Average Nose Size – Men and Women

average nose size

The nose size of an individual depends on various factors. But getting data on the average nose size of a person is not that difficult. So, if you want to know the average nose size because you think that you have a big or small nose then you can read this article.

In this article, you will know the average nose size of men and women and what are the factors that affect the size of a person’s nose. So, let’s start…

What is the average nose size?

Usually, the average nose size of men is 2.2 inches, whereas for women is 2 inches.

The difference between men’s and women’s nose sizes is because of the lean muscle mass. The percentage of lean muscle mass in males is higher than in women and that is the main factor why men’s nose size is bigger in comparison to women.


However, there are many countries and regions in the world where you find males’ nose sizes smaller than in some other regions women’s nose sizes. But why is that? Well, there is not one reason but multiple factors why this is the case. So, let’s discuss all those factors


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Factors that depict the size of the nose


Climate is one of the biggest factors in depicting the nose size of a person. People who live in more hot climates or humid regions are likely to have wider and shorter noses.

However, people who live in cold and dry environments are more likely to have narrow and longer noses.

You can see that people who live in the African continent have more wide and short noses compared to people who live in South America.

Genetics and age

Another factor that decides the size of the nose is genetics and age.

Genetics is something that nobody has control over. That is the reason why people who are in the same family sometimes have very different nose structures and sizes.

Another reason is the age factor. When people get old the loss of collagen and build-up of fat can make it wide and appear more big.

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Is a 2-inch nose big?

2 inch nose is actually a perfect length for the nose and it doesn’t look big on most people’s faces. However, a 2-inch look might look big on you if your other facial features are very small.

Some people have very small face, especially women. Moreover, their eyes and other features like their forehead are also very small.

If you have a very small and narrow face then a 2-inch nose might look big on you. However, there is very little chance that a 2-inch looks big. It is an average nose size for females.

You should also know that the shape of the nose is a big deciding factor in if a 2-inch nose will look big on you.

A wide nose looks more big than a narrow nose of the same length. So, the length is not the only deciding factor here.



How to measure your nose size

For men, a 2-inch nose size is near to the average nose size. Generally, as discussed above, the average nose size of men is 2.2 inches. So, a 2-inch nose doesn’t look big on most men’s face.

As men have big face and wider face shape than women, a 2-inch nose might look small on some men. However, the 2-inch nose size range is considered average for both men and women.

Always know that facial balance is the deciding factor of whether a nose looks big or small on you. The face symmetry is more complicated than just a nose size.

A 2-inch nose stands out more if the proportions of your face from hairline to eyebrow, eyebrow to nose tip, and nose tip to chin are not equally balanced.

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Does a small nose look attractive?

Firstly, you should know that the nose is not the only part of our face that makes someone attractive. There is a misconception around this subject, mostly women think that small and thin noses make you look more attractive.

But generally, a thin and small nose is considered more attractive. However, this is not the case mostly. It is surprising to some people to know that the nose is the 5 th important thing that makes a face look attractive.

There are other things about the nose other than nose size that are mostly unknown by people.

So let’s discuss those 4 other factors other than nose size that matter in enhancing the attractiveness of the face.

Nasal tip projection is the one factor that matters. It is basically the projection of your nose tip to the face where the nose starts.

Other factors are nase tip shape, nasal width, nasal height, and dorsum width.

You should know that not one nos size fits all faces. And this means different shapes and sizes look good on different people. However, the most attractive faces in the world have a nose size that is considered normal (2 to 2.2 inches).

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Besides the nose, there are other factors as well that make your face look attractive like the shape of eyebrows, size of forehead, cheekbones, chin length, face shape, etc.

In most cases, people who look attractive have more balance of all the features. So, nose size is not the only factor.

The attractiveness of a face can be enhanced by maintaining a good skincare routine, maintaining good hygiene, and smiling.

If you only focus on these 3 things, you will be seen as more charismatic than a person with good facial features. So, it is not the facial features always.

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How to make your nose look smaller?

Besides nose surgery, which is subjective, there are many things that you can do to make your nose look smaller if you think you have a big nose.

What about nose exercises? If you think that nose exercise is going to help you achieve the desired nose you want, then I think you will disappointed. Nose exercise does not actually work, the reason behind that is that the nose is made of cartilage.

To give shape to cartilage is nearly impossible with exercise. Doesn’t matter how many repetitions or consistency you have, there is no way that you will achieve the desired nose you want with exercise.

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Give volume to hair

If you want to make your nose appear smaller then the simplest way is to focus on providing your hair volume.

If you provide volume to your hair, the attention will be diverted from your nose to your hair. Moreover, it will also balance out the facial features and doesn’t make your nose stand out.

If you think you have a big nose then always make sure to provide some volume to your hair.

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Do makeup

If you are a woman you can make your nose appear smaller and thinner by applying makeup tricks. Many. Celebrities use the help of makeup to make their nose appear thinner and smaller.

There are tons of tutorials about this on YouTube.

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Nose Surgery Cost In The USA

The cost of nose surgery in the USA is different in different states and cities. Mostly, the cost depends on the city, the experience of the surgeon, and how complex is the task for the surgeon to achieve the desired results.

But if we take an average, the cost of nose surgery can be between $5000 – $15000. 

This is an estimate and it can change according to the situations and circumstances explained above.

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