Deltoid Exercises at Home

Deltoid Exercises at Home

Training your deltoids muscles are important if you are male. Not only it makes you look good in clothes but also makes you look more muscular and attractive. Developing deltoid muscles are not easy if you don’t know the proper exercises to target it, and if you don’t follow the right diet. Well, if you are in the gym training deltoids is a very normal routine exercise for you but what if you don’t go to the gym, how should you train them?. To make your work easy we have listed some best deltoid exercises at home that will target all three deltoid muscles.

What are deltoids?

Deltoid Exercises at Home

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Deltoids are basically the shoulders muscles also known as delts. Deltoids muscles are responsible for movement and rotation of arm or shoulders. It contains three muscles 1. Clavecular also known as the anterior head of shoulder 2. Acromial also known as the middle head of shoulder 3. Spacecular spinal known as the posterior head of the shoulder.


Deltoid Exercises at Home

Walking push up

One of the best exercise that targets your deltoids muscles. It’s easy to do at the start but gets harder after you do every rep.

How to perform

● Get yourself in a normal push up position in a way that your both hands and feet are touching the ground, lifting your whole body.

● Start moving your hands step backward so that the gap between your feet and become little.

● Next, move your both hands forward to get to the initial position i.e push up position.

● Do 12 reps for 2 or 3 sets of this exercise.

Bricks lateral raise

Brick is the best home equipment that you can use to target many muscles and deltoids is one of that. Brick lateral side raise targets the acromial deltoids, means the middle head of deltoid or shoulder muscle.

How to perform

● Hold two normal bricks in your both hands.

● Now move your hands up in a way that your hand comes in a position parallel to shoulders. This exercise is a lateral raise which usually performed with dumbbells in the gym. Always keep a little bend in elbows to put pressure on the shoulder head.

● Hold hands up for 1 second and then bring both hands down slowly at a normal pace. Do the movement slow to feel the pump. Take a minimum of 2 seconds to bring down the hands to the initial position.

● Do 15 reps for 3 sets of this exercise. You can do this for 4 sets if your body has fuel for it because this is lightweight yet so difficult after 1 set.

Bricks front lateral raise

This exercise is best to target the clavicular deltoid muscle, also known as anterior delt. This exercise is similar to the front raise, usually performed with dumbbells in the gym.

How to perform

● Hold two bricks in both hands in front of you so that there is a minimum distance between your quads(thighs) and hands.

● Perform the movement by raising your both hands up to the height of your head, and then bring it down slowly to complete the movement.

Always make sure that the hands do not touch your legs, there should always be distance maintained between hands and legs after every rep to put tension on the muscle.

● Do 12 reps for 3 sets 9f this exercise.

Handstand Pushup


Not a surprise but if you don’t know, this exercise is best for overall deltoid muscles, helps them to grow. But its main targeted area is anterior head also know as clavicular.
Before you do the exercise make sure you get the right form and muscle mind connection because if you get it wrong you may hurt your neck or head.

How to perform

● Get yourself in handstand position in a way that your both hands are on the floor and both feet are up, basically stand on your hands near any wall for support.

The closer you get your hands to the wall the more tension you put on deltoid muscles and the more difficult the exercise gets.

● Perform the movement by bending your elbows outwards to create the minimum distance between floor and head. Get down to the position from which you can overcome.

● Next push your body up by bringing the body, elbow, and head to its initial(handstand) position.

● This exercise is the most effective yet one of the most difficult exercises of all as well.

If you don’t get this right don’t do this instead first build strength with pike push-ups.

Pike push-ups

Doing pipe push up is great to build front head i.e clavicular deltoid muscle. This the easy version of handstand push. Unlike stand hand push, pipe push-up targets mostly anterior head of the shoulder.

How to perform

● Get yourself in a push-up position in a way that your hips are pointed up and the distance between your hands and feet is less than normal push up position.

● Perform the movement by bending your elbows and touching the floor with your forehead.

● Unlike normal push position in this exercise, the whole pressure of your body weight is more on shoulder delts, which means it’s time for deltoids to work hard.

This exercise is also a great way to build strength for handstand pushups.

● Do 8 reps for 3 sets of this movement.

One hand raise push up

This exercise is a great way to target the whole group of muscles at once. Unlike simple push-ups in this, the pressure is on deltoids when you raise your hand.

How to perform

● Get yourself in a normal push up position in a way so that your hands are just behind your shoulders.

● Now do the movement by bringing your body down by bending elbows. Next, when you push your body up raise one hand straight making a straight line to your body.

Make sure to lift the hand up when you are up and there is no bend in elbows. In this way when you lift the hand up, the whole tension is transferred to one shoulder.

● After one rep, do the same by lifting the opposite hand.

● Do 10 reps of this for 2 sets minimum.

Face pulls

This exercise is one of the best ways to target posterior delt of the shoulder i.e spacecular deltoid muscle.

This exercise is usually done on the cable machine in the gym but, for the home, we use a cloth in a shape just like your towel.

How to perform

● Take a strong cloth piece that is long enough. You can use a long towel if you have a long one.

● Now place it around a tree or any poll. And hold both ends in your hand.

● Now, lie back and put whole body weight on your hands and your arms should be fully stretched, then pull yourself back to the initial position. Make sure your hands are in front of your face when you pull yourself back.

● Do 10 slow movement reps for 3 sets of this exercise.

Reverse push up

If you are familiar with flies in the gym then you will find it similar. This exercise is the best way to target the posterior head or spacecular muscle.

How to perform

● Lie down on the floor with your face facing the ceiling. Make sure your arms are creating a 90-degree angle with your body. Basically, be in a fly position.

● To perform the movement push your body up with the help of your arms by bringing them closer.

● Perform the movement slowly to feel the pump in the back of your shoulder.

● Do 8 reps for 3 sets of this exercise

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