How to tell if a girl likes you but is hiding it ?

Signs She likes you but hiding

How to tell if a girl likes you but is hiding it: Lots of guys miss getting together with a girl as they couldn’t get the signs that indicate she is interested in you. 

We established that girls never make the first move, but it doesn’t mean that won’t give you hints. 

Women are passive-aggressive things and are very good at hiding their feelings. If you don’t pick up the signs, you can understand a girl’s mind and never be able to know whether she’s into you or not.

If you don’t know this, how are you going to ask her out on a date if you don’t know if she is interested in you or not? 


If your girl is showing the sign mentioned below, there is a very good chance that won’t get rejected.

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At the end of the topic, you can easily know how to tell if a girl likes you but is hiding it.

But let’s first understand why she is hiding her feelings…

Signs a Girl Likes You But Is Trying To Hide it

She teases the idea of being a couple

Every guy must know that there are no girls on the planet who will tease you and joke about being a couple. If your girl is doing this, you are good to go and just a few steps away be her boyfriend. 

Here’s how she might do that: 

Constantly tells you that you “act like her boyfriend”.

Joke about the two of you actually being in a relationship.

Another way she might do this is by creating a scenario with a ” What if” question. 

That can include “How great would it be if we were a couple.”


” If we met at a bar, how would you approach me”.

She compliments you often

If she likes you, she will definitely compliment you. She can compliment you on your appearance like(“You look good!” or “Are you working out!”).

Another sign you can notice is that she will definitely compliment you about your “smile and eyes”. 

You will be getting compared with other guys, about how awesome you are.

If she is doing this, there is a good sign and indicates that she likes you but hiding it.

Some girls are nervous and feel awkward while giving compliments to the person they like, if she is like this. You can also check for another sign

As she will pay attention to small things about your appearance, physique, and every small detail. You’ll be the primary topic of her girl squad.

She gets Overexcited around you

When a girl likes a boy, she tries to suppress her feelings, but in reality, if you watch closely, you can see the signs. 

The first sign you have to notice the behavior of your girl. Does she change her personality or do something different when she is around you? She keeps trying to hide her feelings, but one look of you can do something strange. She will not able to help it and there are few things that she’ll definitely do:

  • Crack jokes to make you laugh
  • Always interested to know about you and your interest.
  • She is always ready for a conversation with you
  • In a group, she’ll always excited in conversation which includes you

She tries to be confident

Lots of guys think that girls usually feel shy when they are around the guy she likes. That’s true! But although they are shy, they do not show and try to be more confident. 

There is a small trick that can help you understand this sign. During your conversation with her, she’ll always be ready to do wild things and try to show off her hippie attitude. She tries to show off that she doesn’t get scared of anything.

This could be a sign that most guys don’t notice and think that it is the girl’s behavior. 

In addition, she’ll also tell you about her fun moments in life (and that will never include her exes). 

If the exes are included in that story, it can be a bad sign.

She Either Talks Too Much Or Too Little

Girls love to talk and there is no denying it. But when a girl likes someone, this phenomenon can change a little bit. If a girl likes someone, she gets nervous around him, and either she tends to be overly talkative or really shy, so keep your guard up and watch the sign! If you really like her, ask her a question and wait for how she reacts.

She shares her personal information with you

If a girl likes you, she will be excited to discuss her family issues, her future plans, goals she wants to accomplish in her life. This can be confusing for some guys as most of the friends also discuss these things. Don’t worry, you can figure out whether she is telling all these things because she considers you as a friend or someone who has a special place in her life. 

Girls never talk about their feelings with a male friend, only with their girl squad. 

It’s a simple procedure, if she ever talks about her feelings with you, that could be a sign she likes you. This could happen in any conversation, work or family-related.

Another reason she wants to share her personal information with you is to let you be more open. And she will definitely expect that you also talk about your personal information. If you both are doing this right now, there is a good possibility that she likes but is hiding her feelings. 

But don’t rush to her with a proposal, you have to be 100% sure that she is interested in you. 

She Touches You

Another sign that gives you the hint of whether she is interested in you or not. It is a scientific indicator that people tend to touch people who they like. Girls give you the hint by touching your arm and sometimes your cheeks. Although, if you are really good friends for a while this could be friends too. 

If you are experiencing this with your girl and confused about why she is doing it. 

When a girl likes someone, she gets nervous and awkward while touching the guy she likes. If she is doing this, it’s confirmed that she thinks of you more than a friend. 

She Asks You A Lot Of Questions

Girls love to talk and when they are crushing over someone, they want to know everyone. The reason girls do this is that they want you to get open with her and discuss even small subjects. 

Girls have power like Jedi, they want to read minds. Apparently, it’s not a  magic power. When you have a conversation with them, they get to know about your mindset and your feelings. 

The one topic you will definitely have talked about or going to talk about in the future is your opinion of other girls.

This gives them the opportunity to know your personality and whether she qualifies for your list.

These small talks are very beneficial as you get to know whether there is someone who also is crushing over you. 

If your girl is getting a lot of interest in these matters, watch out these are the signs!

She Is giving you first priority

This is one of the ways by which a girl tells you that she likes you. You might have missed a lot of hints and it’s not your problem. It can be difficult to know that someone is giving you priority. You can easily tell when a boy gives you priority but it’s hard with girls.

She values your opinion is everything. A small trick to know she is giving to priority over everyone is 

When both of you are hanging out in a group, there is a possibility that you want to go to a club or any place. 

At that time, notice that she will definitely choose the place you recommend. 

Also, few girls are awkward in these moments, but their decision will be the same as yours. 

If she is doing this, there is a good sign that this girl is interested in you and wants to make you happy.

She helps you with your work

Girls often do this with the person she is close to or interested. If a girl is helping you with your homework, chores, driving you around, or any other small work, to make you happy. She will do all this and also be excited as she can spend some quality time with you and secretly wants to make your bond stronger. 

She is your social media partner

We all are crazy about social media. There might not be a better way to show her that she likes you.

She will definitely give the sign that she likes you by posting pics of you on her Instagram. Girls only post pics of people who matter in their life.

When she posts pictures of the two of you, you are already a couple in her mind. With social media, you can easily know what she feels about you. 

The trick to know is to closely read the caption

And if there are casual emojis you are on the right path, but if the caption includes (e.g., #LoveHimLikeABrother, #SetHimUp, or #FriendZoned) it is a clear indication that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for you.

She’s flirty over text

If she is into you, she will definitely flirt over text. It doesn’t matter if she is shy or not, every girl who likes someone does it. The reason behind this is because she feels nervous and shy around you and doesn’t have the courage to flirt in front of you, but while texting she feels relaxed and she tries to approach you by giving you hints.

This may vary from girl to girl, but a girl can be flirty over text but when you are in front of her she blushes.

Her Friends Behave Differently

When a girl likes a boy she will definitely tell her friends, but not male friends, this talk is mostly for her girl squad. 

To know the sign whether she likes you but hiding it, you have to pay close attention to her friend’s reaction when you are around. You might notice that her friends leave you two for quite some time. 

Another thing to notice is ” when her girl squad leave, are they smiling and looking at the girl and she starts to blush”. If yes then you are lucky as the girl has feelings for you but hiding them.

Also, if they joke about both of you as a couple, you are just a few steps away from becoming this in reality.

Another important part, the girl may hide it perfectly but her friends are less subtle and provide very good clues. 

If you ask her friends nicely, they may tell you outright.

She is testing you

We all know that girls never make the first move. But it doesn’t mean, she will stay idle when she likes a boy. She drops a few signs that give an indication that she is interested in you. This is one of the important factors why she hides her feelings as she wants to test you. 

The test doesn’t include you answering questions. She wants you for the long run and she has to be sure that actually has feelings for her. You are doing this for fun. She wants to know that she will be your first priority in everything as she wants to spend her life with you.

 She knows about past relationships

No, she can’t read minds and doesn’t have any magic powers. She loves you to know about you and probably asked your friends or coworkers about your relationship status. So, if you are thinking of hiding your past relationships, avoid that. She wants you to be honest with her and talk about your issues. 

Although, she might not know all your past relationships, only recent ones. Also, when you are in a long conversation avoid talking about your ex and never say any bad things. 

Reasons why girls don’t tell a boy that likes him

She’s shy

The reason why she is trying to hide that she likes you is that she is shy. Lots of girls and even boys get nervous around the people who like them. Generally, a nervous person doesn’t talk too much and it can be hard to differentiate whether she really likes you or not.

If a girl is being shy around you, there could be two reasons:

  • It’s her personality and she is the same around everyone. 
  • She gets nervous around you as she really is into you and she tries too hard to hide those feelings.

She feels rejected

A lot of guys are afraid of getting rejected but you don’t know the girls have the same feeling. And as we know, there are few girls who make the first move. But let’s not get into that, but know why she has fear of getting rejected and trying to hide her feelings. 

If a girl likes a boy, she sends small signals that tell you she is interested in you. If she didn’t get the same response, she might feel rejected and there is a pretty good chance you’ll never be getting close with her.

Soon, you’ll be seeing her with a different guy who gets her signal and makes his move.

So it is very important that you understand whether she likes you or not. And in this you are going to learn how to know if a girl likes you. At the end of the article, you’ll be able to pick up the small cues, every girl makes, and then you’ll have a chance to make your first move.

You Are really Good Friends

The famous Bro code applies to girls also. No matter how much a girl likes you, but if you are really good friends, she might try to hide her feelings. This scenario is also when a boy likes his female friend, he never tells his feelings in order to save their friendship. 

But there are signs that help you figure out whether she likes you as a friend or there could be something more.

Let’s head to the signs that will help you figure out whether does she is showing the 

Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, you can easily understand the signs she is giving you.

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