and James Woods. Movie depicts how the two friends start a group of Jewish ghetto youths and later turn it into a gang of Jewish gangsters in New York. The film has it all, love, greed, violence, thrill, and rise of gangsters in the American Culture. It is third and the best movie in the once upon a time series. The movie is iconic because it is the last movie directed by Sergio Leone.


In general, it is assumed that the sequel is going to bad from the original. But not this remake of 1932 movie with the same name. Director Brian De Palma’s with Al Pacino made the remake bigger, bolder, and better. Al Pacino is a fabulous actor, and very well suited to play in gangster movies. His bold character made the gangster era to a new phase. Al Pacino plays Cuban refugee Tony Montana who rises to become a powerful drug lord in Miami. The difference between this and other gangster movies is that the character past to escape communism and find happiness. The movie is far greater than we have seen in recent years.

4.American Gangster(2007)

Based on the true story of a crime lord Frank Lucas played by Denzel Washington. The actor shows us the true mastermind gangster looks like, calm from the outside but inside the real devil. Ridley Scott tries to display the real story of the mobster, Frank Lucas. It shows Lucas a genius gangster who tricks every mafia person to the FBI authorities, to find out the real Frank Lucas. Some of the scenes are loosely displayed to the real story. This mafia movie is exceptional and it is fun to watch a movie without Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. It’s worth streaming with exceptional cinematography and amazing character performance.

3.The Godfather(1972)

The title itself suggests what a badass movie could it be. One of the best crime thriller ever created in the entire history. The movie got it all, with A list actors, guns, family drama everything you ever wish for. Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone given the most iconic performance in the cinema industry. Vito Corleone charming personality and his bold voice could make anyone Terrified of him. Vito Corleone is the head of the mafia family manages to rule over everybody and being ruthless to anyone who stands in his way. This is the first movie that made the audience fall for the crime genre. The iconic images are still in audience heads with Vito Vito holding the cat or Michael shutting his former life.

2.Goodfellas (1990)

Which one is the best gangster movie Goodfellas or The Godfather? It’s a debate worth having. Martin Scorsese is one of the finest crime director cinema industry has ever seen. Since Goodfellas, he is ruling the crime franchise we never could have imagined. Staring from Mean streets to the latest Netflix original movie The Irishman. Based on the book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi follows the story of true gangster Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta. The movie is too good, it received various nominations Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, and including Best Supporting Actor Oscar by Joe Pesci. Goodfellas got strong reviews from the audience and critics.

1.The Godfather Part 2(1974)

Based on Mario Puzo’s novel following the Corleone family, these three movies is one of the iconic masterpiece by director Francis Ford Coppola. The second part follows two timelines one the story of Michael played by Al Pacino being the head of the family and second Vito Corleone (father of Michael) journey from childhood to founding the biggest and deadliest families in New York. However Both First and second parts are amazing and worth watching, but the second part tops our list for the most iconic mafia movies.

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