Can You Wear Grey Suit To A Wedding

grey suit to a wedding
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Every guy’s closet has one grey suit and you wear it everywhere from parties to the office, but can you wear a grey suit to a wedding? If yes, then what is the best way to wear a grey suit to a wedding? Well, this is what I’m going to discuss in this article.

A wedding is a crucial event, and before wearing a grey suit to a wedding, it is important to know whether the wedding has a formal or semi-formal dress code. Also, not all color grey shades are appropriate for a wedding.

Read on to find out how to style a grey suit for a wedding in more detail from tie color, to shirt color and shoes, everything is listed in detail.

Can You Wear A Grey Suit To A Wedding?

Without a doubt you can wear a grey suit to any wedding, doesn’t matter if the theme of the wedding is formal or casual, you can wear a grey suit to a summer wedding and as well as in winter wedding.


However, there are some things that you should know and consider before wearing a grey suit to a wedding.

men wearing a grey suit

There is no doubt grey suit has been a staple piece, that has been worn in offices and as well as at formal and casual events. But choosing the color of the suit is just one thing and making it look appropriate and up to the mark is another.

In this article, I will tell you how you can style and wear a grey suit to different types of weddings. What I mean by different is how you can make your grey suit look even more appealing by considering some factors.

Things to Consider before wearing a Grey suit to the wedding

You should always consider the theme of the wedding first. The wedding you are attending is following a formal theme or semi-formal. And knowing that you can style your grey suit accordingly.

Don’t worry I will give you some basic tips that will help you style your grey suit for a wedding that follows a specific theme.

But before that, you should know the second factor, which is the season of the wedding. It is very important to select the appropriate fabric that will look more appealing and suit the conditions.

Next is the design or the tailoring of a grey suit. This is also important as there are some things that you should avoid at all costs if you are making a new grey suit for the wedding.

Before we explain all the factors in detail, I think some of you might already have a grey suit and you want to wear it for a wedding.

If this is the case then there is nothing wrong with rocking your old grey suit to a wedding.

But what about whether and theme? You might be thinking. Well, you can always make your grey suit accordingly by adding some accessories and by adding some layers.

Achieving a Formal wedding look in the grey suit

Is it formal? If yes, then the first thing is to select the shade of the grey suit. Go with a dark grey color. A dark grey color is best for any formal event.

men posing in wearing a dark grey suit

It is best to stick with a plain grey suit and avoid any patterns. Patterns look more good if you are attending a party.

grey suit with pattern

You should also avoid the silver color. Most people get confused between silver and grey. So you should know that silver is different and looks shiny, whereas grey has a more subtle and deep tone. So, choose carefully while selecting a fabric.

Next, you should always go with a three-breasted suit if you are attending a formal wedding. Single-breasted suits are better for casual events.

men wearing a grey suit and standing

A white dress shirt is always the best choice with a grey suit. You can always play with accessories to pop out the color.

Avoid stripes or patterned dress shirts for a formal event like a wedding. You can also wear a plain black dress shirt if the wedding is in the winter season.

white dress shirt

Now as I said you can pop out the color with accessories, how can you do that? Well, the best way is to choose a tie color that pops on a white shirt and compliments a grey suit as well.

For me, a burgundy color Tie is the best way to pop out the color and look formal at the same time. You can also add the same color square pocket to look dapper and well-dressed.

A classic watch with a metal band such as silver, gold, or stainless steel can add a touch of sophistication and can be a great conversation starter.

Now let’s talk about the season of the wedding which also determines which fabric will be best for the suit.

If you want to look more formal, classy, and rich the best option would be Wool fabric. Wool fabric, especially a cashmere is one of the premium fabrics out there.

Most celebrities choose this fabric for their suits. The soft feel, premium glance, and ventilation are what make cashmere suits so popular and elegant.

The second best choice would be a blend of cotton. Cotton with any type of blend that feels good to you, will be a better choice if you don’t want to break your wallet.

For footwear, always go with dress shoes. Normal black or brown tan dress shoes are a preferable option with a grey suit. However, don’t forget to match the color of your shoes with the belt you are wearing.

men tieing a brrown dress shoes

This is all you need to know if you are going to a formal wedding. Most weddings follow this theme. In some rare cases, the theme might be different or semi-formal, but there are very rare cases of that.

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Achieving a semi-formal wedding look in a Grey Suit

For a semi-formal theme wedding, you can go with linen and cotton fabric.

If this all is confusing for you, remember one thing. When you select the fabric of the suit, look for fabric that doesn’t shine and has a matt finish.

Now, if you are going to a casual theme wedding you can play with a lot of things. You can even go with a grey blazer and black pants.

Moreover, you can wear a striped shirt under a grey suit to add some texture to the look. You can skip the tie.

You can also play with shoes, you can wear Chelsea or monk strap boots. In summer, loafers would be a better option.

Note: When you are sewing a new grey suit for a wedding, opt for notch lapels as they look more classy and formal. Avoid big lapels or down lapels as they make you look overboard and you don’t want that in others’ weddings.

Alternatives to grey suit for wedding

If you are not too focused on getting a grey suit for a wedding, then you can also explore some other options as well. What will they be? Let’s discuss…

Royal Blue suit is one the best options out there that you can try. It speaks class and also adds a modern touch to your look.

You can pair it with black shoes and a royal blue tie with stripes. A dress shirt underneath can do a pretty good job with this suit.

The Navy blue suit is the most popular cousin of royal blue suits that always remain in the top picks for wedding suits.

Another suit that you can try is the shade of brown and cream. The cream suit would be a really good option, as it is easy to add contrast to the suit by adding a maroon color tie. Beige and brown shades are also a pretty good option.

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Fitting of grey suit

The fitting of the suit can make or break a look. You can spend thousands of dollars on a suit fabric but if the fitting is not proper, it will not look good period!

A normal well-fitted suit can look way better than a thousand-dollar suit any day.

Especially if you are going to a formal event like a wedding. Wearing a grey suit is one thing but making sure it looks appealing for a wedding is another.

So, here are some things that you should be looking for in a suit fitting when you decide to wear a grey suit to a wedding.

The first is the shoulder. Always make sure the shoulder ends sit well on the shoulder and don’t slide up or down when you wear it.

Next, if your suit has stripes or wrinkles on the back of the suit jacket then it is most probably because the suit is tight. You can feel the suit is tight when you wear it.

If you are pushing your chest in the front to get comfortable, it is a sign that the suit is tight.

If the suit is tight you will feel some areas of your body like underarms and upper back. Always make sure you can move your arm freely in a suit. I made this mistake, and I don’t want you to do the same.

Next is to check the armholes of the suit jacket. The best way to do that is by moving both hands on the side.

If the suit gets up immediately after raising a hand, that means the arm holes are big and that you don’t need that in a suit. The armholes should be small and up, near your underarms.

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