Benefits of saying no : 5 lifechanging benefits

The power of saying No
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” Yes,” is a three-letter word that affects our life both positively and negatively. We mostly seem to find the easiest way to get through the day that’s happening by saying yes. But we are unaware of the difficulties that come along with the word “Yes’ ‘.  The benefits of saying no is limitless if you say it gracefully.

Benefits of saying no

Increases concentration:

What’s the most important thing we need right now in this busy world? Focus and more concentration. That’s what we get if we say NO to the least important things.

Concentration will open new doors to your life, turning your way to the right paths. And increasing your heights of success.

When we do anything, be it a new skill or workout with full concentration, there are always better results. 


Say no gracefully if it’s diverting you from your main goals and dreams and try to focus on the things that matter the most. 

Cut down on Expectations of those around you

people’s expectations increase and they expect more from you when you always say yes to them. Change this rule and try to communicate with them by saying No and show that your time is more valuable which over time will gain more respect.

Saying NO clearly is more appreciated than those vague ” YES”. Don’t care that this will turn your relations bitter but instead care that what you deserve is respect. 

This is short-term pain and long-term gain for your life. 

Always remember the less you expect from others the better your life will be and also don’t increase other people’s expectations that too is also important to excel.

More free time

Time is what you need now for your future and your goals. We get pulled in so many directions by constantly saying yes to others that we struggle in giving time to those things that produce results.

We all are aware of the fact that success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. The more we spend our time devoting to our needs and focusing on goals and values the better it will be for us. 

Utilize this time on yourself, learn new skills, focus on your health, and do some meditation to analyze your inner being. 

Say NO confidently if your precious time is being wasted on stupid stuff. It’s better to make this right now than to regret it later for them. 

The power that the simple word NO holds is outrageous and beneficial for your life. 

Give strength to change course

Have you ever analyzed what working or doing is making you happy or satisfying your needs? No, right. This is what most of us do. Quit on what doesn’t provide you with enough happiness and fulfilling your goals. 

Change the course of direction by saying no and moving on with something that puts you out of all the worthless stuff. 

Do what is good for you. Don’t overthink too much to say NO to things that are ruining you from the inside and keeping you aside from your goals and dreams. The power of saying NO is undeniable.

Effect on our life of not using the word ” NO”


You won’t have enough courage to share your opinions in public. It’s just listening to others’ points and believing in them if you don’t use the Power of the word ” NO”.

You just find yourself in a place where you always happen to listen to others but there is no room for your views and opinions.

Losing Precious Time:

We think we have a lot of time. But it’s not. And the time we are having now is utilized in pleasing others. That’s how you are losing your precious time.

We don’t get enough time to spend on ourselves and make things work for us. Instead, it is wasted on things that are unproductive. To turn things around we should focus on ourselves and say “No” immediately wherever it is needed. 


Have you ever expressed yourself boldly in front of people whom you wanted to please or with whom you work? No, right. That’s because you never get enough chance or time to explain what you need the most. You just blindly or without a thought say YES to them.

Making your self-esteem level low. It’s not only about expressing yourself but it’s the most important thing that you are giving control to others i-e your life.

It’s like a switch, whenever it’s needed you turn it on and otherwise off. For more clearance, whenever someone needs you you say Yes and otherwise they don’t care about you damn. Express yourself more confidently and boldly and say NO without any hesitation. 

Become Distracted

The time that is required to focus on our lives and our goals is lost in giving attention to what is least important. 

Once you become habitual of saying Yes to others, you become distracted from the main goals that you have set for your future. It works like supposed if we are pulled in learning multiple things at the same time. The outcome would be we end up learning nothing.

The more directions we’re pulled in, the less focused we have on our future or goals.

The strength we draw from saying No is that it underlies the hard truth of maturity.

Why do most of us say “yes”?

There may be a variety of reasons behind that.
To be nice in front of all

Being nice is good. We didn’t say that it’s bad to be nice. But when we overdo it then it is fake. And it certainly didn’t gain other people’s respect or consideration.

It is like living in a parallel world that doesn’t count anything. Those who are true to themselves and are fearless don’t hesitate to say no in front of everyone. 

To please people

how we say to them. Yes, of course anytime. Yes, I would love to do it. 

This is how we try to please people even if we don’t want to. And it’s the most primary reason for saying yes. There is no harm in it but with time it incorporates in our lives and starts to craft unnecessary problems. We may not see it now but it does affect us. 

Sometimes while pleasing others we can lose our self-esteem and our precious time.

To be helpful

It’s great to offer helping hands to others who are in need. But to those who unnecessarily try to waste your time in some dirty shit. That’s where you need to be careful.

Why do we do this? The reason is simple: we didn’t want to let them down or disappoint or displease them.

Though it isn’t costing you anything but drailing you away from the things that are most important in your life.

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