Suits with Jordan 1 – Styling Tips & Color Combinations

We are in 2024, who would have thought back in the early days that a suit would be worn with sports shoes? When we talk about sports shoes like Jordan 1 and suit, it means we talking about two completely opposite dress codes here. One thing is formal and the other is super casual but in this case opposite attracts.

So, if you are eager to wear your Jordan 1 with suit then this article will guide you to do that.

Can you wear Jordan 1 with a suit?

Absolutely, you can wear Jordan 1 with a suit. This can be explained by putting some light on the history of the suit. Most people don’t know but when suits were new and became a formal staple, men used to wear them with military boots.

And over time people used to change the styles of the shoes according to their needs. Dress shoes became very popular during the transportation and automotive industry boom.


Dress shoes looked more appropriate and gave more freedom to the feet while driving and traveling in comparison to military boots.

Then, we have loafers and slip-ons. People love to wear loafers with suits in summer as they are breathable and they are easy to style.

After a couple of years, wearing sports shoes like the Jordan 1 with a suit really became a trend. And this is not a trend that will fade away.

Wearing sports shoes just adds up an alternative. Just like dress shoes, loafers, and military boots. Sports shoe is an alternative and not a tiktok trend that fades away in a couple of months.

You will see many fashion designers, celebrities, and athletes rocking a nice sleek suit with a pair of Jordan 1 and other sports shoes.

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When to wear Jordan 1 with a suit?

Though wearing sports shoes with a suit is becoming acceptable in the formal community, still you need to be very careful when styling Jordan 1 with a suit.

The best occasion to wear Jordan 1 with a suit is to an office when you want to achieve a business casual look.

Similarly, you can wear Jordan 1 with a suit if you want to go out for dinner or to hang out outside with your friends to create a smart casual look.

A suit with dress shoes looks too formal on these occasions discussed above and it makes more sense to wear sports shoes like Jordan 1.

However, if you are attending a formal event like a wedding or going to any black tie event, it makes it more sensible and looks more appropriate if you wear dress shoes with a suit.

So, dress shoes should always be a priority with suits, however, if you like suits but want more comfort during office hours or while going out then sports like Jordan 1 can be considered.

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Which Jordan 1 to pick with a suit?

When styling Jordan 1 with suit it is best to stick with Jordan 1 lows where the ankle is visible.

When it comes to suit principles, one is to always have a sleek and tailored outlook. Wearing high or mid-Jordan 1 is completely the opposite of that.

The high ankle height of Jordan 1 mids or highs will create attention to shoes and they look wider than a tailored suit.

If you want to look good in shoes, sleek and sharp shoes work better than round and bulky shoes. So, when you decide to wear Jordan 1 with suit it is best to stick with Jordan 1 lows.

When it comes to picking up the color, less is more with suit. Pick Jordan 1 with one color and avoid multiple colors on the shoes.

A single-color shoe is easy to pair with any color. It becomes a complicated task to match your shoes with a suit if it has multiple colors.

When choosing the color, it is best to stick with light colors if you want to pair Jordan 1 with a dark suit like dark grey or black. If you want to pair Jordan 1 with a light color suit, in that case, dark color shoes make more sense.

If you want your Jordan 1 to go with every suit you have, white color or light grey should be your priority.


This combination is perfect for evening events, parties, or any occasion where you want to make a stylish statement.

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How to wear Jordan 1 with a suit?

The best thing about wearing Jordan 1 or any other casual shoes with a suit is that it gives you the freedom to experiment. You can pair your shoes with different colors of suits.

Here is the thing, always go with leather or suede material in shoes when pairing with suit. The best thing about Jordan 1 is that they are made of leather.

Avoid canvas shoes as they look very informal and don’t go well with suits because of their lazy structure.

Olive Green Suit with Jordan 1 "Turbo Green"

Another thing to make sure is that your shoes are clean properly. If you have white Jordan 1, make sure they are white and not yellowish white.

Similarly, if you have a black and white combination make sure the sole is clean and maintains its color.

Now, how to style suits with different color combinations. As discussed above, a single color of shoes is always easy and the best option.

In case you have two color combinations in your shoes, then there are some ways that you can try to make your attire look appealing.

Let’s say you have a black and white combination, then you can pair it with a black suit and add the white shirt to make an appealing combination.

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White color shoes go with most suits. But in case you have different colors like brown and white combination, where brown is the shoe color and the sole is white. In that case, you can pair them with a brown suit which goes with the shoe color.

And to match the sole color you can wear a striped shirt. The key is to create a combination of patterns in a shirt that goes well with a combination of colors in shoes.

Striped shirts complement more with Jordan 1 which has more than one color. Plain dress shirts work best with Jordan 1 which has only one color.

Light Beige Suit with Jordan 1 "Sail"

Another important thing to consider when styling Jordan 1 with a suit is laces. Most people no attention to laces but laces can add a detail to the shoes and make you more noticeable.

Firstly, you need to make sure the laces are clean.

Color of laces matter, avoid very contrasting lace colors like yellow or green. Go with naturals.

You can match the laces of your shoes with the color of your tie or if you are not wearing any tie then go match it with the color of stipe in your shirt.

This will make sure that you pay attention to every detail.

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Moreover, you can also wear a T-shirt or polo instead of a shirt underneath a suit jacket. A T-shirt under a suit jacket has become a very popular outlook in recent years.

You can match the color of your T-shirt with your shoes. A white T-shirt goes well with white shoes and black with a black T-shirt. However, unlike shirts, you should avoid wearing t-shirts that have any type of patterns or stripes on them. A plain tee is your way to go.

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