Best styling secrets for men

The dressing is something that has a different meaning to every person. If we talk about dressing, each person has a different style and nobody can tell you how to dress.

It is your life and nobody can tell you to dress like that or this but keep in mind that other people will make an assumption on who you are? Based on the way you dress.

So, your dressing style is important for your first impression.

1.Unfit and dirty shoes



Shoes speak a lot louder than words. Your shoes say a lot about the person that you are. So pitching up for a job interview or for a date, another person will make an impression in their mind by just looking at your shoes. A men class is judged by their shoes and body language.

So, if you are going out to interact socially with people make sure that your shoes are clean and fit How to avoid pain from tight shoes.

If you wear new leather sneakers and new dress shoes that are too tight. Everyone knows how uncomfortable and painful they are. So to make shoes more comfortable and stretch them out. grab a plug bag and fill it with water, and then put that bag inside the shoes and put those shoes in the freezer.

Water when it freezes it expands and when it expands it will stretch out leather of the shoes. When you wear it afterward it becomes more comfortable.

2. How to make cheap clothes look classy


You don’t have to buy expensive clothes and brands to look classy. All you need is to follow this simple formula ( dark, minimalistic, fitting). DARK- if you go dark it always looks classy and sneaky. if you have two choices between black and pink always go for black.

MINIMALISTIC – ALWAYS GO WITH MINIMALISTIC ITEMS, go with a simple shirt, T-shirt, pants instead of printed ones. When you have minimal items it looks classy.

Fitting- always make sure that the clothes you buy fit you. Never go for comfort overfitting in clothes. If you buy clothes that don’t fit you, you look low-status men.

If you wear formals than make sure it gets perfect tailored.

3. How to look taller

If you love wearing sneakers with blue jeans, that’s good they are the classics but if you want to look taller then try wearing top high neck sneakers. They will make your legs look taller and increase your height. which will add a plus point in you.

The right dressing can trick anybody’s eyes.

4.How to stand out if you are wearing a dress code


If you are getting ready for an occasion that has a formal code and you want to look different and stand out from the crowd. The problem with the dress code is that it will not make you stand out. The best way to stand out while wearing a dress code is Accessories.

Accessories will change your personality totally if you keep it simple and elegant.

The main accessories every man should have a watch. if you are wearing a watch on your wrist while going out, it signals other people that you value your time. The second main thing every man should have in accessories is the chain.

Wearing a chain around your neck will definitely enhance your look.

Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.