How To Get Sexy Killer Stubble Beard Look

stubble beard

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What is stubble beard ?

Are you men who don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming and want that killer, gentle look. Stubble sounds different from its meaning. Stubble is a beard style. Which became a trend nowadays. It’s the casual style for men who don’t want to shave regularly. It’s easy to maintain and makes you look more Manly.

Stubble is a beard style when you let your facial hair grow for a few days. And then trim it using a trimmer to get that even and gentle look. Stubble beard is medium, short length facial hair growth. This style is rocked by many celebrities nowadays because it requires no hard work. It is very low maintenance.

Types of stubble ?

Stubble has different types. You can choose any option according to what suits you.


Low length stubble 

This stubble style is common. To try this style, keep your hair length low.

High length stubble

In this stubble length, keep your hair length slightly more than the low. Don’t go too high.

Heavy stubble

Heavy stubble is common but not for all. It gives a messy look. To pull this style, keep your sides high and hair width wide.

Light stubble

The light stubble style is unique and rare. In this style, keep the length low and width tight. To pull this style make sure you keep your beard low from the sides.

Stubble with mustache

stubble with a mustache is especially for middle-aged men. it gives that dominant look. It is for men who prefer formals and gentle look.

Difference Between beard and stubble?

Beard and stubble fall in the same category but are different from each other.

Stubble– stubble is a very commonly used style worldwide. In stubble, you grow facial hair at a certain (very low) length. Stubble is very low maintenance, you just need a trimmer. Stubble gives you a gentle look. It doesn’t require any styling gel or cream for daily maintenance.

Beard- Beard is something that is not for everyone. In beard, you grow your facial hair to a maximum length you want. Beard is high maintenance as compared to stubble. Beard gives more of a dominant look. To pull beard daily is a lot of work to do. You need beard oil, beard wax to pull it daily.


How to style?

Stubble is a great way to give that Manly rugged look. What makes a stubble look great.? It’s all about using the right tools.

Step1:  Make your facial hair grow for a few days. Don’t go too many otherwise it is going to look patchy.

Step2:  Buy tools for trimming, shaping and defining. Trimming has levels. So, find your sweet spot that suits you according to your style heavy, light, etc.

Step3:  Start trimming your beard by applying comb attachment in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

Step4:  Remove the comb attachment from the trimmer and give edges to the stubble to get that even and naturally groomed look.

Step5: Apply to shave on the edges to get that clean and defining look. This step is not mandatory. If you want the messy look and heavy stubble style don’t apply this step. Otherwise, it will give you a cleaner look than a messy one.

Step6: If you want a clean and gentle look. Apply shave gel on the edges to get that perfect clean look. Make sure when you shave use blade against the grain (hair growth).

Step7: After shaving make sure to use a moisturizer to moist the skin. Moisturizer is important to stop burning and rashes on your skin.


Best trimmers for your stubble beard

If you want the perfect stubble beard style. It’s all come down to one thing i.e trimmer. There are different types of trimmer present in the market from top to bottom with high prices to low prices.

We will give the best collection of high price range trimmers and also cheap trimmers that can give you that defined and killer look.

Cheap (budget) trimmers

Phillips QT4011

This trimmer is for you if you are on a budget. It gives 10 setting options from 1mm to 10mm which is enough for stubble beard.

If we talk about its battery backup. It requires 10 hrs to give 30min backup. Which is less but work great if you grow stubble beard because it takes a few days to use it again for trim.

Performance-wise Phillips QT4011 is doing a great job. Its comb design is great, it is attached with blade and gives you a perfect groomed look. Its plus point is it doesn’t generate heat as other cheap trimmers.


This is the one which you can buy without thinking twice anytime. You can go from 0.55 mm to 10 mm with this trimmer.

Battery backup is good. It gives you 60 min after charging for 10 hrs which is almost double from Phillips QT4011.

The performance of this tool is great. You can do trimming while charging in an emergency case, it doesn’t heat up. This trimmer will provide you a smooth experience. You must buy this off if you are on a budget.


This is a great trimmer at a low price and has more features than the other two. This has settings from 0.55 mm to 10 mm.

This trimmer gives you 19 min after 1 hr of charging which is great. It gives you a smooth and great experience. Plus about this trimmer is its comb design which gives you a benefit and easy trimming experience.

Top high budget trimmers


This trimmer provides quality and it is marvelous piece of engineering. To give that clean and safe experience this trimmer has provided with sharpened blades. To make the experience smooth this trimmer has a hair lift feature.

this is a very well constructed engineering marvel from it’s robust build to its design. you can do anything with this. It provides you 17 length settings 0.4mm to 17mm.

price range- $44 to $47. which is high for a trimmer but its a justice for this one.


It comes with specially treated blades. And it works for any type of facial hair. It has interchangeable heads, a standard wide coverage blade and a narrow blade for goats. Another is for stubble and precision detailing. This trimmer is a powerful motor, it has adjustable combs.

The trimmer has 9 length settings from 1.5 mm to 18mm. if you charge this trimmer for 3 hours it will give you 120 minutes of run time.

price range- for $32 it comes with a 2-year warranty and 60-day refund.

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