How To Grow a Mustache and Maintain it Like a Pro : Natural ways.


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Mustaches Trend

How to grow a mustache? Most asked question by men all over the world. One of the trademarks of your personality is a mustache. Mustaches are considered one the trademark of Manly hood in our societies among many areas of the world. Today is different from yesterday in early times when people don’t much bother about their mustaches or facial hair. Only aged people used to have mustaches. But in the present time, a lot of young guys are into mustaches, because they give a defined and mature look. Not only mustaches are loved by girls but they also give you a manly look.

Growing a mustache is a difficult task if you are in your 20’s. Because your body is not evolved fully. But is it impossible? Not at all. To grow a full-length mustache, you need to follow some steps and be consistent in it.

How to grow a mustache with style statement (types)?



credit: freepik


Mustaches have different types. To grow a mustache is one task but to give it style of your choice is the key. Every man has a different face structure and face length. You can choose any style that you like and rock it. The rule for mustaches is that not everybody looks great with it. You have to find out yourself what looks great on your face. Maybe stubble looks great on you, which is rocked by many celebrities. The choice is yours to make.

Some of the popular styles for mustaches that are in trend for many years.

English mustache

As it is clear from the name. This style is more popular in British people. This is one of the oldest styles that are in trend today also. In this mustache, your mustache is stretched out full without any curl in the end.

Walrus mustaches

These are difficult to grow for young men. Because you need to grow full thick mustaches. This style is popular among 40s men or older. If you are younger this is a bit difficult for you to grow these. This is heavy mustaches with no stretched out ends. It’s one of the simple mustaches out there. They are pretty much loose and cover your upper lip.

Toothbrush mustaches

When we talk about these only one name comes in our mind that gave this style fame all over the world. He is Charlie Chaplin. The toothbrush is not for everyone, this style suits a few people. In this style, you have to grow thick mustache with short sides.


One of the most popular styles all over the world in the young generation. This style is a trendsetter for mustaches. Every guy needs this style. Imperial mustaches are long mustaches with the maximum curl at the ends. To get this style you have to grow long mustaches and provide them maximum curl at the end. Imperial mustaches are thicker from your lip and have a more round structure.


Hungarian is also considered popular among youngsters and middle-aged men. This style gives a masculine structure to your face. In this style your mustache has long sides stretched out fully with a little curl at the ends.

Rule – you need time and maintenance to grow imperial and Hungarian mustaches.


Why are your mustaches not growing?

There may be several problems why your mustaches are not growing. Every individual is

different and facing different problems in growing their mustaches. We discuss some of the common problems why your mustaches are not growing.


This is one of the major reasons your mustaches are not growing if you are in the starting of your twenties. It all depends on your hormones. Every individual is different, there is no age limit for your hormones to develop. To grow imperial or Hungarian, you need time and maintenance.

Touching frequently

Don’t touch your mustaches frequently. When you touch your mustaches, again and again, it will break the hair and reshape the natural curl of the mustache.


How to grow a mustache?

Natural mustache is the best looking mustache. Yes, there are some chemicals and solutions in the market that promise to grow your facial hair. But before you do any of these, please consider their harsh side effects.

But to grow your mustache naturally, you need some time and key points in mind.

Let them grow

To get the heavy long mustache, you need to let your mustache grow for 8 to 9 months or

maybe more, depends upon the individual. When you cut the hair before it’s full potential, it restarts the process again and again. If you want to grow a heavy imperial mustache, You need to let them grow to its full potential.


Yes, moisture is important for your facial hair to keep it healthy and maintained. Make sure to apply oil before sleeping at night 2 times a week. Don’t overdo it, two times is good enough for your facial hair to adapt the moisture.

Use less products.

Don’t apply too many products on your mustache because your mustache hair is very thin and not that strong, so when you wash your mustache after applying products the hair will break. Avoid applying too many products on your facial hair. Only use products when it’s important for an event or any other occasion.


How to style a mustache?

Styling is the key. For that, you have to style your mustache to give it detail. If you are growing a big mustache, you should know how to style it.

Step 1. You need only two things to give detail to your mustache i.e wax and hairdryer.

Step 2. Use a dryer immediately after a shower once a day. You need a small blow dryer to style a mustache.

Step 3 Don’t use oil before styling your mustache or just after a shower.

Step 4. After shower your mustaches are wet. You need to press gently to make it a little bit dry.

Step 5. Move your hand gently on your mustache and give it a curl by moving your hands inwardly. To get the perfect curl to push the hair from the middle with twist outwards. Then, press gently corners or ends of the mustache with the dryer to give it a shape. Do the same for the other side.

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