Is Peaky Blinders Good For Family?

Is Peaky Blinders Good For Family?

Peaky Blinders story is about a family and brothers who run a greety business. The story takes us to post-World War 1. 

The main character of the show is Thomas Shelby(Cillian Murphy), who runs the business with his brothers. This show is a rollercoaster ride of crime, power, and family dynamics.

But Is peaky blinders good for family?

You can watch Peaky Blinders with the adult members of your family but it is not an appropriate web series to watch the kids.

  • The series got a mature rating for a reason. There are many scenes in the series which involve brutal violence and crime. Shooting, stabbing, torture, and some scenes also include cutting part of the human body parts.
  • These types of scenes are very common in peaky blinders and are not good for innocent eyes.

However, I think it is a good show overall that you can watch with your partner or friends.


–Despite the darker theme, the show manages to keep you hooked with its interesting plotline.

You are going to love the show more after the second season. The first two seasons might not be that they will keep you hooked. But in these seasons the plotline and story start to build up. 

Episode after episode you will start loving the characters of the show. Every character has done a tremendous job including both male and female characters.

I also don’t want to suggest peaky blinders to watch with your old parents.

  • They might not like the brutal scenes in the show. However, if your parents are not offended by occasional violence and crime scenes, then you can watch it with your parents. 

But I think Peaky Blinders is a type of series that you can watch with your partner, your sibling, or alone. 

—You can watch Peaky Blinders only on Netflix 

  • Besides crime and the underworld narrative, Peaky Blinders also showcases how important loyalty, ambition, and family are.
  • So, I hope you are satisfied and know more about peaky blinders and become more clear about whether you should watch it with your family or not. 
  • The show Peaky Blinders itself is designed for mature audiences. And if you watch with your siblings, friends, or with your partner, you will feel more connected and it will be more interesting as you can have interesting discussions to talk about afterward.

But if you want a show that you can watch with your entire family then don’t worry I will provide you with a list of the best family shows that can be a good family get-together whenever you watch it.

But before that as a parent or son/daughter of your parents, you should know what makes a good family shows.

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What makes a good family show?

It doesn’t matter what type of shows you like. But a family show is one that everyone enjoys, which includes adventure, laughter, and jump-out-of-couch moments.

Engaging storyline-

This is the most important when you select any show for family night. An engaging storyline is what keeps everyone hooked from the start to the finish.

You don’t want anyone to fall asleep during a showtime. So, the storyline is very or I say most important factor in selecting a good family show.

A web show like Peaky Blinders can be very long, so make sure you choose a show that doesn’t keep you and your family hooked from start to finish.

Age-appropriate content- 

Another main factor is to look for a show that is appropriate for all ages. You don’t want any awkward situation with your parents or children while watching a show. So, it is best to check for the age appropriate content when you select a series to watch with your family.

Length of the series

Length of the series also. Too long series or show can become boring after some time. Very rare shows can keep you hooked on the storyline for very long. So, it is best if you choose a show or series that is not too long.

Humor for all

Humor is what will keep the interest in the show. So, look for a show that has a touch of good humor. A good Humor show always stays in our mind for a long time. 

There is no genre that can beat humor when it comes to a family show.

Good plot and storyline 

It is very hard to watch a series that Has an average plot and Storyline. Doesn’t matter how good the acting, actor, or action is, if the storyline is weak, everyone in your family will get bored after a few episodes or seasons.

  • If a show has all the things explained above then it can leave you with lasting memories. A show that has all of these can become a part of family tradition and shared laughter.
  • This makes these types of shows a special part of your life. And you don’t want any of your family members to miss this tradition. 

I hope these factors make your hustle less while selecting a good family show. But if you still want to skip the hustle, then I got you.

I will list some of the best family shows that you can consider for a family movie night.

  • The good place
  • Brooklyn nine nine
  • Avatar
  • Anne with An E
  • One day at a time
  • Family matters
  • Facts of life
  • A series of unfortunate events
  • Everybody hates Chris
  • Ultimate beastmaster
  • The great British baking show
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