Best Casual Dress Shirts

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Best casual dress shirts – Whether you work 9 to5 or you have your own company, dress shirts are universally used by men. In the early days dress shirts are limited to work, but as in this fashionable era the limit is where you set, and now you wear it on formal occasions, dates, and functions also.

Nowadays companies do a lot of experiments with the style to make it versatile, which can be worn on casual days makes them casual men dress shirts.

Every man should have a place for a dress shirt in their wardrobe, you can style them with different types of outfits.

Best Casual Dress Shirts

Best Casual Dress Shirts
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Eton dress shirt

A giant player in the shirt market. Eton has its headquarters in Sweden from where it provides its best quality product (dress shirts) all around the world. The reason Eton is on this list is that you can wear Eton dress shirts on a casual day, pared up with jeans and shoes.


Pros :

● One of the best dress shirts that provide wrinkle resistance.

● This shirt will give you the best fitting then any other brand.

● Eton uses 100% natural fiber to make shirts. As you may know that Eton’s focus is clear, they make dress shirts that provide comfortability to the user.

Cons :

● Eton provides world-class shirts but there is one con you may find in Eton is the price tag. The price of Eton shirts is slightly higher than that of normal dress shirts, but besides this, you get a high-quality dress material.

Anto Beverly hills

A known name in the dress market with its specialty in custom-made dress shirts. Anto Beverly Hills is an American-based producer that has made custom dress styles for many movies like – mission impossible and Jumani.

This brand is best known for its quality and comfort. Anto makes all types of dress shirts, for black tie events or casual dress shirts for normal days, you name it they will make it for you, with a size that only fits you.


● The best advantage you can get from this brand is its specialty in customizable dress shirts. They can make a shirt of your size with fitting and finishing on point. Of all those years of experience you should never doubt their tailoring skills

● Alto provides you best collar quality than any other normal brand. They give perfect straight cut line to collars, usually challenges your ability to pull them off.

● It makes all types of dress shirts for different occasions.

● You will get a high-quality fabric shirt with clean finishing.

Cons :

● Because of its popularity and custom facility, may shake your budget.


Italian-made shirt producer who provides the world’s best dress shirts. Lorenzini has different types of patterns and colors in their stock, that have to be styled according to the occasion. Lorenzini provides dress shirts that you can style for casual occasions with jeans or trousers.


● Contains a variety of different styles and option to choose from.

● Lorenzini’s computer-driven fitting technique is proved to be best for fitting.

● If you are obsessing over collars in a dress shirt, then Lorenzi will not upset you with its varied range of collars.


● Quality is ok, not good as Eton. But gives a comfortable and luxurious experience with its different types of patterns and styles.

● Like Eton and Aton, this will also help to make your wallet light.

Tom Hilfiger

With its vast network, Tommy Hilfiger is now a household name all over the world, with its service available in every city of most of the countries.

Tommy Hilfiger is best known for its 100% cotton-made slim-fit dress shirts. No doubt that you don’t have to make a second guess when you are buying from Tommy, as brand don’t compromise in quality within sufficient range.


● Tommy dress shirts usually come in a slim fit from up chest to down to your waist, a great option for taller guys with slim body.

● You will get 100% quality with a sufficient price tag.

● If you are men who don’t want to iron your shirt, then Tommy should be your pick. Because here shirts are made wrinkle resistant.


● The fitting can become an issue if you are heavy or have little fat on your stomach.

Buying guide for dress shirt

Dress shirts are more than casual shirts, It takes time and proper knowledge of fabric and tailoring to buy a great dress shirt. But why do you need to check the quality of the shirt?

A high-quality shirt not only makes you look good but also provides comfort, durability, and longevity to your shirt.

So, before buying a dress shirt from any store you have to look at some specific details to check the quality of the shirt.

Collar quality

Believe it or not, collars can tell about the quality of the shirt. A quality dress shirt collar should have symmetrical fine edges on it.

Make sure to check if collars take a natural curve when buttoned. Good quality collars are more flexible and should not be hard, nor should be like paper.

Check for unfused quality collars if you are buying a dress shirt to style on casual occasions.

Look for removable collar stays. Poor quality dress shirts usually come with non-removable collar stays, or no stays at all, which makes collar points lie on shoulders when the shirt is washed several times.

So, for a better experience, you have to check dress shirts that support removable collar stays which holds the collar points straight even if the shirt gets old.


Now you have checked the basics it’s time to check what material is used in making a shirt.

Well, all High brands use 100% cotton fabric in making dress shirts, which is proved to be best for shirts, provides a comfortable experience.

Somehow there is no easy way to know the quality of fabric if you don’t have knowledge about yarn, mill, weave.

So, is it impossible to know what’s the best quality? Well, it is said that the best way to check the quality of the material used in the making of the dress shirt is by feeling and looking at the fabric.

The rough fabric is usually bad for dress shirts as wrinkles get easily on this surface.


Stitching is an important area to look for before buying any dress shirt if you are searching for casual dress shirts.

Usually, the dress shirts that come in casual wear contain 20 or 19 stitches per inch, but the formal dress shirts usually contain 18 stitches per inch.

Anything above 18 for a dress shirt makes it a poor stitching quality dress shirt. With casual dress shirts, 19 to 20 are acceptable.

Difference between a dress shirt and a casual shirt

Dress shirts are different from casual shirts in various ways such as –

Shirt Lenth The quick difference you can pick in a formal shirt and the casual shirt is that the dress shirt is longer than casual shirts. But there are certain casual shirts that you find long than usual, they are.

Collar buttons – The second thing that differentiates between casual and dress shirts is collar buttons. That said, dress shirts usually don’t have collar buttons, they are made simple to be paired with a nice tie. On the other hand, most of the casual shirts today have two color buttons, one on each side.

Cuff length – This is a minor difference that casual and dress shirts have. Usually, the length of the cuffs of the dress is wider, made, to be folded multiple times to attach cuff links. But this is not the best way to know the difference because not all dress shirts are made for the purpose of cuff links.

Material – The slight difference you can notice in the dress shirt is that they are lighter than casual ones because casual shirts are usually made of thicker material.

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