5 Best Psychology Books to Know Yourself better

Today we’re talking about psychology books that will serve as a motivation for you to understand yourself better but also those around you. Why we have come up with self-enhancing books has a reason?.

In every phase of our life we counter people situations we find difficult to deal with, we lose to them. It happens because we get influenced by their overpower arguments.  In order to deal with people, you must first know yourself and your power.

Here, we have listed 5 books that will make you better all around you.

1. “What Everybody is Saying” By Joe Navarro

what everybody is saying


The title of the book is catchy and arouse curiosity in itself. This is a book covering the human body language and as it is very important because most of human communication is actually non-verbal. Joe Navarro talks about all these unique tips that you can use to read people from across the room or even someone you’re interacting with.

You can even read the smallest body parts, eyelids, cheeks, fingers and learn how people feel and react. This book changes our observation about what is going on in each situation without even needing hearing what people are saying.

The entire body gives us a better picture than just the face. Joe in his book gives simple tips to change your posture to allow you to express authority, to build trust with somebody else. Highly recommended for everyone to be more confident in life.

2.”Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” By Robert Cialdini


Books on Influence is an interesting subject to read. Not because it is about to manipulate someone. 

Manipulation by definition is a skillful way to influence somebody to agree on something you want. In everyday life, we not only need to be very good at influencing our best choices in a way not to discourage anyone.

One of the concepts this book breaks down about is known as the contrast principle. Also, this book identifies six ways that people are consistently, unsuspectingly, and (often) automatically persuaded. And you can use these to apply in your life to be more persuasive and identify the ones using against you.

3. “The Influential Mind” By Tali Sharot

the influential mind

The Influential Mind is about influencing those around us and how understanding the brain helps the changes in our surroundings. Most people are influenced by emotions rather than facts and figures.

When somebody starts talking to your primitive brain, they do a much better job at influencing your thoughts and even actions. When your mind is stressed, it’s much more easily influenced. How to get the right influence at the right time is what this book covers all about.

The real gem in this psychology book is that it teaches you how to communicate with somebody that disagrees with you. The way you do that is you establish a new concept that doesn’t necessarily disagree with their viewpoint but does agree with yours.

4. “Public Speaking for Success” By Dale Carnegie

public speaking

We all need to improve how we speak in public. To be an effective communicator, to share your story, to influence people, to be a better person yourself, you need to be a better public speaker.

Dale Carnegie in his book gives very simple steps that anyone can follow to be a better public speaker. One of the steps is the idea of verbalizing your speech before even doing it.

He talks about really great speakers, how they presented their speeches, what words they used, why certain speeches were more effective than others and that is the best way in order to communicate your ideas.

5. “Flow: The psychology of optimal experience” By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


This book is basically about happiness. It is referred to as positive psychology in psychology. We almost in every field of life discuss negative aspects. Why are losing positivity in our lives?  “Flow”  is about that when you’re playing football when you’re trekking you’re putting in a lot of effort, when we put an effort, it’s done so in order to get something in return.

When we get a return for our efforts it’s a very self-fulfilling authentic happiness that you feel. Flow explains that in order to feel happiness, to get in that intrinsic joy in life you constantly need to set these little achievable and meaningful goals for yourself.

Psychology books teach us what we know but couldn’t apply the changes at the right time in situations.

So we end up here. Good Luck Reading!

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