Cillian Murphy Style That Redefines The Fashion Rules

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Cillian Murphy style that made a point in the fashion industry after his famous show Peaky blinders, from his hairstyle to his dressing sense it’s a whole in one package.
Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor who was once a musician but quit it soon after calling down the deal of record and started pursuing his career in theatre acting.
Well, a man who over defines his age by his perfect dressing sense and slim body, there are many things to learn from.

some Cillian Murphy style secrets that have introduced a new fashion trend among youth all over the world. This article covers all his style secrets from hairstyle to shoes.



Cillian Murphy – layers combination style

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One of the best Cillian Murphy style pick is adding a layer ( layer is adding one extra cloth-like – jacket on a t-shirt) to his outfits. Cillian Murphy’s style is all about uniqueness, he is one step forward to make him apart from others by adding layers with most of his outfits.
To get Cillian Murphy style don’t go with one layer like a t-shirt or shirt, add one more layer extra with any type of open jacket with down to up zip or you can go with shrugs in summers. Cillian Murphy Never afraid to open his jacket or shrug, let expose the first layer i.e t-shirt or shirt.
Cillian Murphy rocks this style in most of his live appearances.

Never expose too much skin is Cillian Murphy style

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Cillian Murphy Never allows exposing too much of his skin area wearing any type of clothes. He never allows to fold up sleeves which is not a good trait according to many fashion gurus, that is right, but the thing that sticks him in the game is his pattern selection and layering secret. Cillian Murphy never opens the shirt button more than one.
Cillian Murphy’s style statement comes from his ability to choose classic colors like – black, white, blue. He never tries experiments with printed shirts or t-shirts, he always keeps it simple.
The secret behind Cillian Murphy’s rocking every outfit is his way to carry every outfit he wears. He knows how to compliment every outfit that he wears. Most of the men make mistake in this, they don’t know how to pull every outfit and make it look outstanding.


Boots over sneakers- Cillian Murphy style

Boots are no. One choice for Peaky blinders star Cillian Murphy whether formal shoes with suits or Chelsea boots with casuals he never gets out of them.
Most of his street style covers boots.

Suit up like Murphy

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Cillian Murphy is a chaser of classic suits that suits his slim fit body. As a thin man, Cillian Murphy tries to avoid too tight-fitting because otherwise, it will make him look thinner.
Cillian Murphy style suits with an old classic touch, if carried perfectly can lag behind today’s trends. Top collection in his suits wardrobe carries black, grey color and blue. Cillian Murphy’s style is to keep it normal with fitting and length.

Cillian Murphy rocks his suit style by adding the layer with a tie that outstands him apart. Want Cillian Murphy style, get some cool pattern ties that match the suit vibe.


Casuals- match the occasion

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Cillian Murphy styling casuals with lots of patterns makes him the most fashionable man or celeb. Wearing denim with shirts to pairing up bomber jacket with t-shirt Murphy knows what’s best for an occasion.

Casual outfits wardrobe of Cillian Murphy carries a lot of different checks and plain shirts. Cillian Murphy Never allows the shirt tuck in with any extra layer i.e jacket or shrug. When it comes to shrugs, Cillian Murphy rocks that style in a lot of his street style.
Dark Denim jackets are also in Cillian Murphy style list priority, matching with best check or plane shirts and dark shades pants is a go for Cillian murphy.
The Irish actor prefers comfort over any fashion, from his neutral size t-shirts to his suit tailoring he keeps comfortability factor above on anything else.


less is good Tommy Shelby aka Cillian Murphy rule is keep it less, he avoids any accessories in most of his appearances. The one accessory he prefers to wear on formal occasions is watch.
Cillian Murphy style has it’s own point, challenging the most hardcore views of fashion industry Cillian Murphy try to avoid any accessories on casual occasions. Very few people can become fashion trend without following the fashion guidelines and make their own, Cillian Murphy is one of them.



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stick to one Cillian Murphy hairstyle has never changed much from the starting of his career, which on the other hand Tommy Shelby from Peaky blinders hairstyle got some huge amount of appreciation besides the fact in real life, Cillian Murphy, Not into the hairstyle very much.
Cillian Murphy’s hairstyle carries a long hairstyle without any fades, complimenting his long face.

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