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Average Wrist Size For Male and Female

Average Wrist Size

Average wrist size: If eager to discover, what is the average wrist size for men and women of different ages, then you are at the right place. We’ve accumulated data samples from real human studies, and we’ve calculated the average wrist size in males and females so that you can learn everything about wrist measurements and is it big, small or normal. 

Additionally, this article also contains information about how to measure your wrist dimension accurately so that you always get an accurate reading. Furthermore, you can learn techniques on how to increase or decrease your wrist measurement. 

What is the Average Wrist Size?

The wrist size is the last thing a person thinks of when taking body measurements as most people only take measurements of biceps, shoulders,waist-hip measurement, calves, and forearms. But if you have noticed, some people’s hands look strong and bulky, the reason is their wrist measurement. Compare your wrist measurement to the average wrist proportion of men and women around the world and learn how to accurately measure wrist size for a watch.

Average Wrist Size Male

Based on the research, the average wrist size for men is 7.25 inches. 

Why this range? 

The wrist size depends on genetics, the muscular mass, training status, and bone structure. The training status during initial childhood also determines the wrist measurement, as training arms result in thicker bone, as there is no muscle to train in the wrist. On the contrary, avoiding wrist exercise results in cubitus bones solidifying closer, which results in a smaller wrist. 

Male wrist measurement differs between age groups. For example, the group with the largest average wrist measurement (7.25) was the 18 -39 age group.

Average male Wrist size chart by age
Average male Wrist size chart by age

Men aged above 39 age group, showed a decrease in wrist measurement.  This is due to the bone structure, as the person grows old, the bone starts to deteriorate, and thus the person’s wrist dimension decreases. However, the decrease is very small, from 0.25 -0. 50 inches. 

Men between the ages of 70-79 have a 6.25-inch wrist on average.

Average Wrist Size Female

Based on the research and data collected, the average wrist size for women is 6.5 inches. 

Like male wrist, female wrist size also differs among age groups. The average size is 6.5 inches for women aged 18-29, 6.3 inches for women aged 30-39, and 6.25 inches for women aged 40-49.

There is a constant decrease in wrist size among females in different age groups, due to the bone structure. 

Average female Wrist size chart by Age
Average female Wrist size chart by Age

Plus, the women with impressive 7.5-inch wrist sizes were athletes specifically wright litters. Also, the wrist proportion is directly proportional to the height and body mass, the taller a person with average body mass, will have a higher wrist measurement as compared to a person with a small height. 

Wrist Size Chart by Height & Weight

The following wrist measurement charts will deduce the average wrist size for a particular age range. Note, if you fall into an age group and your wrist measurement is slightly lower or higher than the average wrist dimension, then also it can be considered normal. Genetics, height, and body mass, also affect the size of your wrist. 

Male wrist measurement chart

The following chart represents the average wrist size of a man at a different height and different weight range. 

Average Male Wrist size chart by height
Average Male Wrist size chart by height

On average, men tend to have bigger wrist sizes than women of the same age. It is because of the body structure of males across the globe. Men tend to have bigger arm size as compared to women including bigger biceps, triceps, and also bigger calves. 

Average Male Wrist size chart by weight
Average Male Wrist size chart by weight

However, the difference is very small as the wrist is a joint and there are no muscles to train like the biceps

Note, the data in the chart is built of different men of different age groups and also different heights and different weights. If you compare your wrist size to a person with a similar body type to yourself, the first size doesn’t differ dramatically. 

Female wrist measurement chart

The following wrist circumference chart shows the average wrist size for females in different age ranges. 

Average Female Wrist size chart by height
Average Female Wrist size chart by height

On average, women tend to have smaller worst measurements as compared to men but the difference is not very much as you might have expected. Male and females of similar age range, height and body weight, and training status, will have a wrist size difference of 0.2-0.30 inches. 


Plus, women aged above 50 tend to have smaller wrist sizes because of thinning of the bones. This process is similar to men and stats after age 50.

How to measure wrist size

Although it sounds simple to measure your wrist, there is a difference in precision and accuracy. For an accurate measurement, follow the steps mentioned below. Plus, the wrist size differs from a short-inch range, thus it is important to measure it accurately. 

  1. Open your hands, and your palm should be facing up. 
  2. Snuggle Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist. 
  3. The tape should be on the wrist bone or just 1 cm or 1/2 inch higher from the end of the palm. 
  4. Note down the measurements, and perform this for both hands. 

If you are the right person, you can see that your right-hand wrist measurement is slightly higher than the left wrist. 

It is because the dominant hand performs most of the work. This also ensures that it is possible to increase your wrist size by doing exercise. 

How to measure wrist size for a watch

Before buying a perfect watch, the first question every beginner watch enthusiast faces is whether their watch is too big or small for them. 

How to measure wrist size for a watch

This will help you figure out what size watches will fit your wrist perfectly. As most of the purchases are made online, this will make it easier for you to buy watches online and get a perfect fit. 

Wrist Diameter

For a watch enthusiast, you need to wear a watch that shows your personality and fits perfectly on your wrist. This means, getting a watch with a case diameter about 10mm less than the span of your wrist to leave room for the lugs. 

Although this varies from watch if you measure your wrist diameter to watch dial diameter, you can by following this step. 

To measure, use a measuring tape on the outside of the wrist and get the measurement from one end to the other. 

Note: Measure from where you wear your watch. 

This measurement detects the maximum lug to lug measurement on a watch. 

Wrist Circumference

Wrist circumference is the measurement that allows you to fall into a certain watch range size category. The measurement is simple, as you just have to wrap a measuring tape around your wrist and take measurements. 

  • For men’s wrists, 6′ – 6.5″ Inch wrist sizes are small and are best suited to watches below 40mm in case diameter.
  • The wrist size between 6.5′ – 7.25″ inches is considered average and supports 42mm in case watch diameter.
  • 7.25-8″ are large and can handle watches up to 46mm in case diameter and above.

Length of the Watch Band

To choose the appropriate length, choose the length of the watch band about 0.5 inches longer than your wrist size. For example, for an average ken with a 7.15-inch wrist size, the watch band should be at least 7.65 inches. 

How to increase your wrist size

If you have measured your wrist, you know that your dominant hand’s wrist dimension is comparatively bigger than the other hand’s wrist. This is because of the training status of your dominant hand i.e performing most of the work. Thus, it is possible to increase your wrist size. 

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research​ Study in April 2018, it requires just six weeks to improve personal motor control and strengthen the wrist, and also increase wrist size. 

These Wrist training exercises will help you build wrist flexibility and strengthen wrist muscles. 

Wrist Curl

Also known as wrist flexion, this wrist exercise trains the flexors ( the muscle connecting the palm and forearm. 

Note: Use lightweight dumbbells


  • Sit down, and rest your forearms on your thighs. 
  • Hold dumbbells with your palm facing upward. 
  • Hang the dumbbells close to your knees. 
  • Relax the hand, so that the dumbbells move in a downward direction. 
  • Rest the weight with your fingers. 
  • Stick your forearms to the thighs. 
  • Bend your wrist to bring back the weight upward, and continue this process. 
  • Pause, then gently reverse the motion for 10 reps. 

Reverse Wrist Curl

This worst exercise targets the back muscles of the forearm which are directly connected to the wrist. Training this muscle will result in faster growth of the forearm and wrist size. This exercise is also popularly known as wrist extension. 


  • Sit down on the bench, and stick your forearm to the thighs. 
  • Hold the dumbbells while hanging the palms past your knees. 
  • Your palm should face downward as you hold the dumbbells. 
  • Relax your hands, and slowly push your hand upward. 
  • Make sure to avoid lifting your forearm. 
  • Flex the muscles until your palms are as close to the forearm as possible. 
  • Pause for 2 seconds, then slowly bring the weight downward. 

Maintain a higher body weight

Another way to quickly increase your wrist measurement is by increasing your body weight. As we discussed earlier, the wrist is a joint, connecting your hand to the forearm. Although there are muscles attached to the wrist, these muscles cannot be specifically targeted, like you can target other arm muscles like your bicep or triceps. 

However, if you gain weight, the fat is stored all over the body including the joint areas. Thus, technically you can increase your wrist measurement by increasing your body weight. But, there are very complications in this process, as every person stores body fat at different locations, at different rates, and in different ratios. Some people experience weight gain faster in their belly, hips, thighs, etc. Also, if you want to increase your wrist measurement exponentially, you might have to gain a lot of weight, as the joint areas store the least amount of fat percentage. 

What is considered a wide wrist?

While shopping for a bracelet or a watch many people wonder, do I have a wide wrist? The wrist measurement depends on genetics, muscle mass, training status, and bone structure. 

Wide wrist measurements are different from person to person but in general, anything over is considered a wide wrist. 

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