Jimin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jimin workout routine and diet plan

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Jimin workout routine and diet plan: Who hasn’t heard about the most iconic boyish band of south Korea named BTS and their amazing workout routine and diet plan? They have conquered the hearts of every girl around the globe since their debut in 2013 with the song “No More Dream” from the “2 Cool 4 Skool” album. Some people love them for their music and some are just fans of the handsome crew. 

Jimin is popular for his vocal and rapping skills, but we can’t miss how amazing his body is.

If you want to get a body like Jimin, you never have to set foot in a gym. This sounds strange, but neither Jimin nor BTS members believe in lifting heavyweight and working out in the gym. If this gets you excited, wait till you get to know the Jimin workout routine and diet plan. 

There are many stories when people follow Jimin workout routine and diet plan and that resulted in losing weight. Jimin lost apparently 10 kg in a very small amount of time. But his diet plan and workout routine is very difficult. You can also check out the exercise routine and diet plan of another BTS member Jungkook.


What is Jimin diet?

Jimin’s transformation from a chubby kid to a mature handsome man, shocked the world. And this was all because of his diet. When Jimin started as a vocalist in the BTS, he was a chubby kid and popularly known for his ‘ flower boy’ image. But this all is going to change when he gets into a rigorous diet and starts losing weight.


Check out how Jimin diet changed him

All BTS fans know the difference between his debut under Bih Hit Entertainment and his present image.

He started working out and maintaining his diet when the “Blood Sweat and Tears” album was going to hit the floors.

During an interview, Jimin mentioned that he was very strict on his diet and only eating one light meal for the whole day. 

And this diet changed Jimin transformed him from a chubby kid to a crush of millions of girls with his masculine jawline and amazing physique.

Before the Blood Sweat and Tears released, Jimin took an oath to lose weight. And he lost almost 10 kg in a very little span of time. And he revealed that the diet was totally worth it. 

The thing that motivated him to only eat one meal in a day was because he didn’t like his reflection in the mirror while practicing the choreography for the album.

It was also the first album when he became a visual member of the BTS. As previously only Jin, Jungkook, and V are the only members who performed live in front of the camera. 

In an interview, other BTS members were constantly telling him to eat, when they discover him lying on the floor but Jimin always answered ” I m not going”.

Not only Jimin, but every idol who works in the K-pop world follows a strict diet whether it is the Jimin co-star Junkook. Or Blackpink. They also go through an extreme diet and don’t touch food for a couple of days. 

However, it is not an ongoing diet and Jimin has left his starving days. Now he focuses on eating healthy foods.

The most common fools Jimin loves to eat and are also included in his diet plan are:

Veggies: Vegetables consist of minerals and vitamins which are essential for human growth and boost metabolism. Eating veggies on a daily basis can prevent you from gaining weight. 

Fruits: It’s no secret that fruits are the priority of Jimin. Fruit is low in calories and high in fiber, which helps maintain a balanced weight. Also, fruits are also great for metabolism, decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease etc. 

Chicken: The BTS fridge is always filled with chicken breast since the debut of their career. But now it has changed to chicken breast sausages. If you ever got the chance to be in a BTS dorm room, you will definitely find these.

Kimchi-jjigae: This is the favorite dish of Jimin and it is always in his diet. It is also one of the popular dishes of Korea and people are crazy over it. It also has various health benefits like, good for metabolism and keeps you full for a longer time and it tastes delicious.

So following this Jimin diet plan can get you a lean and slim physique. And in order to get the exact same body as him, you have to also follow the Jimin workout routine thoroughly.

That’s all for the Jimin diet plan.

Jimin Workout Routine

All the BTS members are very passionate about their bodies and looks. As we know, the BTS group has won the Billboards social media sensation award and since then they are traveling all over the world for shows, events, etc. BTS got incredible success than any other bands in the Kpop world and they are appearing nonstop from America got talent, British got talent, Tonight show, Ellen show and many more. Although traveling causes workout miss out sessions but according to BTS members they are not missing out on a single exercise routine. 

Let’s talk about the workout routine of Jimin and how many days he performs the exercises. Jimin mentioned all these exercises, and you can see Jimin performing these exercises in the reality show on their youtube channel.

Jimin workout routine includes:-


Training days: Five days a week

Jimin’s workout routine always includes cardio, as the idol wants to Maintain a lean body. They don’t want to gain muscles or fat and always remain thin and slim. That’s how it works in the Kpop world.

According to Jimin, all the members of the BTS group do dance practice for almost 2 to 3 hours. This is essential for them as they have to perform several live shows and also they want to create new moves in new events. It is one of the most fun activities that all the members including Jimin love to do. 

But Jimin doesn’t quit after just dance practice, sometimes he also goes for running or cycling. 

If you want to follow Jimin workout routine and don’t want to dance, you can just go for a run or cycling or perform low-impact exercises. 

Cardiovascular exercises also benefit in losing weight and maintaining a lean and slim body. 

Jimin Stretching Exercises

Jimin is the only member of the BTS group that does stretching and light exercise while heading down for a live performance or concert. 

Also, Jimin has to perform Stretching exercises because of neck and shoulder pain. There are few people who know it and if you experience the same thing you can also do these exercises mentioned below.

You can check out the Jimin exercises routing in BTS Run Episode 70 where Jimin performs stretching exercises. 

  • Knee plank
  • Wall angle

After the stretching exercise, Jimin do bodyweight exercise that helps him to burn calories.

Jimin Bodyweight Exercises

After doing cardio, Jimin goes to his daily body weight exercises. You can also see him performing in the reality shows on their YouTube channel.

Jimin’s bodyweight exercise doesn’t include any heavy lifting as his only focus is to maintain a slim and lean body. 

If you are a K-pop fan, you surely love their masculine jawline and their slim physique. Well, you can have this too by following Jimin’s workout routine.
Sets: 3
Reps: 20
Rest time after the set: One minute

  • Jumping jack
  • Push-ups
  • Pike push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Squats
  • Wall pulldowns

That’s all for the Jimin workout routine.

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