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Shoulder Exercises For Women at Home : Shoulder Workout

Shoulder exercises for Women at Home
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Doing abs exercises or doing cardio for weight loss is a common thing everybody is doing these days. Ladies, have you ever considered doing shoulder exercises at home? Probably not, the first question comes in your mind, who cares about the shoulder as long as I have don’t have a tummy.

Well, you need to watch that shoulders, these are the next things that people look after your face. If you are considering exercising your Shoulders at home, you are in the right place. We have included every shoulder exercise for women , that you can do at home without weights.

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It’s not easy as it is with abs exercises because you don’t have all the upper body workout equipment you’d typically find at a gym. So now you have three options first to go to the gym which you probably hate because you are looking for shoulder exercises that you can do at home. The second option you have is to leave the exercise, maximum people do this, but if you are different than the rest of them, you will choose the third option.

Perform these shoulder exercises for women at home to improve your posture and strengthen muscles.

Broad vs Narrow Shoulders female

Guys always prefer broad shoulders, as it looks them more muscular and women prefer narrow shoulder. There is reason behind that, guys have a tendency of high upper body strength and to load that muscles, broad shoulders are needed. On the other hand, women prefer narrow shoulders as gives them a good posture and get rid of that muscular look.

If you have broad shoulders or narrow shoulders and you want to change them without burning a hole in your pocket. These shoulder exercises are going to help with you it. These are best shoulder exercises for women at home, so don’t waste that money on gym membership and with minimum exercises strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Women always consider narrow shoulders as it gives them strength, size, and shape for the best body posture. With the perfect pair of solid, narrow shoulders, your hot little red dress with look tremendous!

Why do you need to exercise your Shoulders?

In today’s society, everybody has weak shoulders or pain in their shoulders due to their long hours sitting with computers or smartphones. That position for a long time can turn your shoulder inward and it leads to bad posture and weak shoulder muscles. This brings me to the second benefit: Shoulder exercises can help you carry heavy things like groceries and it could be very helpful in your daily life.

Benefits Of Working Out Your Shoulders for Ladies at Home

Do you need a good pair of solid, strong shoulders? The answer is YES. Strong shoulders not only good for your perfect posture and your athletic personality. Solid, strong shoulders are going to help in your daily life. You can get rid of that pain when you carry heavy things like (groceries, luggage, or kids). Having strong shoulders is the ultimate weapon, that is going to help in every physical circumstance. The most beneficial part is that you can prevent any physical injury when you play in any sports.

As Majority of the people spend their days sitting in a flexed position, which has created a lot of health problems.

Now you know the benefits of shoulder exercises, the next step would be to train that particular area. Everyone has been there, they want to get the exercise started at home but no know the best exercises to get the results faster.

Shoulder Exercises for Women at Home

Building stronger shoulders are slightly tough for women if you do exercise at home rather than the gym. The reason behind that is the lack of equipment. At gym you various options of different weights but at home, you have none of that. So you have taken some drastic measures to cope up with the loss of equipment.

If you have dumbells home, it is as easy to build strong shoulders at home as it is in the gym. If you don’t have any equipment, we have assembled the perfect exercises that can create some tension to your shoulders as it would have been with weights.

Crab walk

● Begin by sitting on the floor with your feet hip-distance apart in front of you and your arms behind your back with fingers facing hips.
● If too much weight on your wrists, slightly turn your fingers out to the sides of your body.
● Lift your hips two to three inches off the ground and Start “walking” forward.
● Moving your left hand followed by your right foot.
● Continue walking for a short amount of time.

Wide-grip pushup

● Place your hands on a ground and hands should be wider than shoulder-width.
● Bend your arms and lower your body until your chest touches the bench.
●Straighten your arms to bring yourself back up.
●Repeat 10 times.

Wide-grip pullup

● Hang from a chin-up bar with hands much wider than shoulder-width.
● Pull yourself by squeezing your shoulder blades.
● Touch the bar with your chin.
● Back to the original position and repeat 10 times.

Plank Shoulder tap

● Start in a high plank position with shoulder-width apart and wrists stacked under shoulders.
● Tap right hand to left shoulder, then return to start.
● Switch hands tapping left hand to right shoulder.
● Repeat 10 times.

Arm Circles

● Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your arms parallel to the floor.
● Start by swinging both arms behind you then bring them forward into a circular motion.
● Do them in a safe range of motion.
● Repeat 20 times.

Front Raise

For intense You can use dumbells

● Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your arms in front.
● Your hands should pe parrel to the floor.
● Start raising hands from up and down without swinging or using momentum.
● Repeat 20 times.

Bent over lateral raise

● Stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart.
● Slightly bend your knees and your chest until it is almost parallel to the floor.
● Lift straight arms out to each side, palms face the floor and torso forms a T-shape.
● Repeat 10 times.

Rear Delt Fly

● Lay down on your stomach on your yoga mat.
● Twist your arms outward when raising your arms back behind your body.
● Hold this for a few seconds and back to the original position.
● Repeat 10 times.

Feet-elevated pike pushup

● Start with getting in the pushup position and rest your feet on a bench or box.
● Bend your hips, raising your butt toward the ceiling so that your torso is vertical.
● Lower your body to the floor until your head is between your hands.
● Hold this for a few seconds and back to the original position.
● Repeat 10 times.

Pike push up

● Begin with Placing your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart.
● Your Hands should be slightly bent and in front of your face.
● Now touch your head to the ground but your legs should be straight.
● Back to the original position and repeat 10 times.

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