How to tell if a Guy likes you ? : 12 signs

How to tell if a Guy likes you

Analyzing the thoughts and expressions of a guy, a bit difficult right. Men are experts in hiding their feeling and suppress their emotions. It’s strange, I know but this is the reality. But somehow we need to find it, if he is really into you. They won’t directly tell you, but leave some clues and hints that indirectly show that they like you. And above all, you have a crush on him but you are just not aware of the same feeling that resides in his heart too. 

Guys show their concern and love through their actions, and noticeable too. But you should know how to interpret these actions, rather than falsely putting yourself into some kind of Disney World. To know his thoughts becomes more difficult when he is a shy person. So, I know you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you, keep brief here are the details and signs of a guy that he really likes you. 

Signs a guy likes you

Before making any assumptions in your head first go through all the points and then plan.  

Caring nature towards you

Unleash his actions and behavior through his attitude towards you. Is he being more protective and caring? Well, everyone is protective towards their family and friends but the guy is protective about you and helping you out in every way possible then it’s a dead giveaway that he got feelings for you. When you are around him there is everything possible he would do to get your attention.  


It’s a sure way to tell if a guy likes you or not by his behavior. You would look that in a group of people he always show care towards you especially. Try watching him from a distance. If he does the same thing to other people as well, then it might his style and behavior. Otherwise, yes for sure that he is interested in you. 

Smiling tells a lot

A smile can do wonders, can make the icing heart melt in a sec and even calm the person when one is angry about something. See his actions when he is around you.

Does he smile a lot? Especially when you talk. If yes then they are chances that he is thinking about you and have feelings for you. We, humans, are happier when we are around the people we love and like the most.

It’s nearly impossible not to smile when he is with you or a person is around with people that they admire the most.

So, see if he is happier and smiles a lot around you. And passes a smile at every glance he had with you. An indirect way to know that he likes you. 

Their body language is the fastest way to know if a guy likes you or not. 

Treating you special

The other major sign to know if the guy is interested in you by seeing his caring attitude and treating you in a different manner than the others. 

Guys show concern and listen to everything carefully. They treat you in a special way like offering you a ride, helping you in every situation. 

Men tend to do everything that eases your mind and relax you if he feels for you. They make it obvious by their actions even though not told directly to you what he thinks about you.

He pays attention to you more than others. Subconsciously they do everything that is best for you. Greets you with a smile. And try to make a good impression on you. 

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Jealousy factor

Often girls are considered the ones that have jealousy factors, but boys have jealousy too. When a boy likes someone he gets jealous too.

The men might not show it directly but when you pay less attention to him and talk to other guys. And the aftereffects, he starts ignoring you. 

Ignorance may vary with situations. 

Little details

Guys are not the type to remember every single detail. But it’s different in this case. If a guy remembers each and every little detail about you, then it’s a great sign that he is into you.

They even notice what color you are wearing and what is different in you today. Keep this aside, they even remember the important dates regarding you. To clear the picture, you can ask him if he is interested in someone. 


Compliments are the sweetest and most widely used phrases to show love and affection towards someone.

You can ask yourself questions like Does he compliments only you or is it just his style to leave a good impression?  If a guy is complimenting you more often, it’s a sure sign that he loves you and likes you. 

But if it is the other way around then see fit other sign and even after finding the getting the answers, it states no, then you should just leave the thought of having him as your boyfriend. 


Today we are surrounded by different messaging apps. And texting has also become the trendsetter for many to flirt and converse with their loved ones.

Small details tell a lot about his thoughts. They may be two reasons why he texts you, either he is your best friend or trying to impress you. But the real headache is how to sort out the confusion.

If he texts you first whenever you’re online and starts flirting with you, it’s a crystal clear picture that he is into you. And the conversation lasts for a longer period than you can easily guess that he is passionate about you. 

Introduce to close ones

Guys share little about their family and friends, that’s the real thing. But if a guy is introducing his family to you or friends then he is definitely into you. 

A man only opens about his past and secrets to his closed ones only. But if he invites you to family gatherings and introduces you to his friends and family that means he definitely is hiding something in his heart. 

Sharing important details

Take an example of your own, with whom do you share your secrets and important information? Obviously your friends and family.

So, if a guy is telling you all this important information about his life and sharing goals, that is a big sign he is into you. He wants to gain trust and create a connection between Both of you. 

Avoid Phone when he is with you

People spent most of their leisure time with mobile phones. Although it might seem quite sassy when you use your phone during a conversation.

But it is that thing that we are guilty of. Any conversation can take a u-turn when we use phones.

So, if a guy is paying more attention and listening to you carefully, that’s a pretty good sign he likes to spend time and talk with you. 

Accidental touching

Basically, when a guy is on the stage where he really likes you, I mean a lot. He will find excuses to touch you, like giving a high five, touching your cheeks.

Watch him and observe his actions. And if he is a shy person then he might jump when you touch him. But that doesn’t say he is not interested in you. 


He might even plan small trips with you to spend more time. Inviting you to important decisions and work reflects that he considered you as the most important person in life. 

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