Best Sunglasses according to face shape

sunglassses according to face shape
sunglassses according to face shape

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Sunglasses are something that provides you function and gives a cool vibe when you wear it on your face. It is a bit of a task to select the best sunglasses for men. sunglass is not only an accessory for fashion but also protects you from harsh ultraviolet radiation from suns, which develops wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes.
Summers are the perfect time to wear sunglasses. Your summer accessories wardrobe is incomplete without perfect sunglasses.


  • Buying Guide to choose the right sunglasses according to face shape.
  • How to style sunglasses?
  • Trending sunglasses in 2020

Perfect sunglasses according to face shape?

If you want to rock sunglasses first thing to consider is perfect shape sunglasses to your face shape. You need a pair of sunglasses for men which contrast your face shape.

Types of face shapes


Don’t overthink in determining your face shape. There may be a lot of them but usually, all are based on four main shapes.

Oval face shape

If you have an oval face shape make sure not to choose sunglasses with round edges. Because you need some more structure to your face. Instead go for rectangular, triangular, or square edges, this will work great for your face shape.

Square face shape

This shape is considered one of the masculine and Manly shape. But if you have this face shape, do you need square sunglasses? The answer is no. Your face is already having too strong edges, there is no need to make it more structured. Sunglasses with soft edges work great for this face shape. Round shape sunglasses work great for square face shape.

Triangular face shape

Triangular is not so common face shape. If you have it. Then you can call yourself lucky. Because you can go with any shape of sunglasses, from round to structured work perfectly fine for this face shape.

Round face shape

One of the most common face shapes from all. This face shape is round and you need to give some structure to it. Always go for sharp edges like rectangular, square if you have this face shape.

How to style sunglasses?

Sunglasses are something that every guy who is not even into fashion must-have in their accessories wardrobe. Because it will protect your eyes and soft skin around it from UV rays, which can be very harmful to your skin if you stay in the sun for a long period of time.

Use functionality over fashion

Yes, this is very important for everyone that, don’t fall for fashion and forget about functionality. Never buy sunglasses that cover your small eyes portion, it will look great but doesn’t provide you any protection. Make sure you buy sunglasses that cover your small eyebrow portion to cheekbones.

Polarised lenses

This is one of the common mistakes lots of men make when they buy sunglasses for summer. Polarised frames provide you protection from UV rays. When you buy cheap glasses they will give you minimum time protection from UV rays and protection will fade away in some time. Make sure when you buy sunglasses it has a sticker on it that says UV protected.

Face width

This is the most important factor in styling the sunglasses perfect on your face. When you buy sunglasses that don’t fit your face it will make you look bad. Never buy sunglasses that are too big or too small for your face. So how to know the perfect width for your face? The fashion magazine GQ says if you buy the sunglasses that are actually the width of your cheekbones, you are in perfect shape.

Match the style

You have to choose the style that matches the situation or occasion. Don’t wear sunglasses indoors, and make sure sunglasses you wear match the occasion and time. Never wear light casual sunglasses to a formal occasion, it will set off the vibe.

Trending sunglasses according to face shape in 2020


These classic shades give more of a formal look. And the bonus point about this is that anybody can rock these. If you are new and don’t know where to start than these should be the first and best choice for you.


This works great for men who have more of a square or triangular face shape. If you have round face shape, you should avoid these sunglasses but for structured face shape, it should be your first priority.

Round Steampunk Sunglasses for Men ( Tony stark glasses)

one of the most popular sunglasses all over the world. These are the best and perfect sunglasses for men who have long face shapes. Round face shapes should avoid these sunglasses because they will make you look more round.

Versace VE2150Q

If you prefer stylish shades, then Versace is VE2150Q is the best option for you in 2020 summer. Versace provides a frame with the metal structure to give that defined look. The only problem with this pair of sunglasses is that it is non polarised. But if you want to wear them for a night occasion, this pair will definitely outstand you from the crowd.


This pair of sunglasses is made by one of the reputed and world-famous fashion producer giant Gucci. Who doesn’t know about Gucci and it’s quality. Gucci products are mainly made in Italy with the marvelous design made specially to be outstanding. Gucci Sylvie provides 100% UV protection with a frame made of plastic. When you wear these pair of sunglasses, it reflects confidence on your face the exact moment, you wear it.


Neo is one of the finest pieces made by one of the icon brand Prada. If you want to go out of the box this is the best option for you. This pair of sunglasses cover a wide area around your eyes and makes you feel safe from UV rays. It comes with 100% UV protection. It complements the high fade cut, beard, or low length stubble.

Warby Parker

If you want to save some cash and want to get functionality with durability than make sure you go with this pair. These sunglasses not only provide 100% UV protection but also anti-scratch protection. Doesn’t it great? If you get any scratch on sunglasses, you can change them by contacting the company.

Lemtosh wood

Lemtosh makes you outstanding from the crowd. It provides a wooden frame. Not only it is good for uniqueness but it also provides comfort when you wear them. It is a way to go for you if you are going to some high professional events. These shades will surely get you a lot of compliments. Lemtosh wood is one of the best sunglasses out there in the market

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