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How Many Kilometers to Run to Lose 1kg?

How Many Kilometers to Run to Lose 1kg?
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When we talk about losing weight, running is the first thought that comes to our human brains. But nowadays we have a lot of exercises and we become curious to know whether running is still a better way to lose weight.

When We talk about losing weight through running, some people might get curious about one question which is how many kilometers to run to lose 1kg.

How many kilometers to run to lose 1kg?

Calculating the exact distance required to lose 1 kg is not that easy. There many factors that decide how many calories a person burns while running such as:-

whether is he running outdoors or on a treadmill, what type of surface he is running on, gender is also important, body weight, whether is he running on an inclined angle or on a plain surface, and lastly how many calories he is consuming throughout a day.

Speed is also a deciding factor as running fast burns more calories than running at normal speed for the same distance.

All of these factors can bring different results. But don’t worry we will take an average distance that person takes to lose 1 kg.

So, many runners use one rule of thumb to calculate how many calories they burn while running. Do know that this is average and not the same for all people.

By calculating the calories burned while running can easily conclude how much you have to run to lose 1 kg.

So, the rule is 100 calories per mile. This means a person burns 100 calories when he runs 1 mile, which is roughly 1.6 kilometers.

How Many Kilometers to Run to Lose 1kg?
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So, by going with this calculation if you have to burn 1000 calories per day then you have to run 16 kilometres. Overall, in a week you will burn 7000 calories.

Many people don’t know but generally, if you burn 7000 calories, you will lose 1 kg. However, some people might have to burn up to 8000 calories to lose that 1 kg.

So, as a result, you will lose 1 kg if you run 112 kilometers.

However, this is an average calculation. This means you are running on a plain surface in normal weather.

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Besides that other factors like I discussed above also matter. But we are not taking those factors in this as they vary from person to person.

So, is there any other way to calculate how many kilometers to run to lose 1kg? Well, yes we have other methods also to calculate the distance required to lose 1kg.

The second method to calculate the approximate result of losing 1 kg is given by the American Council of Exercise.

They performed research and found that if a person who weighs 120 pounds which is 54 kilos roughly, runs for 1 minute he or she will burn 11.4 calories.

However, this result is solely based on time and weight. The formula can not give accurate results just like the former one because the distance and speed of running are not included.

But this can give an approximate result of how many calories one person will burn in how much time.

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If you are still not satisfied then the best idea to calculate how many kilometers to run to lose 1kg is by using an app or specific website.

There are various specific websites and apps that can give you close to accurate if not accurate results. All you have to do is fill in your information on their website and their algorithm will collect the data from research and put your data in their formula to calculate the result.

One website that I will recommend to you is keisan.casio.com. You can enter your age, gender, weight, speed, and time in it and they will provide you with the approximate calories you will burn.

By calculating the calories, you can calculate the distance, you need to run to lose 1 kg by following the first method explained above.

Another best thing you can do is buy a smartwatch. Smartwatch makes things easy for you. You don’t have to do much with a smartwatch.

All you have to do is calculate the calories you burn while running. Let’s say you burned 500 calories while running 10km. Then in able to lose 1 kg you have to burn 6500 more calories. Which means you have to run 130 kilometers more.

But, still, this can be different if you are burning more calories in less distance.

The are various upsides to wearing smart watches or other trackers, but they also have downsides.

The biggest downside of wearing these trackers is that you get lost or obsessed with numbers so much that you will feel anxiety if you did not burn many calories.

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How to lose 1 kg fast by running?

The best way to lose 1kg fast by running is to eat less. Taking fewer calories in a day is easier than running 5 kilometres more. So, the fewer calories you take the less you have to burn and the faster you will lose 1 kg.

However, you don’t have to starve yourself as it can have a very bad result on your body and mind. You should know that our body needs sufficient calories to maintain the working process. Our brain and other body parts continuously burn calories even when we are asleep.

You can calculate the calories needed to maintain your current weight online by visiting the BMR calculator. This stands for Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator.

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After calculating the calories you can reduce 400 calories from that as that will not be harmful for your body.

Reducing more than 500 calories immediately can be very challenging for your body and mind. So, never ever go to the extreme when reducing the calories.

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