Low Impact Exercises at Home

Low impact exercises at home
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Low impact exercises are referred to as the easy exercises, that don’t tear your body after a workout. If you are looking for low impact exercises at home, you’re are the right place. Lifting heavy weights and working out for long hours isn’t for everyone.

While it is important to stretch and workout your muscles to get healthy bones and energetic bodies. High-intensity exercises are often performed in the gym, you have unlimited equipment and you can lift as much as you can.

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Low impact exercises are often for those people who are recovering from an injury or to improve the alignment and balance of the body. In modern society, not everyone has unlimited time to go to the gym and perform high-intensity exercises. It’s way better to perform Low impact exercises to save your time and get the workout at home.


When performing low impact exercises, it relaxes body tension without your heart pumping. Low intensity means low impact workout that gives a break to all your joints and muscles properly.

Low impact exercises benefit your health and body by creating tension on your muscle joints. Low-impact exercises focus on keeping one foot on the ground at all times.

Let’s check the low impact exercises you can do at home. But first let’s see which is better low impact or high impact exercises.

High Impact vs Low Impact exercises

High impact exercises are often described as where both our feet are off the ground at the same time or using heavy weights for working out.

Low impact exercises are described as where our one feet are off the ground or we using lightweight or no weight for working out.

Why/When to perform low impact exercises?

● Recovering from an injury: After a certain injury to a particular joint or muscle, it’s best to perform as low impact exercises. Muscles are in the recovery phase and perfect high-intensity exercises can make them worse. Stretching your muscles is also a part of low impact exercises and after injury, it’s best to stretch muscles even more.

● Taking a break from high impact exercises: It’s a myth, if it is low impact it’s easy and your muscles will not feel a thing. Low impact exercises can get your heart-pumping without you worrying too much about injuries.

● Easy on joints: If you have ever come to sore or pain in joints after a high-intensity workout. It’s better to switch to low impact and relax those muscles. Sooner you get to low impact exercises, the better join Muscle will recover. After performing low impact exercises, when you will go back to high impact exercises you get a sudden increase in your strength and less pain in joints after working out.

● Increase mobility and alignment: Low impact workout makes it easier to achieve your goal, if you want to focus on body mobility and alignment. With the correct exercise like Pilates and yoga, you can increase flexibility, mobility, strengthening, balance, and alignment of your body.

Low impact exercises at home


The most popular and the best low impact exercises at home. Waling normal is not exactly the low impact exercise, you have added some modifications to your walking.

● Walking Faster:  Not running or jogging, just move your legs faster. If you take 1 minute for 100 m try to take 45 seconds. This will get your blood pump racing.

● Stairs Walking: Stairs Walking looks easy, but harder to do. If you are up for an intense session in low impact exercises this is for you. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up and get your legs stretched worked out.


It’s a full-body workout. If you are looking for toning your muscles or burning some hard rock calories, swimming is the best for you. With only a few laps could engage your muscles throughout the upper and lower body. All your body muscles connect through the laps including your shoulders, triceps, pecs, core, and quads. It’s a low impact exercise you can perform at home and lose weight along the way.


One of the outdoor home activities, but if you have a big house you can do in the home. It is described as the aerobic activity which works on your lower body parts- especially your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. With only a few minutes of cycling, you burn a whole lot of calories and engage your lower body muscles.


It increases body mobility, flexibility, and strengthens your muscles. Yoga is the ultimate low impact exercise, with only moving fee muscles you can Activate and Stretch all your muscles. Yoga helps in balancing your body and alignment with various postures for your body. Some best yoga postures are listed in low impact exercises at home are:


Pilates is type yoga, the difference is that in yoga we perform static postures whereas in Pilates we perform unstable postures. It is one of the low impact exercises you can do at home. Performing Pilates every day has a lot of health benefits: improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, prevent musculoskeletal injuries, and increase lung capacity through deep breathing.

Jumping rope

It’s just like a warmup for your body. Your entire body gets workout without you losing sweat. It’s one of the best low impact exercises at home. This exercise gets your heart pump without targeting your one muscle. It’s target all your muscle which is best if you want to get rid of that heavyweight in gym.


If you’re taking a break from the gym to relax the muscles, push up is good exercise. It workout out your chest, shoulder, and arms. If you are recovering phase after an injury, don’t perform this exercise. You can use perform stretches of chest, arms, and shoulder like arms raise, arm swings, arm rotation, etc.


Workout your arms, shoulder, biceps, back, and triceps. It’s a full mixture of the upper body workout. Note: Don’t perform this exercise after serious injury. It can tear your ligaments and it make your muscles worse. You can perform this exercise if you taking a break from cardio or taking a break from those heavyweights in the gym.

Jumping jack

It’s like a warmup exercises for your entire body, especially for your lower body. With slight jumping and raising your arms, you get a workout. Just don’t do a lot of these, it can also get you worked if perform for some time. These small exercises are best for low-intensity workouts. It relaxes your muscle after a long hard day with a slight sweat.


Most of the people, don’t see this a low impact exercises, as if they say it looks super way. Just do that for 1 minute you can figure yourself. You can add modifications to this plan position and target various parts of your body. You can add variation to your plank position like shoulder tap plan or mountain climbers etc.

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